Definition of Compensation:

  1. Legal: See compensatory damages.

  2. Something, typically money, awarded to someone as a recompense for loss, injury, or suffering.

  3. Employment: See compensation package.

Synonyms of Compensation

Recompense, Repayment, Payment, Reimbursement, Remuneration, Requital, Indemnification, Indemnity, Redress, Satisfaction, Alienation, Amends, Atonement, Autism, Autistic thinking, Avoidance mechanism, Base pay, Blame-shifting, Blood money, Comeuppance, Composition, Compromise, Consideration, Correction, Damages, Decompensation, Defense mechanism, Dereism, Dereistic thinking, Desert, Deserts, Dismissal wage, Displacement, Dissociation, Earnings, Emotional insulation, Escalator clause, Escalator plan, Escape, Escape into fantasy, Escape mechanism, Escapism, Expiation, Expiatory offering, Fantasizing, Fantasy, Financial remuneration, Fixing, Flight, Gross income, Guaranteed annual wage, Guerdon, Hire, Honorarium, Income, Indemnification, Indemnity, Isolation, Just deserts, Living wage, Making amends, Making good, Making right, Making up, Meed, Mending, Minimum wage, Negativism, Net income, Overcompensation, Overhaul, Overhauling, Pay, Pay and allowances, Paying back, Payment, Payroll, Peace offering, Penal retribution, Penalization, Penalty, Penance, Piaculum, Portal-to-portal pay, Price, Projection, Propitiation, Psychotaxis, Punishment, Purchasing power, Quittance, Rationalization, Real wages, Reclamation, Recompense, Rectification, Redemption, Redress, Refund, Reimbursement, Remedy, Remuneration, Repair, Repairing, Reparation, Repayment, Reprisal, Requital, Requitement, Resistance, Restitution, Retribution, Return, Revenge, Reward, Salary, Salvage, Satisfaction, Severance pay, Sliding scale, Smart money, Sociological adjustive reactions, Solatium, Squaring, Sublimation, Substitution, Take-home, Take-home pay, Taxable income, Total compensation, Troubleshooting, Wage, Wage control, Wage freeze, Wage reduction, Wage rollback, Wage scale, Wages, Wages after deductions, Wages after taxes, Wergild, What is due, What is merited, Wish-fulfillment fantasy, Wishful thinking, Withdrawal

How to use Compensation in a sentence?

  1. The man felt he was unfairly fired from his job so he called the human resources department to see if he could gain some monetary compensation .
  2. Seeking compensation for injuries suffered at work.
  3. John had already received his compensation for his work, and so made his way to the casino with the hopes of turning it into more.
  4. I found it hard to get to exited about the job because the compensation was to low for my skill set.

Meaning of Compensation & Compensation Definition