Definition of Merchant:

  1. Wholesaler or retailer who may buy goods from any or all sources for resale to anyone and everyone for profit. In law, a merchant is held to a higher standard of duty of care than a non-merchant because he or she is deemed to have expert knowledge about the goods he or she deals in.

  2. A person with a partiality or aptitude for a particular activity or viewpoint.

  3. Relating to merchants, trade, or commerce.

  4. A person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying merchandise to a particular trade.

Synonyms of Merchant

Agent, Baron, Broker, Business, Businessman, Caterer, Chandler, Commercial, Commissariat, Commissary, Dealer, Distributor, Donor, Drummer, Forwarder, Furnisher, Hawker, Huckster, Importer, Industrial, Industrialist, Jobber, Magnate, Manciple, Marketer, Mercantile, Merchandiser, Merchant prince, Middleman, Mogul, Monger, Patron, Provider, Provisioner, Purveyor, Quartermaster, Regrater, Retail, Retail dealer, Retail merchant, Retailer, Seller, Shopkeeper, Steward, Stock clerk, Storekeeper, Supplier, Sutler, Trade, Trader, Tradesman, Tradeswoman, Trading, Trafficker, Tycoon, Vendor, Victualer, Vivandier, Wholesale, Wholesaler

How to use Merchant in a sentence?

  1. There is a merchant downtown who buys peoples old gold jewelry and then melts it down to just sell as raw gold.
  2. The growth of the merchant classes.
  3. A tea merchant.
  4. Michigan Avenue boasts some of the best shopping in the Midwest, with scores of merchant s selling anything from sneakers to strings of pearls, Chinese screens, and sausage-on-a-stick.
  5. There was a special setup the merchant used to facilitate our transaction, I was pleased with the overall consuming experience.

Meaning of Merchant & Merchant Definition

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  1. A simple definition of Merchant is: A person who regularly trades for the sale of such goods or who has special knowledge of the goods sold otherwise. For example, Bob owns a watch shop and sells watches, so he will be considered a watch seller. However, if Bob sold his car to someone else, he would not be considered a car dealer.

Meanings of Merchant

  1. Individuals or companies that operate in wholesale, especially those that trade with foreign countries or supply products for certain businesses.

  2. A person of nature or ability for a particular activity or point of view.

  3. Related to traders, trade or commerce.

Sentences of Merchant

  1. Business class growth

Synonyms of Merchant

tradesperson , handler , broker , retailer , trader , seller , shopkeeper , wholesaler , sender , dealer , shipper , vendor , exporter , tycoon , operator , consigner , salesperson , jobber , businessperson , marketer , trafficker , storekeeper


What is Merchant?

  • A person who regularly trades in goods that are being sold or represented in any way without special knowledge of the goods sold. For example, Bob is a watch supplier and sells watches, so he will be considered a watch dealer. However, if Bob sold his car to someone else, he would not be considered a car dealer.

Meanings of Merchant

  1. A person or company that operates in bulk, especially those that operate abroad or that supply goods for a specific business.

  2. Someone who enjoys certain activities.

  3. (In historical context) related to traders or trade.

Sentences of Merchant

  1. Contractor

  2. Your driver is not a sprinter

  3. Commercial class development