How much do therapists make

How much do therapists make? A therapist can earn $30,000 and the widest range of salary is almost $100,00. All around the world the salary range for therapists and psychiatrists depends on how much experience they have and what quality of education they have based on their specialty. Now the variation in the income of therapists is because of what area they are in and what position of therapy they are involved in.

There are different kinds of therapists for different situations and problems. not all therapists do the same job and they have different types of clients and also have different payment processes. To know more about the salary variation and range of different therapists read the article which will help you gain proper information on how much they make and in what countries, areas, and practices they perform which makes them in different ranges of the profession.

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Therapist in community rehabilitation

These are the type of therapists that help the people in the community to get back on track regarding their career, family issues, and overall progress in their life after addiction or any accident. An occupational therapist that worked for community rehab work in teams usually and they have access to the client’s location, work center, job, or any other place that requires them to gain information from.

Because the therapist’s work is basically to regain their client’s life and two help them build the career all over again. with the help of community rehabilitation therapists, the client will get a map drawn out for them to be back on track in their life and to get rid of any Addiction or trauma that caused them to fall back in life.

These therapists have the job to increase the participation of those clients that have gotten into serious injury, disease, or any accident which requires them a therapist’s help to participate and engage in different activities in life including career, education, or any other important activity that requires help. Therapists working in the community rehabilitation centers make up to $30,000.

How much do therapists make

Mental health therapists

The type of therapist will help psychologically distressed people and diagnose them with different disorders related to mental illness. Studies show that 50% of adults are diagnosed with some sort of mental illness and have a possibility of an increase in mental health problems. The therapist helped them gain control over their emotions and treat them with their professional perspective.

Mental health counselors or therapists help in treating people with emotional stress, behavioral issues, and traumas they can work for an individual and also families, groups, or communities. Mental health therapists require a Health Center and different types of locations where they work on.
• Schools
• Mental health clinics
• Private counseling
• Hospitals
• Social service agencies
• Government agencies
• Business institution
• Colleges and universities
• Community health

Mental illness therapists treat people who went through emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, phobia, and depression. these problems can cause severe issues physically and damage the brain in various ways that are why mental health counseling is very important. Mental therapy is needed when someone goes through emotional distress, addiction, or any trauma and it can happen at any age including children. Different types of mental therapists are required for different age groups depending on what situation they are in.

How much do therapists make

Tasks of mental health counselors

There is a list of tasks for the mental health therapist or counselor that they tackle and go through to get their job done.

  • they provide psychological therapy to the clients.

  • Convincing the clients to open up to them and talk about their emotions, traumas, or any phobia that keeps them behind in life.

  • Family counseling requires the whole family to communicate with the therapist to go through their psychological issues and daily life problems. Therapists help them through relationship-counseling.

  • Diagnosing and treating emotional and psychological behaviors of the clients and help them maintain healthy mental health.

  • Guiding the clients to make a plan for their mental health improvement and Help them overcome their fears and phobias.

  • Therapists help the clients overcome bullying triggers. Those that are traumatized because of their bullies need counseling from a mental health therapist that improves their ability to stand for themselves and get over their insecurities.

Basically, mental health therapists are a big role in health institutions where millions of clients or patients are provided with their treatments and these type of therapists earn more than $40,000 to $50,000.

Family therapist

These are the type of therapists that require the whole family’s involvement or is also known as couples therapy. whether the problem is surrounding an individual or an entire family the family therapist has a way of counseling the whole family which benefits every single person regarding their relationship and mental health with each other.

Psychological problems that revolve around families and the relationship between all the members are assessed by a family therapist through relationship counseling that helps them improve the quality of their relationship and promotes and encourages them to communicate in positive ways that help them take the relationship to another level. These family therapists and couple therapists usually earn more than $70,000.

Types of family therapy

Every therapy revolves around a specific structure of problem so that’s why there are some common types of family therapy that you might want to know if you are thinking of taking it for yourself.

  • There is a type of therapy called bowenian therapy which requires the therapist to understand the mental state of the client who does not want to involve too much family in an emotional state of his mind. but also the client wants to vent out all his emotional stress to the third party but it also involves family. This therapy requires to not be forced to react to family issues and focus on the individual’s mental health but discussing the family problems with a psychologist or therapist specifically a family therapist

  • Therapist that works around structural therapy which involves them sitting with the whole family that needs the therapy to make sure that the parents and the children are agreeing to the points in their lives and have made the same boundaries that they agree with with with on. Structural therapy is based on the relationship and communication between parents and their children. making sure that their instincts and behaviors are in control

  • There’s a type of family therapy that is direct and the therapist usually gives them tasks and a complete set of rules that they can use and use to improve their daily life interaction with their family and improve their communication skills. this type of family therapy is called strategic therapy. this type of therapy is required for the families that have trouble making decisions and agreeing to the same point and have communication gaps so they need the help of a family therapist and an open therapy system to improve their situation.

Career counselors or therapists

People all over the world go through unemployment problems now and then and to go through that emotional stress and uncertainty, one needs a career counselor to help them create a plan and carve a path for them to a successful career.

Whether you were a graduate and have completed college and it’s time for your first job and you cannot decide where to start and how to start or if you are a professional but you just want to change your profession and to make this process easier a career counselor will help you through it to make it easy and Reliable.

Career counselors make up to $40,000. Career counseling revolves around a young person’s career or a professional person’s success and evolution. Some of the responsibilities of a career counselor are listed below.

  1. Having a strong therapeutic relationship with the client is very important for the counselor to guide them exactly where their heart intends to go. Now career counseling is not just about giving tips and techniques it’s about molding them into what they intend to become in their professional lives. developing a therapeutic relationship with the client helps the counselor to guide and support them the way they need to be.

  2. Defining career goals is one of the most important points in career counseling therapy as it tells the insights of the client’s mind on how he wants his professional life to be like. the counselor will ask about what the client wants its job to be and what enjoys being accomplished. Knowing about the client’s type of job and what he sees himself in five years directs him to the more important goals and keeps him away from all the distractions that cause uncertainty in their professional life.

  3. Career counselor therapists allow the client to self explore their thoughts in their plans. career counseling is not just about giving the results after testing them it’s about communicating and giving them space and time to think about what their mind is saying to them regarding their career and professional life. The only way to achieve the best career advice and counseling is through giving them space for self-exploration.

How much do therapists make

School counselors

School counseling is a type of therapy where the students need counseling, attention, and guidance when they lose track of their path or if they are going through some stressful times that distract them from their studies. To be a school counselor your patience level has to be very high as it takes time and patience to allow yourself to understand the mind of a child going through difficult school years.

No student wants to be called to the principal’s office so there is always a reason behind their disturbing behaviors. To understand and solve the issues that are building between the students for example bullying, self-isolation, emotional stress, and depression. At this age, students need proper guidance when they hit the rock bottom And they need someone who can listen to their thoughts and figure out why they behave the way they do.

In school, children with disabilities or low self-esteem can stop them from learning properly in school. children with low confidence Need help and guidance to recover from their insecurities and get over their traumas through School counselors. This type of therapy Only involves an individual as a client. School counselors are hired in schools or any other educational institutions. School counselors make up to $50,000 to $58,000. The responsibilities and jobs of the school counselors is been concentrated into points below:

  1. Befriend the client and listen to his/her emotions and stress that cause him to lose interest in studies and help the student gain the confidence and motivation back.

  2. Solving the conflicts and misunderstandings between the teacher and students and improve their relationship.

  3. Help the students self explore and guide them to their goals and create plans with them related to their studies and career.

  4. Letting the parents in on situations that are going on between the teacher and students is very important. so a school counselor will help better the communication between teachers and parents.

  5. Students can get very frustrated and lose track when it comes to applying to jobs after graduation or filling out forms and applications so a school counselor helps them guide them through all the first-time job applications and admissions.

  6. Prevention from harmful addiction programs are held in educational institutes. School counselors take a huge part in running the program and help the students get Proper knowledge of the prevention and convince them to stay clean.

  7. School counselors help improve the learning abilities and help them if they’re going through any disabilities, trauma, or bullying.

Behavioral therapy

It’s a type of therapy where the professional therapist treats the client who is struggling with self-destructive behavior and serious mental disorders that cause a huge impact on their behavior in their lives and actions that can cause them harm.

The behavioral therapist focuses on the patient’s current situation going through recent traumas that can trigger destructive and toxic behaviors. This type of therapy helps in treating anxiety, substance abuse, anger problems, Depression, and general stress.

Behavioral therapy is common for children too and they often need some counseling when they are having trouble maintaining their mental state with their day-to-day life. children might take time to trust their counselor and it is normal and when they finally get to know them and build trust and foundation. Which leads them to talk and communicate with their therapist about their behavioral condition without any consequences. Behavioral therapist earns almost $40’000.

Types of behavioral therapy

There are several different types of behavioral therapy described below:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This specific type of therapy is used to cover the behavioral condition as well as the thinking process of a person. Which means it focuses On the mindset of a person and the way that they think which connects to their behavioral issues. so the therapist’s main goal is to change the current situation and habit of thinking negative into positive thoughts which results in better behavior in clients.

  • Cognitive therapy for children which is also called cognitive play therapy, the therapist treats the children with techniques of playing physical games and mind games that help the therapist know more about their mind and the way they think which proves their behavioral issues. Play therapy involves different drawings, choosing colors, and choosing their own toys which explain more about their mental state.

  • System desensitization is the therapy which is used to treat phobias. This type of therapy involves treating the patient through breathing techniques and the practice of relaxing responses to the triggered phobia. The patients are given practical doses of their phobias and the patient will respond to it with the relaxation techniques that they learned during the therapy.

  • Aversion therapy is the type of therapy that is used to treat disorders like substance abuse. The treatment is done by giving the patient an unpleasant stimulus or trigger for their harmful desires. So that the addicted person would feel the desire but will also remember the unpleasant memory of the stimulus that was given by the therapist which will make them slowly get rid of the addiction.

Nutritional therapist

A nutritional therapist will treat the patient by giving them a mental brainwash or exercise for a better diet. This type of therapy is not for normal nutrition problems it’s for severe problems that are caused by some trauma or any disorder which is clinical disorders like Abnormal starving and Chronically ill people who need help in maintaining their diet to stay in proper health.

The yearly income of nutritional therapists is almost $100,000 but the monthly income of nutrition therapists is
less than any other therapist. The main job of nutritional therapists are:

  • Nutritional therapist helps the patients that go through illness and severe symptoms that cause them to have a poor diet. to nutritional therapy, the patient will be treated and guided to a better diet which will help the person to get better quickly.

  • Nutritional therapy is for people who are suffering from obesity, abnormal bowel movements, allergies, and Other digestive problems.

  • A nutritional therapist takes care of the important nutritional needs of an individual.

  • A nutritional therapist will help the patient meet its goals of a nutritious diet and a healthy life.

Difference between psychologist and therapist

Therapists are professionals who provide treatment and rehabilitation for minor issues like depression, stress, trauma, and other mental issues that require communication and understanding. Therapists don’t usually prescribe medicines as they are not involved with clinical institutes. Therapists have their own way of the profession in which they cure the other person through their techniques and education.

A psychologist studies the state of mind that is normal as well as abnormal and treats people that are going through behavioral disorders, mental problems, and basically with unbalanced state of mind which causes problems in the daily life of a person.

Psychologists Therapists
1. Psychologists are mental health professionals with Ph.D., Psy. D or EdD in psychology A therapist requires education of masters in psychology and involvement in social work and counseling.
2. Psychologists have techniques of treating disorders through human behaviors and mental processes Therapists used techniques in talking and communication to treat their patients.
3. The nature of a psychologist’s work is basically licensed counseling. They work as school and hospital social workers as well. Therapists’ job revolves around private offices and hospitals. While they are also hired as professional school counselors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions are answered below:

1. Do therapists make good money?

The salary of the therapists depends upon the kind of field and training they have taken for themself. The salary of the therapists usually starts from $30,000 and lies around $100,000 per year.

2. How much do therapists make in an hour?

A therapist in the United States usually makes around $28 an hour. The therapists’ daily wages usually lie around $20 (25th percentile) to $31 (75th percentile) currently in the United States.

3. What is the highest paid therapist?

Highest paid Psychological careers Average yearly pay
1. Psychaitrist $216,090
2. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist $102,530
3. Neuropsychologist $93,440
4. Engineering Psychologist $90,340
5. Psychology Teacher $85,050
6. Clinical Psychologist $81,330
7. Counseling Psychologist $81,330
8. School Psychologist $77,430
9. Forensic Psychologist $61,220
10. Sports Psychologist $60,000

4. Is psychology easy to study?

Every study needs hard work to get the desired position so as psychology does. In fact, psychology is a more difficult degree to have it needs lots of reading assignments and citations to your research.

5.Can therapists tell when you are lying?

They cannot tell you straight away if you lie to them but yes they can figure it out in their sessions if to lie to them constantly so do not try to fool them around.

6.Can you tell your therapist too much?

You should tell everything to your therapist that is bothering you in fact, they really want to hear from you so that they can treat you well for your disorders to help you.

7. How much do therapists make starting?

Earnings Low (5th scale) Average
Beginners $30.20 $36.48
All in all $33.88 $49.36
Top most $35.22 $52.36

8. Are psychiatrists considered rich?

Rich is not the correct word to be used for the psychiatrist’s wealth. A psychiatrist may have a good home to live in and multiples cars, he may afford all his living expenses well but the upper-middle class will actually go well with it.

9. What type of psychiatrists makes the most money?

Below are the top paid psychiatrist fields according to the U.S.

Title Yearly Salary Weekly Salary
Psychiatrist Locum Tenens $298,417 $5,800
Locum Psychiatrist $302,486 $5,838
Child and Adolescant Psychiatrist $275,609 $5,225
Outpatient Psychiatrist $279,885 $5,365

10. What state do psychiatrists make the most money in?

  • Maine ($275,800)

  • Arizona ($271,891)

  • Hawaii ($270,900)

  • North Dakota ($265,771)

  • Indiana ($265,261) are the main states that pay most to the Psychiatrists.


So the accurate answer to the question 'how much do therapists make?’ basically depends on their position regarding mental health counseling. Privately hired therapists make more money than those therapists that have a monthly payment check in school and hospitals. a therapist can earn from 30,000 dollars to $100,000 according to their post. A therapist with a better experience and social work will earn more than the therapist who has just started and does not have experience in social work and counseling. The income of a therapist also relies on what type of client they have to work for which means how serious the condition is of the mentally distorted patient or how extreme the problem is. The fee of councilors will be high if the case is critical or severe.

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