Definition of Commercial:

  1. Advertising message aired on a radio or television.

  2. Non-governmental.

Synonyms of Commercial

Banausic, Breadwinning, Broadcast, Business, Businesslike, Canned show, Commercial announcement, Commercial program, Electrical transcription, Industrial, Materialistic, Mercantile, Merchant, Moneymaking, Network show, Newscast, Plug, Practical, Prosaic, Radio fare, Radiobroadcast, Realistic, Rebroadcast, Rerun, Retail, Serial, Soap opera, Sound effects, Sportscast, Spot, Spot announcement, Sustainer, Taped program, Trade, Trading, Utilitarian, Wholesale, Workaday, Workday, Working

How to use Commercial in a sentence?

  1. On television I saw a soap company advertising their new laundry detergent in a commercial , and it made me want to go and buy some to try in my washing machine.
  2. My friends and I watched the Godaddy Super Bowl commercial on TV and we all thought it was great, because it was funny.
  3. A television commercial aired during the Super Bowl can often cost more than most companies make in an entire year.

Meaning of Commercial & Commercial Definition