Definition of Counseling:

  1. Support process in which a counselor holds face to face talks with another person to help him or her solve a personal problem, or help improve that persons attitude, behavior, or character.

Synonyms of Counseling

Arica movement, Erhard Seminars Training, New Consciousness, Pentothal interview, SAT, T-group, Assertiveness training, Behavior modification, Behavior therapy, Bioenergetics, Biofeedback, Confrontation therapy, Conjoint therapy, Consciousness raising, Directive therapy, Encounter therapy, Est, Family training, Feminist therapy, Gestalt therapy, Group psychotherapy, Group relations training, Group sensitivity training, Group therapy, Humanistic therapy, Hypnoanalysis, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism, Marathon, Marriage encounter, Mind cure, Narcoanalysis, Narcohypnosis, Narcosynthesis, Narcotherapy, Nondirective therapy, Occupational therapy, Pastoral counseling, Play therapy, Primal therapy, Prolonged narcosis, Psychodrama, Psychological counseling, Psychosurgery, Psychosynthesis, Psychotherapeutics, Psychotherapy, Radical therapy, Rational-emotive therapy, Reality therapy, Recreational therapy, Regression therapy, Release therapy, Scream therapy, Sensitivity training, Sensory awareness training, Sleep treatment, Supportive therapy, Training group, Transactional analysis, Transcendental meditation, Transpersonal therapy, Vocational therapy

How to use Counseling in a sentence?

  1. In a counseling session, the counselor meets with another person and allows him or her to talk about what is bothering him or her and helps him or her to resolve their conflicts in a way that makes him or her feel better and better able to cope.
  2. My parents made me see a therapist and also attend counseling sessions because they thought my behavior recently was alarming.
  3. After Brian punched a hole in the wall and threw his stapler out the window, his boss made him go to anger management counseling .

Meaning of Counseling & Counseling Definition

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