What Does Devastated Mean

What Does Devastated Mean

What does it mean (destroyed)?

The meanings of destruction are:

> Simple part of the past and part of the past of destruction.

If you destroy the swing you will:

* Destroy most or all of the objects in a large area, such as most or all of the buildings in a city, a city in an area, or a tree on the road.

* Destroy the vast store of deep thoughts, beliefs and opinions.

* Relax outside rescue or repair, so you have only one option to throw away any unnecessary leftovers (if any) or clean up and sing along.

Help for example :)

Definition of destruction.

To be destroyed means to be completely destroyed and completely destroyed.

Broken means really sad and heartbroken.

If you're broken, you basically can't be sad.

devà  ... asà  ... tateà € â € ‚[devuhsteyt] Sw IPA

Verbs (used with accessories), teta ed… ed, tata ing… ng.

1. Destruction, destruction: The invaders destroyed the city.

2. Overload

What Does Devastated Mean