Definition of Expectation:

  1. General: Presumed degree of probability of an occurrence.

  2. Statistics: Average probability of a chance occurrence.

  3. A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Synonyms of Expectation

Aftertime, Afteryears, Anticipation, Apprehension, Apprehensiveness, Aptitude, Aspiration, Assumption, Assurance, Assured faith, Awelessness, Belief, By-and-by, Calmness, Chance, Cheerful expectation, Composure, Confidence, Conjecture, Conviction, Cool, Coolness, Course ahead, Crystal ball, Demand, Dependence, Design, Desire, Determinism, Distant future, Doomed hope, Dueness, Entitledness, Entitlement, Eventuality, Expectancy, Fair expectation, Fair prospect, Faith, Favorable prospect, Fervent hope, Foresight, Forward look, Future, Future tense, Futurism, Futurity, Good chance, Good cheer, Good hope, Great expectations, Guess, Hereafter, High hopes, Hope, Hopeful prognosis, Hopefulness, Hopes, Hoping, Hoping against hope, Immediate future, Immediate prospect, Imminence, Inexcitability, Insistence, Intention, Justice, Justifiable expectation, Liability, Likelihood, Likeliness, Meritedness, Motive, Near future, Nodding acceptance, Nonamazedness, Nonamazement, Nonastonishment, Nonmarveling, Nonwonder, Nonwondering, Notion, Odds, Offing, Outlook, Posteriority, Prayerful hope, Prediction, Presumption, Presumptive evidence, Probabilism, Probability, Project, Promise, Prophecy, Prospect, Prospects, Reasonable ground, Reasonable hope, Reliance, Requirement, Sanguine expectation, Security, Supposition, Surmise, Suspense, Tendency, The future, The morrow, The sweet by-and-by, Time ahead, Time just ahead, Time to come, Tomorrow, Trust, Unamazedness, Unamazement, Unastonishment, Unimpressibleness, Unsurprise, Unsurprisedness, Verisimilitude, Want, Watchfulness, Well-grounded hope, Wish, Wonderlessness, Supposition, Assumption, Belief, Presupposition, Presumption, Conjecture, Surmise, Reckoning, Calculation, Prediction, Forecast, Projection

How to use Expectation in a sentence?

  1. The expectation was higher than we expected by our investor. We proceeded to work overtime to meet their challenging demands.
  2. Reality had not lived up to expectations.
  3. Setting a high expectation for your employees will keep them working hard for you to try and meet or succeed it.
  4. I had an expectation that she would laugh at all of my jokes, but in real life she didnt laugh at any of them.

Meaning of Expectation & Expectation Definition