Definition of Epidemic:

  1. Of the nature of an epidemic.

  2. Disease that spreads rapidly and affects an inordinately large number of people within a very short period.

  3. A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

  4. Unexpected and sudden increase in the number of people affected by a particular disease within a geographical region.

Synonyms of Epidemic

Rife, Rampant, Widespread, Wide-ranging, Extensive, Sweeping, Penetrating, Pervading, Abounding, Abundant, Affluent, All-sufficing, Ambulatory plague, Ample, Aplenty, Average, Besetting, Black death, Black plague, Bottomless, Bounteous, Bountiful, Bubonic plague, Catching, Cellulocutaneous plague, Common, Communicable, Compact, Contagious, Copious, Current, Defervescing plague, Diffuse, Dominant, Effuse, Endemic, Epidemial, Epigrammatic, Epiphytotic, Epizootic, Exhaustless, Extravagant, Exuberant, Fat, Fertile, Flush, Full, Galore, General, Generous, Glandular plague, Growth, Hemorrhagic plague, In plenty, In quantity, Inexhaustible, Infectious, Infective, Inoculable, Larval plague, Lavish, Liberal, Luxuriant, Many, Maximal, Meaty, Much, Murrain, Normal, Numerous, Opulent, Ordinary, Outbreak, Overflowing, Pandemia, Pandemic, Pest, Pesthole, Pestiferous, Pestilence, Pestilential, Plague, Plague spot, Plenitudinous, Plenteous, Plentiful, Plenty, Pneumonic plague, Popular, Predominant, Predominating, Premonitory plague, Prevailing, Prevalent, Prodigal, Productive, Profuse, Profusive, Rampant, Rash, Regnant, Reigning, Replete, Rich, Rife, Riotous, Routine, Ruling, Running, Running over, Scourge, Septicemic plague, Siderating plague, Sporadic, Spread, Spreading, Standard, Stereotyped, Superabundant, Taking, Teeming, Tuberculosis, Universal, Upsurge, Usual, Wealthy, Well-found, Well-furnished, Well-provided, Well-stocked, White plague, Wholesale, Wide-ranging, Widespread, Zymotic, Outbreak, Plague, Scourge, Infestation

How to use Epidemic in a sentence?

  1. Shoplifting has reached epidemic proportions.
  2. A flu epidemic.

Meaning of Epidemic & Epidemic Definition



  1. Outbreaks of infectious diseases have been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Meanings of Epidemic

  1. Infectious diseases are common in a society at the same time.

  2. The nature of the epidemic.

Sentences of Epidemic

  1. Flu pandemic