Definition of Rebate:

  1. Return of a portion of a purchase price by a seller to a buyer, usually on purchase of a specified quantity, or value, of goods within a specified period. Unlike discount (which is deducted in advance of payment), rebate is given after the payment of full invoice amount. See also refund.

  2. Pay back (such a sum of money).

  3. A partial refund to someone who has paid too much money for tax, rent, or a utility.

Synonyms of Rebate

Refund, Partial refund, Repayment, Abate, Abatement, Agio, Allow, Allowance, Bank discount, Bate, Breakage, Bribe, Cash discount, Chain discount, Charge off, Charge-off, Commission, Concession, Cut, Deduct, Deduction, Depreciate, Depreciation, Diminish, Discount, Drain, Drawback, Graft, Kick back, Kickback, Make allowance, Mark down, Payola, Penalty, Penalty clause, Percentage, Premium, Price reduction, Price-cut, Rake-off, Rebatement, Reduce, Reduction, Refund, Repay, Repayment, Rollback, Salvage, Setoff, Subtraction, Take a premium, Take off, Taper off, Tare, Time discount, Trade discount, Tret, Underselling, Write off, Write-off

How to use Rebate in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes you can offer your customers a rebate if you think that will help to bring them into your store.
  2. I bought a printer at an online store for sixty dollars and its purchase price ended up being forty dollars after I sent in a form for a rebate of twenty dollars two weeks later.
  3. The government rebates part of your own and your employers National Insurance contributions into the plan.
  4. There was a special rebate offer that we offered to customers and a surprisingly low amount of people actually used it.
  5. The scheme eases the move to the council tax by giving rebates in the first year.

Meaning of Rebate & Rebate Definition