Greendale Community College

Greendale Community College (GCC) is an open-admissions college located in Greendale County, Colorado. Founded back in 1974 by Russell Borchert, it is best known for being one of the most iconic actors Luis Guzman. Although it is not a prestigious institution like its rival City College, it is an affordable school with more than 80 different academic disciplines. The current Dean is Craig Pelton and its mascot is “Greendale Human Being”. The first appearance of the school was in the Season One episode Pilot and has since served as the primary setting for the series.

Greendale Community College

History of Greenland Community College

The land on which Greendale Community College would eventually be built was originally the site of an animal rendering plant. In 1974, founder Russell Borchert bought stadiums and founded a technology center known as “Greendale Computery College”. The first principal of the school was Dean Pizzini who had to deal with embarrassment the following year that nearly closed the college. This involved Borchert and his extraordinary love for computer science. It is believed that Borchert was died by a “computer virus” so Dean Pizzini sealed off Borchert’s computer bullet in case of an actual contagion. The city bought the campus after converting it into a traditional community college.

In 1977 the school finally had a roof, and two years later in 1979, an Air Conditioning Repair school was established. A decade later in 1983 there was a student protest over the school’s most unscrupulous mascot “Big Chief Drunky”. In response the maskandi will be called “Sober Casinoman” to be transformed and sometimes “Greendale Grizzlies”. In the 1990’s Dean Bigley was in charge and his superiors saw General Manuel Noriega be awarded an honorary degree. During this time, the prestigious Greendale television commercial was recorded for almost two decades.

Greendale Human Being

The current management under Dean Craig Pelton has launched several programs to promote enrollment. The new mascot was created to represent a diverse student body called “Greendale Human Being”. The school’s logo was also changed in 2010 to a symbol representing the school as a crossroads. The long-running commercials were finally revived by the emergence of former schoolboy actor Luis Guzman. In 2013, Greendale was charged with felony criminal mischief for firing on a sculpture with a sledgehammer. Pelton convened a special committee that restored harmony and improved college life.

When Greendale was officially rescued?

Through their efforts the school was divided by the insurance inspector as an important asset. School board members Carl Bladt and Richie Countee have entered into an agreement with Subway to buy Greendale. However, the unexpected return of founder Russell Borchert, a former landowner, ended the sale. The following year the roof of a collapsed dining room under a committee clock led to the appointment of an effective coordinator to assist them. Other important intelligence appointments involved a new professor of Law and IT. Head of department. One year after the school was completed, the coordinator announced at the end of 2015 that the committee’s work had been completed and Greendale was officially rescued.

Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School

An addition to Greendale Community College, Air Conditioning Repair School is not just a two-year business school but the latest chapter in the history of the A / C repair organization dating back to the pharaoh era. This society began as lowly workers but eventually gained enough influence to become a secret world power. Written in the scriptures of “The Air Conditioning Repair Manual” passed from the first founders of the community, its followers await the arrival of the messiah known as “The Truest Repairman”. It is first mentioned in the Season One episode “Advanced Criminal Law”. It made its official debut on the third season episode of “Biology 101”

The Ways Greendale Got Worse & Worse

Greendale is not the best community college in the first season, but as the Community goes on, it is getting worse and worse.

It was clear that Greendale had been a college of nightmares since the program began. The motto “Welcome to Greendale: You’re Already Accepted!” It does not really encourage high expectations. Yet the school was still struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil of the day. Even an indifferent jersey like Jeff is angry enough to fight for his education.

:one: Chang Created A Child Security Squad

Chang’s group began a show of self-discipline when incendiary speeches at the memorial of Star-burns sparked an uproar. Jeff started a series of speeches when he said the college was an inevitable prison that “sucked its students dry”. Pierce’s final speech called for the end of school. The students jumped in, threw the furniture out of the glass windows and robbed Subway of its ingredients. Chang called on his children’s violence team to calm the situation. They did this by firing a pepper spray directly into the eyes of each of the students and beating them with sticks.

:two: The Cafeteria Roof Caved In

Forty years of poorly thrown frisbees collected on the cafeteria roof. The last frisbee to join the masses caused the roof to fall in the 6th season of the Community. Frisbees flooded the restaurant before emptying the halls. The students were hit by a raging wave. Cleaning and removing the roof puts extra pressure on the reduced school budget. Frankie Dart was hired to put school supplies back on track. He has achieved his goal by eliminating many questionable practices that pay for a few quirks in Greendale that students really enjoy.

:three: One of The Only Good Teachers Resigned

The greatest lessons Dr Kane taught in his biology class were justice. He rejected Jeff’s bribe and caused him to reconsider his position. When Todd was tortured by his study group, he gave them one united grade to promote unity. These life studies are always related back to biology.

The reason why Dr Kane resigned is unclear but it happened after Star-burns died. As he was one of the few rational teachers employed at Greendale, his absence was a great loss.

:four: They Started Awarding Dogs Diplomas

City College planned to release an advertisement stating that Ruffles the Dog had graduated from Greendale. During the course of the investigation, Annie found that the dog had completed all studies but had never graduated due to unpaid library fees. This information could have been used to challenge City College claims. Dean Pelton has decided to release the details however to show his knowledge of past school mistakes. The confession also confirmed that real dogs could receive a Greendale degree. Institutional education has reached a new level of emptiness.

:five: Chang Became Dictator of Greendale

Chang took advantage of campus violence to kidnap Dean Pelton. Opponents of his law were fired for starting the violence. That left Chang free to use his dictatorship. Decorative statues were erected and banners with his face thrown on the walls. Child guards patrolled the halls to stop any students who dare to get up. These new features, along with his lavish birthday party, have become quite expensive. Chang was able to pay all his school fees before the overthrown.

:six: The Greendale Flag Was Redesigned

The off-screen competition was hosted by Dean Pelton to create a new Greendale flag. At the beginning of the episode of “Basic Rocket Science”, he announced that the winning prize was a blue flag with a pink circle that sits in its lower part. At the center of the circle were three rows of intersections. Dean Pelton now realizes that it was a very small definition of anthrax. The motto “E. Pluribus Anus” around the circle and a deceptive tipoff from Annie contributed to his brilliance. The study group was punished for submitting the design but the flag focused on the entire series.

:seven: Course Enrollment Was Decided by Physical Competitions

An unexpected number of students came to the first class of History of Ice Cream after an unknown perpetrator spread the word of false acceptance. Dean Pelton opted to choose a team based on a competition called Hunger Deans.

Ice Cream History was the only credit history course offered in the 3rd season of the year. That meant that students were forced to take part in frustrating and hygienic competitions to get their places. Students of solid graduation programs, such as Jeff, would be left behind.

:eight: Cheap Food Turned the Students into Zombies

Dean Pelton bought meat from an army surplus to reduce costs on the campus. After several students became ill, it was discovered that the meat contained a mysterious and deadly contagion.

The first symptoms were malnutrition. The itching continues to spread the disease. Within three to six hours of contagion, all victims would overheat and die. Police and EMTs arrived on time to treat the affected students. Although rescued from the tragedy, the incident showed Dean Pelton’s dangerous corner cut.

:nine: A Hacker Leaked the Emails of Everyone on Campus

Racist comedian Gupta Gupti Gupta was expected to perform on campus when a hacker demanded that the event be cancelled. He made Lunch Lady’s private emails public as his first warning. Britta assured everyone not to surrender to the hacker in accordance with the law. The emails of the research team released the following, exposing the absurd comments that separated friends.

The Guptas were allowed to play and some camp emails were disclosed. The next day, fights broke out in the corridors, and looters covered graffiti cabinets. An event like this could have a lasting impact on a powerful campus.

:keycap_ten: The Fallout of Every Paintball Episode

paintball free for everyone in a fenced-in area full of fragile equipment has its drawbacks. The school was absolutely enthusiastic at the end of each episode of paintball. There is no way Greendale can afford to pay for that damage every year. School sections should remain frustrated for a long time. Perhaps this long list of paintball -related adjustments is why Dean Pelton is always looking for new ways to support the school from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions related to Greendale Community College.

1. Is there a real Greendale Community College?

Greendale Community College has sponsored the NBC show Community which premiered in the 2009 season. The show’s coordinator, Dan Harmon, revealed that the program was actually based on his study experience at Glendale Community College.

2. What college is community filmed in?

With the exception of a few outdoor scenes shot at Los Angeles City College, the show was filmed at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California, during the first to five-year periods.

3. Is Greendale Community College an asylum?

Heidi reveals they cannot return to the school. he explains that Greendale is actually an asylum, and they were eventually released but are now back. Their memories of school were shared deceptions designed to deal with reality. The group photographed itself in a shelter and welcomed Dr. Heidi’s case.


The show uses the fictional site of Greendale Community College; The show’s creator, Dan Harmon, revealed that the program was actually based on his study experience at Glendale Community College.

When someone hacked the Greendale network and starts extorting people’s emails, a quick look at the lady’s inbox shows an email from Dean Pelton entitled “Buzz Hickey Memorial Services”, indicating that Buzz may have died, and was just killed - screen by public writers.