Definition of Cashier:

  1. An employee who handles the financial transactions of a company. In most situations, a cashier works directly at a cash register, ringing up the customers purchases and collecting their payment. Cashiers are found almost anywhere a customer can purchase an item, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and retail stores.

Synonyms of Cashier

Accountant, Auditor, Ax, Bank clerk, Bank manager, Bank officer, Bank president, Banker, Banking executive, Bar, Bill broker, Bookkeeper, Boot, Boot out, Bounce, Break, Bump, Bursar, Bust, Cambist, Can, Cashkeeper, Chamberlain, Compensator, Comptroller, Controller, Curator, Deconsecrate, Defrayer, Defrock, Degrade, Demote, Deplume, Depose, Depositary, Depository, Deprive, Dethrone, Disbar, Discharge, Discounter, Discrown, Disemploy, Disenthrone, Dismiss, Displace, Displume, Drum out, Eject, Eliminate, Exclude, Excommunicate, Expel, Financial officer, Fire, Furlough, Give the ax, Give the gate, Investment banker, Kick, Kick out, Kick upstairs, Lay off, Let go, Let out, Liquidate, Liquidator, Loan officer, Make redundant, Money broker, Money changer, Money dealer, Moneylender, Moneymonger, Note broker, Oust, Overthrow, Pass, Payer, Paymaster, Pension, Pension off, Purge, Purse bearer, Purser, Ratepayer, Read out of, Receiver, Recompenser, Release, Remove, Remove from office, Remunerator, Replace, Retire, Sack, Separate forcibly, Steward, Strip, Strip of office, Strip of rank, Superannuate, Surplus, Suspend, Taxpayer, Teller, Terminate, Throw out, Treasurer, Trust officer, Trustee, Turn off, Turn out, Unchurch, Unfrock, Unsaddle, Unseat, Unthrone

How to use Cashier in a sentence?

  1. I worked as a cashier for a few years before moving up to supervisor, which made me kind of happy.
  2. You should look for people that are good at quick mental math if you are trying to hire for the position of cashier .
  3. You must always trust every cashier that you hire to not pocket any of the money that should go to the register.

Meaning of Cashier & Cashier Definition

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