Definition of Retailer:

  1. Companies or individuals who sell products to consumers rather than wholesalers or suppliers who usually sell their products to other companies

  2. A person or company that sells relatively small quantities of goods for use, not for sale to the public.

  3. Someone who tells the story or details of an incident to others.

Synonyms of Retailer

Caterer, Dealer, Monger, Commissariat, Victualer, Distributor, Importer, Manciple, Steward, Patron, Marketer, Regrater, Retail dealer, Tradeswoman, Chandler, Quartermaster, Trader, Sutler, Vivandier, Trafficker, Tradesman, Middleman, Merchant, Storekeeper, Commissary, Provisioner, Retail merchant, Shopkeeper, Supplier, Stock clerk, Donor, Jobber, Wholesaler, Furnisher, Provider, Purveyor, Merchandiser

How to use Retailer in a sentence?

  1. The snake wholesaler has just arrived in town on horseback and his cell phone is ringing like a customer who definitely wants to see his product.
  2. Most retailers in the United States are profitable after Thanksgiving Friday, which is why Friday is known as Black Friday.
  3. Large supermarkets have taken many independent retailers out of the market.
  4. If you are a retailer, you need to make sure that your product is good and market it to the best of your ability.
  5. As a writer, I consider myself a great ideas dealer.

Meaning of Retailer & Retailer Definition