Definition of Incentive:

  1. Additional incentives or rewards that serve as incentive tools for the desired action or behavior.

  2. Anything that motivates or motivates you to do something.

Synonyms of Incentive

Whet, Bait, Provocation, Prod, Compulsion, Inducement, Catalyst, Reason, Power, Stimulation, Impulse, Stimulant, Persuasive, Carrot, Impulse, Instigating, Spur, Incitement, Spur, Incendiary, Drive, Motive power, Fomenting, Impelling force, Agitative, Propulsion, Clout, Enticement, Reward, Moment, Impulsion, Inciting, Agitational, Sweetening, Impetus, Rabble-rousing, Encouragement, Interest, Stimulative, Payment, Fillip, Encouragement, Motivation, Thrust, Driving force, Percentage, Profit, Bribe, Inducement, Incitive, Stimulus, Lure, Irresistible force, Motive, Impetus, Motivation, Stimulus, Impellent, Goad, Instigative, Stimulant, Sweetener, Invitation, Momentum, Inflammatory

How to use Incentive in a sentence?

  1. You should try to get your employees to work harder so that they have extra motivation to work.
  2. Consumers have no incentive to save water.
  3. The manager encourages his employees to get the most out of the company and gives tickets to the team of his choice as an incentive to break the sales record.
  4. If you are not given adequate benefits, it is very difficult for your employees to do as much work for you as possible, leaving the basic responsibilities of the job.

Meaning of Incentive & Incentive Definition