Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

‘Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes’ basically means that if you are going to do something deliberately and knowingly do something stupid, illegal, or out of regulation, you need to be prepared to accept the consequences. It is often used when someone is suffering because of a condition they have completely committed.

play stupid games win stupid prizes

What is a stupid Game?

Let’s define what a “Stupid Game” is. Stupid Game is a team building activity used to teach business principles and ideas. In corporate training and development, sports are called experience training.

Teams need to practice to perform effectively and to do tasks. Soldiers find it and call it “camp boot.” Theater and dance groups find it and call it “training.” Sports clubs find it and call it “rehearsal.” Often, however, business groups don’t get it and, for the most part, get used to it. Typically, business groups have lower group performance.

That’s where the stupid games come in. These games allow teams to assess their behavior to find out how they can improve their performance. The idea is simple: The team solves problems during games by the way they return to the office. The main difference between these situations is that if the team is not performing well at work, there are consequences both within and outside the customer. If a team doesn’t do well in a Stupid Game, it’s a great learning opportunity.

In short
There are no consequences to failing in a stupid game without reading, fun, or maybe even laughter.

What is a Stupid Game

The Benefits of Stupid Games

Stupid games are invaluable; provide groups with a field of practice where they can learn, organize, practice, develop skills, work collaboratively, and improve performance.

1. Listening and Learning

Listening makes a difference. As long as the members of the group listen to each other, anyone can lead; understanding and problem solving takes place, people focus and work together. This is one of the lessons that teams can learn from stupid games.

2. Practicing

Another lesson is the value of practice. When people see that performance is needed, the drama ends and people are relieved. Participants understand that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. That’s what happens when you practice. With my longtime clients, I use the same stupid games over and over again. While these games may upset leadership teams, participants recognize their value. Over time, teams playing these games become better at listening, performing, and working together. In this case, practice makes perfect.

3. Planning

Planning and doing well makes a difference both in stupid games and in the real business world. Dwight Eisenhower says something that “during the war, I always find that plans are useless, but before the war, planning is important.” Stupid games teach teams this lesson.

In some sports, such as in health, you can catch it and win. In the business world, there are times when winging it can work. However, this approach can also lead to failure. This happens in a stupid game called “The Cube”.


4. Satisfying the business

There are similarities between what happens during stupid games and what happens in participants’ businesses. Playing Stupid Games gives the team a practice field and allows them to find obstacles in a successful career. They can take what they learn from the discussion back to work and use it to make solutions to problems.

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is beneficial by being more interactive and communicative at work. People are able to design a process to enhance communication and performance during stupid game. Production quality and relationships between the game have improved markedly since the Stupid Game.

Examples of a Stupid Game

Following are some examples of such games

1. The Cube

The Cube is a stupid game. Following are the requirements for this game


  • 1 Can (element stand)

  • 12 Tubes

  • 8 Three-Way Corner Brackets


Gather the cube using all of the pipes and brackets. One gathered, balance the cube onto the paint can (one of the corners gets set into the opening of the can). Be patient and hold the cube very still and let go slowly. If the cube pivots, adjust the cube and try again.


The team must get as many points as possible before time runs out. A point is earned when a team member pass through the Cube (in one hole and out another). Different points are allotted for using different hole sequences:

  • Lower hole to lower hole = 1 point

  • Lower hole to upper hole or upper hole to lower hole = 2 points

  • Upper hole to upper hole = 3 points


  • A team member can only move through thee Cube at one time (e.g., a team member can earn points in group once).

  • If the Cube tips are over, the whole team should start over (points no longer apply).

  • No team member can try to strengthen the Cube or prevent it from falling.

  • Crossing Cube routes is not allowed, and do not open up to Cube team colleagues.

  • Spotters should be used at all times, paying special attention to the head and neck of the
    nominees. Violation of this law will result in a hefty fine.

  • The Cube may not be replaced

  • Violation of the law may result in a fine.

2. Tent Pole

Tent Pole is another example of stupid game. Here are mentioned the requirements for this game.

Materials for Tent Pole

1 tent pole for each group

Objective of this Game

Lower to the tent pole to the ground without any participants’ finger losing contact with the tent pole.

Rules for Tent Pole

  • All the members of the group measure the tent pole with their fingers.

  • Lower the measured tent pole on the floor without any participant finger losing contact with the tent pole.

  • No other body parts can touch the tent pole, only one finger.

  • Do not lose contact with the tent pole.

To get the most out of games, however, simplifying and educating adults that they can give children is very important. Teachers should design a curriculum that not only uses game-based education, but also makes children aware of how games are designed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions related to the topic ‘play stupid games win stupid prizes’:

1. What does “stupid is as stupid does” mean?

It means that you are supposed stupid by your choice of actions. Stupid actually means silly, careless, and nonsensical. Sometimes while doing something stupid is harmless to yourself and others but looks “stupid", could challenge your personality and I.D., how other people look at you, or even how you judge yourself.

2. Is “stupider” a word? Why or why not?

Stupider and stupidest are fine words, and they are seen by many dictionaries. That means, stupider and stupidest, is also acceptable, so you can use any form.

BTW, if you do comparisons by adding an -er suffix, which is similar to stupid, you have different comparisons made. If you make a comparison by putting more name, like most stupid, you have a different comparison.

3. What did Bill Clinton mean when he said “It’s the economy, stupid”?

He meant “I wish to be elected and I have a small, temporary blip on economic statistics that I can use for political purposes”.

Ironically, the little blip prepared itself before Clinton’s inauguration, so, no, Bill, it wasn’t the economy at all.

Clinton then presided over a wild voyage, a powerful expansion led by a completely uncontrolled speculation called the “Dot Com Bubble”. It exploded, and it wasn’t good. Housing speculation led by bad credit practices was also a thing of Clinton’s view, and it seemed like it would never end.

4. What do you think of the phrase “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” describing criminals killed by police or the people the criminals tried to victimize?

  • Deal drugs as a stupid game and go to jail as your stupid prize.

  • Fight the Police trying to arrest you and / or pull a weapon on them, win a ■■■■■■■ as your stupid prize.

  • Drug skipping and fighting police like a stupid game.

  • Try to attack and rob an armed Citizen and they resist, win a stupid prize forcing them to drop their weapon towards you until you stop being a threat.

5. What is the meaning of “playing the victim card”?

Accusing someone of “playing the victim” is a good way to get rid of someone else’s problems. Basically, it means that the person is not responsible for his or her own problem. And it is a way of saying that a person’s problems are not so bad and that complaints are just used to get attention and sympathy from others.

This claim serves a number of purposes.

Another purpose is self-defense. By accusing someone of “playing the victim,” it helps you avoid the feeling of obligation to help that person. It also removes the guilt on your part of abusing that person or the guilt that you may be able to help that person but you do not want to.


‘Playing stupid games, winning stupid prizes’ actually means that if you are going to do it on purpose and after knowing it all, you are still doing something stupid, illegal, or without morals or regulations, you have to be prepared to face the consequences.

It is most commonly used when a person suffers from a condition or situation of their own. Especially when the “victim” complains about the fall, they brought it to themselves.

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