Definition of Institution:

  1. A permanent and systematic pattern of conduct or activity (defined by law or customs) that follows generally accepted patterns. For example, political institutions compete for and manage power, and economic institutions (such as markets) promote and organize the production and distribution of goods and services.

  2. Law, practice or established customs.

  3. A corporation, merger, or organization that is created to perform certain types of activities, such as banking a financial institution.

  4. The work of making something.

  5. Companies or organizations established for religious, educational, social or similar purposes.

Synonyms of Institution

Creation, Rule, Form, Oncoming, Worktable, Induction, Establishment, Forming, Ordainment, Routine, Outbreak, Ordination, A, Usage, Form of worship, Holy rite, Opening, Workhouse, Prescription, Tradition, Duty, Prescribed form, Investiture, Reading in, Installation, Commencement, Convention, Use, Ritual, Leading edge, Shop, Onset, Square one, Send-off, Agency, Habit, Corporation, Academy, Foundation, Mode of worship, Ceremonial, Constitution, Custom, Canonization, Dogma, Dictation, Origination, Working space, Inception, Institute, Realization, Initiation, Workshop, Instatement, Rite, House, Enactment, Lex, Function, Parlor, Rite, Formation, Founding, Inauguration, Setting-up, Major orders, Ordinance, Phenomenon, Tradition, Edict, Studio, Formula, Orders, Cutting edge, Setting in motion, Formulary, Measure, Installation, Ruling, Ordonnance, Workroom, Organization, Presentation, Beauty shop, Ceremony, Running start, Induction, Appointment, Practice, Law, Work site, Asylum, Statute, Rubric, Ritual observance, Workplace, Calling, Bench, Alpha, Consecration, Firm, Bill, Barbershop, Facility, Procedure, Nomination, Election, Work space, Standing order, Minor orders, Institute, Apostolic orders, Atelier, Mystery, Conferment, Wont, Company, Hospital, New departure, College, Habit, Fashion, Kick-off, Legislation, Investiture, University, Ritual, Service, Regulation, Organization, Custom, Introduction, Sweatshop, Holy orders, Beauty parlor, Start-off, Outset, Act, Blast-off, Doctrine, Origin, Concern, Liturgy, Canon, Beginning, Bylaw, Dictate, Solemnity, Formality, Flying start, School, Prescript, Foundation, Fact, Workbench, Preferment, Establishment, Introduction, Office, Effectuation, Edge, Sacrament, Order of worship, Butcher shop, Practice, Take-off, Observance, Start, Home, Sacramental, Jump-off, Dawn, Desk, Starting point, Inauguration, Fixture, Centre, Swearing in, Jus, Fresh start, Rituality, Materialization, Decree, Establishing, Loft

How to use Institution in a sentence?

  1. When deciding which university to study at, it is important that you choose the best university for admission.
  2. Before becoming collective and less personal, I enjoyed the banking experience at my financial institution.
  3. Marriage institution.
  4. Certificate of professional organization.
  5. The banking institution is known for having the safest place in the country. Many people from all over the world come to keep their money there.
  6. Delay in starting the procedure.

Meaning of Institution & Institution Definition

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How To Define Institution?

Institution means: Name of the company that issued the CD or Money Market.

Meanings of Institution

  1. An established law, practice or custom.

Sentences of Institution

  1. Lambga Professional Institution Certificate

  2. Delay in starting the process

Synonyms of Institution

foundation , seminary , seminar , society , hospital , fixture , system , university , company , establishment , academy , business , asylum , institute , conservatory , college , orphanage , clinic , school , guild , association


What is The Definition of Institution?

The name of the CD issuing company or money market.

Meanings of Institution

  1. An organization established for religious, educational, professional or social purposes.

  2. The process of offering something.

Synonyms of Institution

instigation, idea, coronation, league, centre of learning, seat of learning, praxis, generation, method, union, getting off the ground, policy, anointing, body, fellowship, concept, getting going, enthronement, launch, activation



  1. The name of the company that issued the CD or the currency market.

Synonyms of Institution

circle, crowning, actuation, modus operandi, putting in, launching, putting in motion, getting under way, setting up, consortium, notion, alliance, way, group, federation