Definition of Segment:

  1. Each of the series of similar anatomical units of which the body and appendages of some animals are composed, such as the visible rings of an earthworms body.

  2. Divide (something) into separate parts or sections.

  3. Each of the parts into which something is or may be divided.

  4. A part of a figure cut off by a line or plane intersecting it.

  5. The smallest distinct part of a spoken utterance, in particular the vowels and consonants as opposed to stress and intonation.

  6. Subdivision of a sector, consisting of distinct but closely linked or related elements, members, or parts. See also segmentation.

Synonyms of Segment

Divide, Divide up, Subdivide, Separate, Split, Split up, Cut up, Carve up, Slice up, Break up, Dismember, Adjunct, Affiliation, Air line, Allotment, Allowance, Analyze, Anatomize, Apportion, Assay, Axis, Beeline, Big end, Bigger half, Bit, Bite, Body, Branch, Break down, Break up, Budget, Categorize, Chord, Chunk, Church, Cleave, Commission, Communion, Community, Component, Contingent, Cross section, Cut, Cut up, Deal, Denomination, Destiny, Detachment, Detail, Diagonal, Diameter, Direct line, Directrix, Dissect, District, Divide, Divide up, Dividend, Division, Divvy, Divvy up, Dole, Edge, Element, End, Equal share, Faction, Fate, Fellowship, Fraction, Fragment, Great-circle course, Group, Half, Halver, Helping, Installment, Interest, Isolate, Item, Joint, Length, Lot, Measure, Meed, Member, Mess, Modicum, Moiety, Normal, Offshoot, Order, Organization, Parcel, Parcel out, Part, Particular, Partition, Party, Percentage, Perpendicular, Persuasion, Piece, Portion, Proportion, Quadrant, Quantum, Quarter, Quota, Radius, Radius vector, Rake-off, Random sample, Ration, Reduce, Reduce to elements, Religious order, Remainder, Resolve, Right line, Sample, Sampling, Schism, School, Secant, Seclude, Sect, Sectarism, Section, Sector, Separate, Set off, Share, Shortcut, Side, Slice, Small share, Society, Split, Split up, Stake, Stock, Straight, Straight course, Straight line, Straight stretch, Straightaway, Streamline, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subgroup, Subspecies, Tangent, Transversal, Variety, Vector, Version, Wedge, Zone, Piece, Part, Bit, Section, Chunk, Division, Portion, Slice, Fragment, Component, Wedge, Lump, Slab, Hunk, Parcel, Tranche

How to use Segment in a sentence?

  1. This segment of the video will show you how to properly act in the work place, and also how NOT to act.
  2. A large segment of the local population.
  3. This sound cue, which lasts for one-tenth to one-fifth of a second, marks the transition from a consonant sound to a speech segment beginning with a vowel.
  4. The main purpose of the work is to investigate the volume of segments of these three-dimensional figures.
  5. Unlike the agnostids, polymerid trilobites typically have more than two or three thoracic segments, and the pygidium is usually smaller than the cephalon.
  6. In the next segment of our show we will discuss political strategy for both the democrats and republicans for the 2016 elections.
  7. The unemployed are segmented into two groups.
  8. In order to pass the math test and graduate, the students must demonstrate their knowledge of a line segment and how it is used.

Meaning of Segment & Segment Definition

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