Definition of Conference:

  1. Take part in a conference or conference call.

  2. Transportation: Group of vessel and/or vehicle operators who get together to set conditions of carriage, freight rates, routes, and schedules that all members of the group follow.

  3. Event: Large gathering of individuals or members of one or several organizations, for discussing matters of common interest.

  4. A formal meeting for discussion.

  5. The governing body of some Christian churches, especially the Methodist Church.

  6. An association of sports teams that play each other.

Synonyms of Conference

Discussion, Consultation, Exchange of views, Debate, Talk, Conversation, Dialogue, Chat, Tête-à-tête, British Cabinet, Council of Nicaea, Council of Trent, Lateran Council, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, Vatican Council, Advisory body, Airing, Analysis, Archbishopric, Archdiocese, Assembly, Association, Attention, Audience, Audition, Bargaining, Bargaining session, Bench, Bishopric, Board, Body of advisers, Borough council, Brain trust, Bugging, Bull session, Buzz session, Cabinet, Camarilla, Canvassing, Chamber, Chapter, Circuit, City council, Classis, Colloquium, Colloquy, Common council, Conciliarism, Conclave, Confab, Confabulation, Confrontation, Congregation, Congress, Consideration, Consistory, Consultation, Consultative assembly, Convention, Convocation, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, County council, Court, Debate, Debating, Deliberation, Deliberative assembly, Dialectic, Dialogue, Diet, Diocesan conference, Diocese, Directory, Discussion, Divan, Ear, Eavesdropping, Ecclesiastical council, Ecumenical council, Electronic surveillance, Examination, Exchange of views, Eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, Favorable attention, Forum, Hearing, High-level talk, Huddle, Interchange of views, Interview, Investigation, Joint discussion, Junta, Kitchen cabinet, Legislature, Listening, Listening in, Logical analysis, Logical discussion, Loop, Meeting, Negotiations, News conference, Open discussion, Open forum, Palaver, Panel discussion, Parish, Parish council, Parley, Parochial church council, Parochial council, Plenary council, Pourparler, Powwow, Presbytery, Press conference, Privy council, Province, Rap, Rap session, Review, Round robin, Round table, Seance, See, Seminar, Session, Sitting, Soviet, Staff, Study, Summit, Summit conference, Summitry, Symposium, Syndicate, Synod, Talk, Town meeting, Treatment, Tribunal, Tryout, Ventilation, Vestry, Wheel, Wiretapping

How to use Conference in a sentence?

  1. The conference was held in the new area of the town so the businessmen were not familiar with the hotels proximity.
  2. He gathered all the men around the table for a conference.
  3. I conferenced with a senior analyst at the Congressional Research Service.
  4. It is common for elementary students to have a parent and teacher conference to discuss the progress of the student.
  5. I am tired of the strong stance that they want to take with football without helping the conference in other sports.
  6. The bishops made no mention of the US bishops statement or the opposition to the war by other western episcopal conferences or Catholic church leaders.
  7. I had to get home because I had a video conference to attend with my friend, who was writing a new book and wanted to interview me.

Meaning of Conference & Conference Definition

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