Definition of Catastrophe:

  1. Sudden disaster of immense proportions that has severe consequences, often accompanied by destruction of assets and/or loss of life.

Synonyms of Catastrophe

Z, Accident, Action, Anagnorisis, Angle, Apodosis, Architectonics, Architecture, Argument, Atmosphere, Background, Bad luck, Bitter end, Bloodless revolution, Blow, Bouleversement, Breakdown, Breaking up, Breakup, Calamity, Casualty, Cataclysm, Cave, Cave-in, Ceasing, Cessation, Characterization, Clean slate, Clean sweep, Climax, Coda, Collapse, Collision, Color, Completion, Complication, Computer revolution, Conclusion, Consummation, Continuity, Contretemps, Contrivance, Convulsion, Counterrevolution, Crack of doom, Crack-up, Crash, Culmination, Curtain, Curtains, Death, Debacle, Decease, Denouement, Design, Destination, Destiny, Development, Device, Disaster, Doom, Effect, End, End point, End result, Ending, Envoi, Epilogue, Episode, Eschatology, Expiration, Fable, Failure, Falling action, Fate, Fiasco, Final result, Final solution, Final twitch, Final words, Finale, Finality, Finis, Finish, Gimmick, Goal, Grief, Ill hap, Incident, Izzard, Last, Last act, Last breath, Last gasp, Last things, Last trumpet, Last words, Latter end, Line, Local color, Misadventure, Mischance, Misfortune, Mishap, Mood, Motif, Movement, Mythos, Nasty blow, Omega, Overthrow, Overturn, Palace revolution, Payoff, Period, Peripeteia, Peroration, Pileup, Plan, Plot, Quietus, Radical change, Recognition, Resolution, Resting place, Revolt, Revolution, Revolutionary war, Revulsion, Rising action, Scheme, Secondary plot, Shipwreck, Shock, Slant, Smash, Smashup, Spasm, Staggering blow, Stoppage, Stopping place, Story, Striking alteration, Structure, Subject, Subplot, Subversion, Swan song, Sweeping change, Switch, Tabula rasa, Technological revolution, Term, Terminal, Termination, Terminus, Thematic development, Theme, Tone, Topic, Total change, Total loss, Tragedy, Transilience, Twist, Upset, Violent change, Washout, Windup, Wrack, Wreck

How to use Catastrophe in a sentence?

  1. A catastrophe was prevented very narrowly as I checked the warehouse one last time before leaving, that is when I saw the fire.
  2. Although I didnt think it was so bad, my sister insisted that the pimple on her nose was an absolute CATASTROPHE .
  3. It would be a catastrophe if there was a melt down at a nuclear power plant as the radiation would not only kill people in the surrounding areas immediately, the area would be uninhabitable for years.

Meaning of Catastrophe & Catastrophe Definition


Definition of Catastrophe:

Catastrophe means, Characteristic of severe loss and / or significant financial loss. Often as a cat

The term used for statistical purposes to identify a single incident or a series of related events that cause serious damage to insured property in excess of a certain amount, is currently 25 million (Insurance Information Institute). According to the tweet, iii .org)

The definition of Catastrophe is: Disasters that affect specific geographical areas. Disasters often cause injury or death and often result in material damage. Hurricanes, floods, hurricanes and even large snowstorms are examples of general destruction.

Severe damages that usually cover a relatively large area, such as hurricanes, hurricanes, fires, floods, etc.

Meanings of Catastrophe

  1. An event that causes major and often sudden or catastrophic damage.

Sentences of Catastrophe

  1. National economic catastrophe

Synonyms of Catastrophe

ruination, holocaust, ruin, crisis


Definition of Catastrophe:

Sudden and serious accident or disaster. An incident that caused an extraordinary loss of money.

An event that causes extraordinary damage, such as Hurricane B or Hurricane.


What Does Catastrophe Mean?

Catastrophe refers to Sudden or severe catastrophe resulting in significant damage.

The term, which is used for statistical purposes, refers to a single incident or a series of related events that, in excess of a certain amount, currently cause more than 25 million serious damages to insured property.

Major financial losses resulted in significant financial losses.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and terrorist attacks damage human lives, residential property and commercial buildings.

A simple definition of Catastrophe is: Great catastrophe.

Catastrophe with multiple policyholders and / or locations causes severe damage to property. Common types of disasters are storms, earthquakes, hurricanes and explosions. A term used for statistical purposes to identify a single event or series of related events that result in severe damage to the insured property in excess of a certain amount.