Definition of Receipt:

  1. A recipe.

  2. Formal, written acknowledgment that something of value has been received.

  3. The action of receiving something or the fact of its being received.

  4. Mark (a bill) as paid.

Synonyms of Receipt

Cooking directions, Receiving, Reception, Getting, Obtaining, Gaining, Acceptance, Acknowledge receipt of, Acknowledgment, Acquire, Acquisition, Acquittance, Admission, Admittance, Aid, Alterative, Analeptic, Answer, Answering, Antiphon, Arrival, Assistance, Assumption, Avails, Back answer, Back talk, Backchat, Balm, Balsam, Box office, Canceled check, Comeback, Commissions, Corrective, Counterfoil, Credit, Credits, Cure, Delivery, Derivation, Discharge, Disposable income, Dividend, Dividends, Earned income, Earnings, Echo, Evasive reply, Form, Formula, Formulary, Gains, Gate, Gate receipts, Get, Getting, Gross, Gross income, Gross receipts, Healing agent, Healing quality, Help, Income, Intake, Make, Mark paid, Net, Net income, Net receipts, Output, Prescription, Proceeds, Produce, Profits, Quittance, Reaction, Ready reply, Receipt in full, Receipts, Receivables, Receival, Receive, Receiving, Reception, Recipe, Refuge, Rejoinder, Release, Relief, Remedial measure, Remedy, Repartee, Replication, Reply, Repost, Rescript, Rescription, Respondence, Response, Responsion, Responsory, Restorative, Retort, Return, Returns, Revenue, Reverberation, Riposte, Royalties, Short answer, Snappy comeback, Sovereign remedy, Specific, Specific remedy, Stub, Succor, Take, Take-in, Taking, Taking in, Takings, Ticket, Unearned income, Voucher, Warrant, Welcome, Welcoming, Witty reply, Witty retort, Yes-and-no answer, Yield

How to use Receipt in a sentence?

  1. After the cashier rang up all the purchases and we paid, she handed me the receipt which I went over carefully to make sure I was charged correctly for all the items.
  2. She spent hours in the kitchen, trying all sorts of receipts.
  3. Be sure to hold on to your receipt s, especially those related to business expenses, as when tax time comes you may be able to write some of it off.
  4. One copy can be receipted and returned to you.
  5. I always save my receipt s in case the IRS would like to audit my business, I feel smart for doing this.
  6. I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Meaning of Receipt & Receipt Definition