Walmart Apple Pay

Walmart Apple Pay; Walmart will never accept Apple Pay, according to Business Insider, due to a contractual duty to Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). Walmart employs MCX’s mobile payment system via Walmart Pay, avoiding the 2% credit card charge that would apply if they began accepting Apple Pay.

Walmart Apple Pay

:large_blue_diamond: Does Walmart take Apple Pay?

If you’re an Apple fan boy (or girl), you’re probably a big lover of Apple Pay. Nothing beats whipping out your iPhone and paying instantaneously at the cashier.

In fact, the great majority of businesses no longer need you to carry your wallet. However, does Walmart accept Apple Pay? Or are you forced to use the Walmart Pay app or a normal credit card? Let’s take it all apart.

Walmart presently does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method, either in-store or online. However, stay reading because I have a brilliant solution that will allow you to utilize Apple Pay when purchasing in-store at Walmart.

The reasoning is that allowing customers to use Apple Pay would harm Walmart’s income statement’s bottom line. Walmart will never accept Apple Pay, according to Business Insider, due to a contractual duty to Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX).

Walmart employs MCX’s mobile payment system via Walmart Pay, avoiding the 2% credit card charge that would apply if they began accepting Apple Pay.

So, for Walmart, the financial effect is more important than appealing to customers. That comes as no surprise.

:small_orange_diamond: Is the “Walmart Pay” App Worth the Effort?

If you purchase at Walmart often, the Walmart Pay app is worth installing and is a viable alternative to Apple Pay. You just attach your payment method to the app and then use your phone to finish your transaction in-store.

Simply scan the QR code at checkout to not only pay fast, but also to keep your eReceipt in case you need to make a return. The good news is that Walmart DOES accept the following payment methods:

  • Walmart Pay app, Sign in with your credit, debit, or gift card to utilize Tap Services at checkout

  • Credit Card

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards

  • Gift Card from Walmart

  • PayPal

  • Affirm-Affirm is buy now, payment later service

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge admirer of the free Ibotta app. Ibotta basically pays you money in the form of cashback rebates to buy groceries that you would have bought anyway.

Apple Pay, it turns out, works flawlessly with Ibotta and enables you to select it as the app’s preferred payment option while shopping at Walmart.

When you have Apple Pay configured as your default, you utilize the Ibotta app to make your purchase at Walmart.

To check out, open the app, input your purchase total on the Walmart portion of the Ibotta app, pay with Apple Pay, and then show the cashier the barcode to scan.

You’re essentially purchasing a “instant” Walmart gift card using Apple Pay, and Ibotta is providing cashback in addition to whatever your credit card provides.

The trick is to attach your Apple Card to Apple Pay, pay with Ibotta, and receive 3-4 percent back at Walmart for doing almost nothing.

:small_orange_diamond: Where can I use Apple Pay?

1 American Eagle Outfitters
2 Bed Bath & Beyond
3 Best Buy
4 Chick-fil-A
5 Costco
6 Crate & Barrel
7 Dunkin’


Walmart, Inc. operates in the retail and wholesale markets. The organization provides a wide range of goods and services at daily affordable costs. It is divided into three business segments: Walmart U.S., Walmart International, and Sam’s Club.

:large_blue_diamond: Does Walmart take Apple Pay in 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay in any of its shops. Customers may instead use their iPhones to make purchases at registers and self-checkout lanes using Walmart Pay.

Walmart only takes MasterCard, Visa, checks, PayPal, American Express, and cash.

:small_orange_diamond: How to pay with iPhone at Walmart using Walmart Pay?

If you have an iPhone and wish to pay for things at Walmart quickly and easily using your smartphone, you’re in luck!

On do so, download the Walmart Pay app to your iPhone, create a free account, and then link your debit/credit card to the Walmart Pay app.

To use the Walmart Pay app, just take your products to the register or self-checkout aisle and scan the QR code once the final amount is shown.

After scanning the QR code, you will be sent immediately to the app, where you may pay with your debit/credit card. Similar to Apple Pay, the purchase will be processed promptly, and as an added benefit, you will get your digital receipt right inside the app for storage.

While Walmart Pay is not as frictionless as Apple Pay, it is the next best thing for consumers who want to pay online without carrying around a wallet or purse.

:small_orange_diamond: Why doesn’t Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Prior to the launch of Walmart Pay, the corporation had another reason not to accept Apple Pay. It was due to their affiliation with a corporation known as Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX.

The firm (MCX) exclusively accepts CurrentC payment systems that utilize QR codes. Walmart does not utilize MXC, as with Google Pay and Samsung Pay, since it is a direct rival of Apple Pay.

Furthermore, Walmart refuses to accept Apple Pay since they are unable to acquire any data when a client makes a transaction.

This data is very useful since it enables Walmart to offer personalized suggestions and alerts to consumers who use the Walmart Pay app.

A Walmart spokeswoman said that the company has no plans to adopt Apple Pay in the future. Because Walmart Pay is embedded within the Walmart app on your iPhone, there is no need for Apple Pay and its related costs.

:small_orange_diamond: What Stores do Accept Apple Pay?

Although you cannot use Apple Pay at Walmart, there are hundreds of other places where you may pay for groceries and other things with your iPhone.

7-Eleven and CVS, for example, now accept Apple Pay at checkout. They were resisting the app but recently caved in. Other stores that support Apple Pay include:

  • Markets Acme

  • Albertsons

  • Costco

  • Maxx Foods

  • Publix

  • Safeway

  • Shop at Save Mart

  • Schnucks

  • Buy and Save

  • Supermarket

  • IKEA

  • Target

  • Walgreens

  • Whole Foods Market (WFM)

  • Winn Dixie

And, since many people buy online these days, you may pay for your purchases in a variety of methods at all locations. However, you can use your Apple Pay at numerous retailers online. Among them are the following:

  • Best Purchase

  • Disney

  • Donuts by Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Etsy

  • Fandango

  • Lyft

  • Panera

  • Sephora

  • Starbucks

  • Uber

  • Wish

However, if you are at Walmart and need to pay for anything immediately, you might also use:

  • The American Express Company

  • Cash

  • Pay with Chase

  • Check

  • Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard

  • EBT

  • PayPal

  • Order of money

  • Gift cards from Walmart

:large_blue_diamond: There is an Alternative to Apple Pay for Walmart Customers

Surprisingly, there is a method to utilize your Apple Pay app at Walmart. You may utilize your Apple Pay app with the Ibotta app and extension. To utilize Ibotta effectively, just do the following:

  • Install the Ibotta app and extension on your smartphone

  • Then, whether you pay using the Ibotta app in-store or the extension on your computer at home, choose Apple Pay

Ibotta is a cashback rewards eCorp that gives you up to 2% back on every transaction. However, it is limited to certain things and businesses. And, before you go shopping, you must locate the products and deals on your phone.

But when you do use it, you can use Apple Pay to receive cashback quickly (by saving 2%), and all you have to do is show the cashier the QR code.

:small_orange_diamond: The Affirm Financing Option is also available

In addition to these alternatives, if you are purchasing at Walmart online, you may utilize Affirm. Affirm, like other credit payment options, is an installment financing solution.

If you qualify, you may acquire finance right now and pay back your debt in three, six, or twelve months using this financing app.

The Affirm ecommerce loan option is comparable to layaway in that you will not be charged interest on numerous purchases.

Items that do not qualify for that choice, on the other hand, might have an annual percentage rate (APR) ranging from 10% to 30%. The APR is determined by your credit score.

:small_orange_diamond: Download the Walmart App

If you don’t already have the Walmart app, take these steps to get it and start using your iPhone to pay at checkout:

  • Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone and search for Walmart Pay

  • Choose the Walmart Pay App and start the download procedure

  • Once downloaded, launch the app and go to the Services menu

  • Set Up Walmart Pay > Tap on Walmart Pay

Follow the simple procedures on the page to register any card or cards you wish to use to make Walmart purchases. To pay for your purchases at the register, just scan the QR code.


Walmart, Inc., originally Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., was an American discount retailer that was one of the world’s largest retailers and one of the world’s largest enterprises.

:large_blue_diamond: Why is Using Apple Pay so Beneficial?

When you use Apple Pay to pay for your purchases, you don’t have to worry about someone obtaining your PIN number since there is none. Furthermore, there is no chip or card reader in your phone for others to steal when you are checking out.

To make it even more secure, you may utilize Face ID or Touch ID. Face ID uses three different kinds of sensors to scan your face.

Unless you have a twin, you will be the only one who can use your phone to pay. Touch ID uses your fingerprint, which even your twin cannot imitate.

Another advantage of utilizing Apple Pay is that you do not need to save your receipt. Apple Pay handles everything for you. Each transaction is saved discreetly on your phone but can only be retrieved by using your preferred security, such as:

  • A KEY

  • Face Recognition

  • Touch ID

:small_orange_diamond: Another Benefit of Apple pay

Even better than using Apple Pay on your iPhone, the Apple Card is a no-fee credit card. You also obtain the lowest available annual percentage rate (APR) so you may save money when you purchase.

The Apple Card also comes with a daily cashback purchase incentive. You earn money back promptly on every transaction.

In addition, if you use your Apple Card with Apple Pay, you will get a 2% reward. So, notwithstanding, you are already saving money by using the card, and Apple Pay saves you an extra 2%.

You may also read my tutorial on cash back restrictions at Walmart shops to learn more about payments at Walmart.

You may also check to see whether additional businesses accept Apple Pay, such as Kroger, Walgreens, Dollar General, Costco, and CVS.

:small_orange_diamond: Add other Bonuses for More Savings

When you use the Ibotta app to make a purchase, you will save 4% and get immediate cashback from Apple no matter where you buy.

However, some businesses provide a daily cash incentive as well. For example, the Apple Store automatically pays you 3% back on any transaction.

So, if you use the card, Apple Pay, and Ibotta to purchase an iPhone, you will immediately get a 7 percent cashback. Walmart may not be on the list currently, but you never know; they may ultimately hop on the bandwagon.

:small_orange_diamond: Make Purchases using Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay at shops, apps, and on the web, among other places.

:large_blue_diamond: How to pay using Apple Pay in stores and other Places

You may use Apple Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch at shops, restaurants, gas stations, taxis, and anywhere else you see one of these icons.

1. Pay with your iPhone

  • To use your default card, double-click the side button on your iPhone if it supports Face ID.

*To access Apple Wallet, use Face ID or enter your password if asked

  • Double-click the Home button if your iPhone has Touch ID

  • To switch cards, press your default card to see your other options Authenticate by tapping a new card

  • Hold your iPhone’s top near the contactless reader until done and a checkmark show on the screen

2. Pay with your Apple Watch

  • Click the side button twice

  • Your default card will immediately open. Scroll down to choose a different card

  • Hold your Apple Watch’s display near the contactless reader until you feel a light tap and hear a beep

Do you want to view your most recent purchases? Discover how to view your Apple Pay transaction history.

:large_blue_diamond: How to pay using Apple Pay online or within Apps

  • You may use Apple Pay to pay online in Safari2, 3 or inside applications that use Apple Pay.

  • Use Apple Pay to make purchases online or in applications.

  • Choose Apple Pay as your payment option by tapping the Apple Pay button.

  • Tap the Next or Expand Menu button next to your default card to pay with a different card.

  • Enter your billing, shipping, and contact information if required. Apple Pay remembers that information, so you won’t have to type it in again.

  • Payment must be confirmed.

  • IPhone or iPad with Face ID: Double-click the side button, then enter your passcode or use Face ID.

  • If your iPhone or iPad does not have Face ID, use Touch ID or your password.

  • Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch.

Follow the directions on the Touch Bar and put your finger on Touch ID on your Mac. If Touch ID is turned off, hit the Apple Pay symbol on the Touch Bar and follow the on-screen instructions.

Without Touch ID on your Mac, confirm the payment using your Bluetooth-connected iPhone or Apple Watch. Check that you’re logged in with the same Apple ID on all of your devices.

When your payment is completed, the screen will display done and a tick. The retailer must accept your payment card and payment network in addition to Apple Pay.

In China, you can only use Apple Pay on the web in Safari on a compatible iPhone or iPad running the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS.

At Italy, you may use your iPhone or Apple Watch to make Apple Pay purchases with your Maestro card in retailers. Maestro cards cannot be used in applications or on the internet.

In the Netherlands, Maestro cards may be added to any compatible devices except Mac.

Information regarding non-Apple items or independent websites that are not managed or approved by Apple is offered without advice or endorsement.

Apple accepts no responsibility for the selection, performance, or usage of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no guarantees about the accuracy or trustworthiness of third-party websites. For further information, please contact the seller.

To be Precise

Apple Pay enables simple, safe, and private transactions in shops, applications, and on the web. You may now use Apple Pay in Messages to give and receive money with friends and family (U.S. only). You may also earn and redeem rewards while using Apple Pay with contactless rewards cards in Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions about Walmart Apple Pay:

1. How does Apple Pay function at Walmart?

As of 2022, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay in any of its shops. Customers may instead use their iPhones to make purchases at registers and self-checkout lanes using Walmart Pay. Walmart only takes MasterCard, Visa, checks, PayPal, American Express, and cash.

2. Why is Apple Pay available at Walmart?

Walmart will never accept Apple Pay, according to Business Insider, due to a contractual duty to Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). Walmart employs MCX’s mobile payment system via Walmart Pay, avoiding the 2% credit card charge that would apply if they began accepting Apple Pay.

3. Is Walmart Apple Pay compatible?

This is due to Walmart’s own digital wallet, Walmart Pay. It makes a purchase by scanning a QR code and using linked money. As a consequence, no NFC-related payment services are accepted by Walmart. It does not accept digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.

4. Why did Walmart discontinue Apple Pay?

The major reason Walmart does not accept Apple Pay is to bring attention to Walmart Pay—all you have to do is scan the QR code that shows at any checkout line, and you’re done. It’s really that simple. You’ll get a receipt that will be stored to your Walmart account; no cash or credit card is necessary.

5. Which retailers accept Apple Pay?

Best Buy, B&H Photo, Bloomingdales, Chevron, Disney, Dunkin Donuts, GameStop, Jamba Juice, Kohl’s, Lucky, McDonald’s, Office Depot, Petco, Sprouts, Staples, KFC, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Safeway, Costco, Whole Foods, CVS, Target, Publix, Taco Bell, and 7-11 are among Apple’s partners.

6. Is it possible to use a digital wallet at Walmart?

Is Walmart accepting Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and other mobile wallets? No. Walmart Pay is the only mobile payment option accepted at Walmart shops, and the company has no intentions to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other mobile payment method in the future.

7. Where is Apple Pay accepted?

Apple Pay is accepted at over 85 percent of merchants in the United States, so you should be able to use it anywhere and whenever you want. If you’re unsure, just ask. Apple Pay is accepted wherever that accepts contactless payments, including vending machines, grocery shops, taxis, and subway stations. In applications and on the internet.

8. Is it possible to use Apple Pay at an ATM?

Most cardless ATMs accept Apple Pay. This covers significant financial firms like JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. You just need to check for the contactless icon to know whether the ATM is NFC-enabled.

9. Is Apple Pay accepted at self-service checkout?

Buying things at a Target self-service checkout is no different from any other Apple Pay transaction. The essential thing to remember is that after you’ve scanned all of your things and are ready to pay, you must pick the ready card to complete your payment.

10. Is it possible to earn cash back using Apple Pay?

When using Apple Pay to make purchases at shops, you may get cashback provided the retailer 1) offers cashback, 2) supports Apple Pay as a means of payment, and 3) your credit or debit card is actively connected to your Apple Pay account. Cashback is not restricted by Apple Pay.


To conclude the topic of Walmart Apple Pay, it could be said that when you use Apple Pay at a participating retailer, you may get or redeem incentives. Add your rewards card to Wallet. Present your rewards card at the store’s payment terminal by holding your iPhone close to the contactless scanner. Apple Pay will then use your usual payment card to complete the transaction.

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