Definition of Seal:

  1. Fix a piece of wax or lead stamped with a design to (a document) to authenticate it.

  2. Metal stamp that makes an indelible (raised or recessed) impression on paper, lead, or sealing wax and is used as a security device and/or as a mark of authenticity and ratification on legal documents.

  3. A thing regarded as a confirmation or guarantee of something.

  4. A device or substance that is used to join two things together so as to prevent them from coming apart or to prevent anything from passing between them.

  5. Fasten or close securely.

  6. The obligation on a priest not to divulge anything said during confession.

  7. A piece of wax, lead, or other material with an individual design stamped into it, attached to a document to show that it has come from the person who claims to have issued it.

  8. Fry (food) briefly in hot fat to prevent it from losing too much of its moisture during subsequent cooking.

  9. Conclude, establish, or secure (something) definitively, excluding the possibility of reversal or loss.

  10. Alternative term for a rubber stamp, typically a circular one. See also company seal.

  11. Apply a nonporous coating to (a surface) to make it impervious.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Seal


Origin of word Seal

1960s abbreviation of ‘sea, air, land (team)’.

Synonyms of Seal

John Hancock, OK, X, Accept, Acceptance, Accredit, Affirm, Affirmance, Affirmation, Agree on terms, Amen, Approbation, Approval, Approve, Aroma, Assurance, Assure, Attest, Attestation, Attribute, Authenticate, Authentication, Authorization, Authorize, Autograph, Badge, Bang, Banner, Bar, Barricade, Batten, Batten down, Bearing, Beige, Billhead, Blaze, Blaze a trail, Blemish, Blotch, Bolt, Book stamp, Bookplate, Boss, Brand, Broad arrow, Brown, Brownish, Brownish-yellow, Brunet, Bump, Burin, Button, Button up, Cachet, Cap of dignity, Cap of maintenance, Cartouche, Cast, Casting, Certification, Certify, Chalk, Chalk up, Character, Characteristic, Check, Check off, Chocolate, Choke, Choke off, Christcross, Cicatrize, Cinnamon, Cipher, Clap, Clinch, Close, Close off, Close up, Coat of arms, Cocoa, Cocoa-brown, Coffee, Coffee-brown, Colophon, Concavity, Conclude, Configuration, Confirm, Confirmation, Constrict, Contain, Contract, Convexity, Cork, Coronet, Corroborate, Corroboration, Cosign, Counterfoil, Countermark, Countersign, Countersignature, Counterstamp, Cover, Crest, Cross, Crown, Cut, Dactylogram, Dactylograph, Dapple, Dash, Decide, Define, Delimit, Demarcate, Dent, Design, Determine, Device, Diadem, Die, Differentia, Differential, Dint, Discolor, Distinctive feature, Docket, Dot, Drab, Dun, Dun-brown, Dun-drab, Earmark, Ecru, Emblem, Embossment, Endorse, Endorsement, Engrave, Engraving tool, Ensure, Ermine, Escutcheon, Etching ball, Etching ground, Etching needle, Etching point, Evidence, Excrescence, Fasten, Fawn, Fawn-colored, Feature, Figure, Fingerprint, Fix, Flavor, Fleck, Fold, Fold up, Footmark, Footprint, Footstep, Form, Formalize, Fossil footprint, Freckle, Fuscous, Gash, Give permission, Give the go-ahead, Give the imprimatur, Give thumbs up, Go-ahead, Government mark, Government stamp, Graver, Great seal, Green light, Grege, Guarantee, Guaranty, Gust, Hallmark, Hand, Hatch, Hazel, Ichnite, Ichnolite, Identification, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Image, Impress, Impression, Imprimatur, Imprint, Indent, Indentation, Indention, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Individualism, Initial, Initials, Insignia, Intaglio, Key, Keynote, Khaki, Label, Last, Latch, Letterhead, Line, Lineaments, Lock, Lock out, Lock up, Logo, Logotype, Lump, Lurid, Make a mark, Mannerism, Mark, Mark of signature, Mark off, Mark out, Marking, Masthead, Matrix, Measure, Mint, Mold, Molding, Monogram, Mottle, Nature, Needle, Negative, Nick, Nod, Notarization, Notarize, Notch, Note, Notice, Notification, Nut-brown, Occlude, Odor, Okay, Olive-brown, Olive-drab, Orb, Pad, Padlock, Particularity, Pass, Pass on, Pass upon, Paw print, Pawmark, Peculiarity, Pencil, Pepper, Permission, Permit, Picture, Pimple, Plate, Plug up, Plumb, Point, Price tag, Prick, Print, Privy seal, Property, Pug, Pugmark, Punch, Punctuate, Puncture, Purple, Purple pall, Purpose, Quality, Quirk, Ratification, Ratify, Regalia, Registered trademark, Representation, Representative, Resolve, Riddle, Robe of state, Rocker, Rod, Rod of empire, Royal crown, Rubber stamp, Running head, Running title, Sanction, Savor, Say amen to, Scar, Scarify, Scepter, Score, Scorper, Scotch, Scratch, Seal off, Seal up, Seal-brown, Seam, Second, Secure, Sepia, Settle, Shake hands, Shape, Shoe last, Shut, Shut off, Shut the door, Shut up, Sigil, Sign, Sign and seal, Sign manual, Signal, Signature, Signet, Singularity, Slam, Smack, Snap, Snuff-colored, Sorrel, Specialty, Speck, Speckle, Splotch, Spot, Squeeze shut, Stain, Stamp, Stamp of approval, Step, Sticker, Stigmatize, Stop up, Strangle, Streak, Striate, Strike a bargain, Stripe, Stub, Stud, Style, Subscribe to, Subscription, Substantiation, Support, Sure sign, Swear and affirm, Swear to, Symbol, Symptom, Tab, Tag, Taint, Take a resolution, Tally, Tan, Tang, Taste, Tattoo, Taupe, Tawny, Telltale sign, Template, The nod, Thumbmark, Thumbprint, Tiara, Tick, Tick off, Ticket, Title page, Toast, Toast-brown, Token, Trace, Trade name, Trademark, Trademark name, Trait, Trick, Triple plume, Umber, Umber-colored, Underline, Underscore, Undersign, Uraeus, Validate, Validation, Verification, Verify, Vestige, Visa, Vise, Walnut, Walnut-brown, Warrant, Will, Yellowish-brown, Zip up, Zipper, Fasten, Secure, Shut, Close up, Lock, Bolt, Board up, Clinch, Secure, Settle, Conclude, Complete, Establish, Sealant, Sealer, Adhesive, Emblem, Symbol, Insignia, Device, Badge, Crest, Coat of arms, Token, Mark, Monogram, Stamp

How to use Seal in a sentence?

  1. Seal the finish with a satin varnish.
  2. Blue smoke from the exhaust suggests worn valve seals.
  3. He replied, handing her a letter with a navy blue wax seal.
  4. The International Monetary Fund is likely to give a seal of approval to the Mexican plan.
  5. I was told under the seal.
  6. He folded it, sealed the envelope, and walked to the mailbox.
  7. Heat the oil and seal the lamb on both sides.
  8. To seal the deal he offered Thornton a place on the board of the nascent company.

Meaning of Seal & Seal Definition

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What is The Meaning of Seal?

The official symbol of authenticity.

Meanings of Seal

  1. Securely tie or seal.

  2. Apply a non-porous (surface) coating for water resistance.

  3. Fry in hot fat for a while so that you don't lose too much moisture later in cooking.

  4. Fill in, confirm or guarantee (anything) excluding the possibility of reversal or loss.

  5. Attach a piece of wax or tin to the sample (document) to confirm it.

  6. Tools or substances used to combine two things to prevent them from dissolving or passing between them.

  7. A piece of wax, tin, or other embossed material with a special design attached to a document that proves it was made by the person who claims to have published it.

  8. Something that acts as a confirmation or guarantee of something.

  9. It is the pastor's duty not to reveal anything at the time of confession.

  10. Waterfishing mammals with slender bodies and winged legs that return to Earth in breed or rest.

  11. A member of the US Navy's elite force specializing in guerrilla and counter-insurgency.

Sentences of Seal

  1. Folded, sealed the envelope and went to the mailbox

  2. The finish is covered with satin varnish

  3. To close the deal, he offers Thornton a seat on the startup's board of directors.

  4. The blue exhaust smoke indicates the valve seals

  5. He replied with a letter with a navy blue wax seal.

  6. The International Monetary Fund will have to approve the Mexican plan.

  7. He told me secretly

  8. Others suggest that marine species were extinct at least twice, with one descending from sea lions and the other to ancestral seals.

  9. Following the military coup in Nigeria, Mehr was sent to expel a small group of foreigners, mostly doctors, from the local mission.

Synonyms of Seal

permission , notification , permit , cachet , signet , authorization , assurance , ratification , sticker , tie , attestation , insignia , allowance , confirmation , tape , imprimatur