Definition of Adventure:

  1. An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

  2. Engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.

  3. Undertaking that involves exposure to known and unknown risks.

Synonyms of Adventure

Clio, Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Achievement, Act, Acta, Action, Adventures, Affair, Annals, Aristeia, Autobiography, Bet, Biographical sketch, Biography, Blow, Bold stroke, Case history, Casualty, Chance, Chance hit, Chronicle, Chronicles, Chronology, Circumstance, Confessions, Contingency, Contingent, Coup, Curriculum vitae, Danger, Dare, Dealings, Deed, Diary, Doing, Doings, Effort, Emprise, Endanger, Endeavor, Enterprise, Episode, Escapade, Event, Expedition, Experience, Experiences, Exploit, Exploration, Fact, Fait accompli, Feat, Fluke, Fortuity, Fortunes, Freak accident, Gamble, Gest, Go, Hagiography, Hagiology, Hand, Handiwork, Hap, Happening, Happenstance, Hazard, Heroic act, Historiography, History, Imperil, Incident, Jeopardize, Job, Journal, Legend, Life, Life and letters, Life story, Long odds, Long shot, Lucky shot, Maneuver, Martyrology, Matter of fact, Measure, Memoir, Memoirs, Memorabilia, Memorial, Memorials, Mission, Move, Necrology, Obituary, Occasion, Occurrence, Operation, Overt act, Particular, Passage, Performance, Peril, Phenomenon, Photobiography, Pilgrimage, Proceeding, Production, Profile, Punt, Quest, Reality, Record, Res gestae, Resume, Risk, Speculation, Stake, Step, Story, Stroke, Stunt, Theory of history, Thing, Thing done, Threaten, Tour de force, Transaction, Turn, Turn of events, Undertaking, Venture, Wager, Waver, Work, Works, Exploit, Escapade, Deed, Feat, Trial, Experience, Incident, Occurrence, Event, Happening, Episode, Affair

How to use Adventure in a sentence?

  1. Her recent adventures in Italy.
  2. They had adventured into the forest.

Meaning of Adventure & Adventure Definition

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