Definition of Advice:

  1. Generally: written confirmation or notification of operations, receipt or payment, status or status of services provided.

  2. Legal: It is practically impossible to clearly distinguish between the legal meaning of counseling, benefits, incentives and expenses.

Synonyms of Advice

Steer, Pointer, Reportage, Letter, Tip, Tip-off, Telegraph agency, Counsel, Recommendation, Admonition, Newspaper, Cautioning, Newsworthiness, View, Press association, The press, Newsletter, Instruction, Suggestion, News agency, Clue, Communication, Intelligence, Caution, Notice, Newsmagazine, News service, Television, Passing word, The fourth estate, Whisper, Newsiness, Warning, Forewarning, Communique, Cue, Message, Notification, Teaching, Embassy, Alerting, Office, Telegram, Monition, Opinion, Journalism, Dispatch, Radio, Express, Guidance, News medium, Wire service, Release, Advisement, Pneumatogram, Broadcast journalism, Word, News, Information, Tidings, Direction

How to use Advice in a sentence?

  1. You don't have to ask for advice from someone who is ahead of you and who knows how to handle things.
  2. I know I can ask him for advice because I trust him and he has always given me good advice in the past.
  3. The best advice I can give Brad is to assess a new risk and find out how much money he can lose each quarter.

Meaning of Advice & Advice Definition

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