Definition of Impact:

  1. The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.

  2. Have a strong effect on someone or something.

  3. Measure of the tangible and intangible effects (consequences) of one things or entitys action or influence upon another.

  4. Come into forcible contact with another object.

Synonyms of Impact

Collision, Crash, Smash, Clash, Bump, Bang, Knock, Jolt, Thump, Whack, Thwack, Slam, Smack, Crash into, Smash into, Collide with, Be in collision with, Hit, Strike, Ram, Smack into, Slam into, Bang into, Cannon into, Plough into, Meet head-on, Dash against, Affect, Affective meaning, Altitude peak, Appulse, Automatic control, Backlash, Backwash, Bearing, Bed, Blast-off, Blow, Bounce, Brunt, Buffet, Bulldozing, Bulling, Bump, Bumping, Burden, Burn, Burnout, Cannon, Carambole, Carom, Ceiling, Change, Clash, Clout, Colliding, Collision, Coloring, Concussion, Confirm, Connotation, Consequence, Consequences, Contact, Crack-up, Cram in, Crash, Crashing, Crowd in, Crump, Crunch, Deep-dye, Define, Denotation, Descent, Drift, Drive in, Effect, Embed, Encounter, End of burning, Engraft, Engrave, Entrench, Essence, Establish, Etch, Extension, Fix, Flight, Force, Force in, Found, Gist, Grammatical meaning, Ground, Hammering, Hit, Idea, Ignition, Impingement, Implant, Implication, Import, Impress, Impression, Imprint, Infix, Influence, Ingrain, Inscribe, Intension, Jam, Jam in, Jar, Jolt, Jounce, Knock in, Launch, Lexical meaning, Lift-off, Literal meaning, Lodge, Mark, Mauling, Meaning, Meeting, Modify, Onslaught, Overtone, Pack, Pack in, Percussion, Pertinence, Pith, Plant, Plunge in, Point, Poke in, Pound, Pound in, Practical consequence, Press in, Print, Punch, Purport, Push in, Quake, Quiver, Ram in, Ramming, Range of meaning, Rap, Reaction, Real meaning, Recoil, Reference, Referent, Reflex, Relation, Relevance, Repercussion, Response, Results, Rock, Rocket launching, Root, Run in, Scope, Seat, Semantic cluster, Semantic field, Sense, Set, Set in, Settle, Shake, Shock, Shoot, Shot, Sideswipe, Significance, Signification, Significatum, Signifie, Slap, Sledgehammering, Smash, Smash-up, Smashing, Span of meaning, Spirit, Squeeze in, Stamp, Stereotype, Strike, Striking, Stroke, Structural meaning, Stuff in, Substance, Sum, Sum and substance, Symbolic meaning, Tamp in, Tenor, Thrust, Thrust in, Thrusting, Totality of associations, Trajectory, Transferred meaning, Tremble, Tremor, Unadorned meaning, Undertone, Value, Velocity peak, Wallop, Wedge, Wedge in, Weight, Whomp, Affect, Influence, Have an effect, Have an influence, Exert influence, Make an impression, Act, Work

How to use Impact in a sentence?

  1. The two cars collided into one, the impact of which ended up killing the driver of the red car, while the driver of the blue car was seriously injured and hospitalized.
  2. You could tell that the divorce had had an impact on her self-esteem, as she was now inclined to wear low-cut tops and yield to even the slightest degree of interest from the opposite sex.
  3. The shell impacted twenty yards away.
  4. There was the sound of a third impact.
  5. The full environmental impact of the fertilizer companys decision to dump waste straight into the river would not be known for several decades.
  6. High interest rates have impacted on retail spending.

Meaning of Impact & Impact Definition

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