Definition of Rebate:

  1. Usually the seller returns a portion of the seller's purchase price to the buyer by purchasing the quantity or price of the item within a specified period. Unlike discount (which is deducted before payment), discount is given after full payment of the entire receipt. See also Refund.

  2. Pay (cash)

  3. Partial refund for someone who has paid too much in taxes, rent or benefits.

Synonyms of Rebate

Drawback, Rollback, Setoff, Repay, Price-cut, Penalty clause, Mark down, Refund, Partial refund, Allow, Abatement, Charge off, Reduce, Graft, Diminish, Repayment, Time discount, Deduct, Bank discount, Breakage, Take off, Abate, Kickback, Bate, Penalty, Reduction, Price reduction, Bribe, Take a premium, Write-off, Charge-off, Depreciate, Payola, Concession, Subtraction, Percentage, Tare, Repayment, Commission, Make allowance, Taper off, Rebatement, Rake-off, Chain discount, Kick back, Agio, Refund, Write off, Trade discount, Underselling, Cash discount, Allowance, Drain, Tret, Deduction, Premium, Depreciation, Salvage, Cut, Discount

How to use Rebate in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes, you can offer a discount to a customer if you think it will help your business.
  2. I bought a printer at an online store for ڈالر 60, and two weeks later, after submitting a ڈالر 20 refund form, it went down to 40.
  3. The government pays part of your contribution to social protection and your employer's compensation for the project.
  4. We offer special discounts to our customers and surprisingly some people take advantage of them.
  5. The system allows for a change in housing tax by offering a discount in the first year.

Meaning of Rebate & Rebate Definition