Definition of Redeem:

  1. Gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment.

  2. Marketing: To exchange the advertised gifts or rewards with the required part of the promoted product (such as specially marked cap, label, or packaging) presented by a consumer.

  3. Compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).

  4. Mortgage: To regain title to a mortgaged property by paying off the full due amount, before or after a foreclosure sale.

  5. Finance: To buy back debt securities (such as bonds or redeemable preferred stock/preference shares) on or before their maturity date.

  6. Fulfill or carry out (a pledge or promise).

Synonyms of Redeem

Retrieve, Regain, Recover, Get back, Reclaim, Repossess, Have something returned, Rescue, Compensating, Compensatory, Extenuating, Offsetting, Qualifying, Redemptive, Fulfil, Carry out, Discharge, Make good, ■■■■■■■, Abet, Abide by, Absolve, Acknowledge, Aid, Amend, Amortize, Assist, Atone, Atone for, Avail, Bail out, Balance, Be faithful to, Bear a hand, Bear the expense, Befriend, Benefit, Buy, Buy back, Carry out, Cash in, Change, Change for, Chip in, Clear, Comfort, Commute, Compensate, Compensate for, Compound for, Convert, Counterbalance, Counterpoise, Countervail, Defray, Defray expenses, Deliver, Discharge, Disenthrall, Do good, Doctor, Dub in, Ease, Emancipate, Exchange, Expiate, Extract, Extricate, Favor, Finance, Foot the bill, Free, Fund, Get back, Give a boost, Give a hand, Give a lift, Give help, Give place to, Give salvation, Give satisfaction, Go Dutch, Help, Honor, Honor a bill, Keep, Keep faith with, Lend a hand, Lend one aid, Liberate, Lift, Liquidate, Live down, Loose, Make accounts square, Make amends, Make compensation, Make do with, Make good, Make matters up, Make reparation, Make right, Make up, Make up for, Make way for, Manumit, New-model, Offer in exchange, Offset, Outweigh, Pay for, Pay in full, Pay off, Pay the bill, Pay the forfeit, Pay the penalty, Pay the piper, Pay the shot, Pay up, Perform, Proffer aid, Propitiate, Protect, Put up with, Rally, Ransom, Re-form, Recapture, Reclaim, Recompense, Recoup, Recover, Recuperate, Recycle, Redress, Refashion, Reform, Regain, Regenerate, Rehabilitate, Reinstate, Release, Relieve, Remedy, Remodel, Render assistance, Renew, Renovate, Reoccupy, Repair, Replevin, Replevy, Repossess, Repurchase, Rescue, Reshape, Restore, Restore self-respect, Resume, Resuscitate, Retake, Retire, Retrieve, Revindicate, Revive, Ring in, Salvage, Satisfy, Save, See through, Set free, Set off, Set straight, Set up, Settle, Shift with, Square, Square accounts, Square it, Square things, Stand the costs, Strike a balance, Substitute, Succor, Switch, Take back, Take in exchange, Take in tow, Take up, Trade in, Unbind, Unchain, Win back

How to use Redeem in a sentence?

  1. His best suit had been redeemed from the pawnbrokers.
  2. After making a serious mistake, as long as it has not resulted in damage or harm to others, the person should be given a fair chance to redeem themselves.
  3. A disappointing debate redeemed only by an outstanding speech.
  4. I always got beat by my friend in this video game and he gave me a chance to redeem myself by playing a game I was good at.
  5. In order to redeem the points for a gift card you must make an account with a valid email and be 18 years or older.
  6. The party prepared to redeem the pledges of the past three years.

Meaning of Redeem & Redeem Definition

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