Is Stupider A Word?

Is stupider a word? Stupider is a valid word in good standing. The adjective stupid refers to someone or something foolish or lacking in common sense. The words stupider and stupidest have a long history of usage even though there are many rules governing comparative and good adjectives.

Is stupider a word?

Definition Of Stupider

Stupider is a quality or state of being stupid, as well as an act or idea that exhibits stupid properties. Theophrastus (c. 371 – 287 BC) defined stupidity as “mental slowness in speech or action” The term “stupid” has a wide range of meanings in modern English, ranging from being slow of mind to the dullness of feeling or sensation (torpidity, senseless, insensitivity), or lacking interest or point. It can refer to either a congenital lack of reasoning ability, a temporary state of daze, or slow-mindedness.

In his book Understanding Stupidity, James F. Welles defines stupidity as “a mentality that is considered to be informed, deliberate, and maladaptive.” Welles distinguishes stupidity from ignorance; stupidity requires one to be aware that they are acting in their own worst interest.

It must be a choice rather than a forced act or accident. Finally, the activity must be maladaptive because it is in the actor’s worst interests and is done specifically to prevent adaptation to new data or existing circumstances."

Is stupider a word?

Some individuals find the terms stupider and stupidest offensive for unclear reasons. Both of these items have been utilized by humans for centuries. There are no use rules that we are aware of that ban their use, and several terms that have features with dumb, such as courteous (both are disyllables ending in an alveolar stop) and finish in -er or -est, are often used without causing any annoyance.

One theory is that disyllabic adjectives ending in a voiceless alveolar stop (nice) sound pleasant to our ears when ending in -er. Still, adjectives ending in a voiced alveolar stop (dumb) do not. Even if this is true, it seems cumbersome to include a chapter on “how to make your adjectives happy and healthy.”

  • The word stupid can be made worse by adding the word “stupider.” Because the word stupid has two syllables, the comparative form can be formed by adding the suffix “-er” or using more.

  • The same is true for the superior form of stupid. It could be the stupidest or the most stupid.

  • In some contexts, the word stupid and its variants are considered insulting. In formal and professional settings, these terms should always be avoided.

If you find the phrases stupider and dumbest irritating, use more or most instead. Aside from this challenging term, you should not be alarmed if you encounter a two-syllable adjective and need to alter it; adjectives can detect fear. Allow your ear and the audience’s response to guide you.

Word Form
stu·pid·ly, adverb
stu·pid·ness, noun
un·stu·pid, adjective
un·stu·pid·ly, adverb

If individuals begin to hiss or ululate when you add a -er to this term, you may wish to replace it the next time you use it. But if you want to alter the meaning of most two-syllable adjectives, you should never gamble on eating spicy peppers.

Intellectual stupidity

Otto Fenichel insisted, "Quite a bit of what people call being stupid turns out to be fake stupidity caused by inhibition. When emotional reasons are working against the mind, it starts to weaken ". He says, “People become stupid ad hoc, that is, when they don’t want to understand when understanding would make them feel anxious or guilty or upset their neurotic balance.”

Doris Lessing said, “There is no fool like an intellectual. It is a kind of clever stupidity that comes from a line of logic in the head and has nothing to do with experience.”


The word stupid can be made worse by adding the word “stupider.” Disyllabic adjectives ending in a voiceless alveolar stop (polite) sound pleasant to our ears. Voice-alveolar stops (stupid) do not.

How to use the word stupider in a sentence?

  • If a person sees four eyes for the first time and doesn’t laugh, they are much smarter or dumber than they should be.

  • Sure, I’d be dumber than a day owl if I couldn’t learn something from how he looks and acts when he returns.

  • If he had been a little less interesting, a little less attractive, a little less smart, or even made fewer friends, he might have been able to walk his whole life safely.

  • When a person bets on a horse that isn’t worth much, the money probably goes from the less smart person to the smarter person.

  • Sadness and anger bothered even his careless muse as the Empire got worse and stupider.

  • If there were someone dumber than her, I would find her.

  • Do you chew a lot there, or are you making it up? You and Nina will be so smart and make me look even dumber.

Stupider or More Stupid?

To figure out how to make a comparative form of an adjective, look at how many syllables it has. Most of the time, adding -er to the end of an adjective with one syllable makes it a comparative. For example, the word “fat” has only one syllable, and “fatter” is the word that means “even fatter.”

But you can’t add -er to an adjective with three or more syllables. Instead, when you add more before these adjectives, they become comparative. So, the word intelligence gets changed to more intelligence.

It brings us to words with two syllables. They are not as clear-cut as the rules above. Some use -er, and some use more. For instance:

  • Happy makes things better

  • Livelier gets more lively

  • Tangled gets even messier

  • Bitter tastes even worse

Many people don’t like using stupider because it feels not very smart. They go for more stupid. But it turns out that dictionaries and academics like stupider better. People have been using this word for 200 years! But there is nothing wrong with the way more stupid is used.

Some more examples

  1. Polluted air also makes us dumber. It slows us down on mental tests and makes it easier for us to get sidetracked. – Business Week

  2. Rich Lowry said this might be “the dumbest and most pointless controversy of the year.” –Slate.


Dictionaries and academics like stupider better. There is nothing wrong with the way more stupid is used. Polluted air also makes us dumber. Rich Lowry said this might be “the dumbest and most pointless controversy of the year.”

Which one is right? Most stupid or stupidest.

The rules for making comparatives and superlatives are clear, as long as the adjective or adverb you want to change has fewer than two syllables or more. The rules get a little fuzzy for two-syllable words like “stupid,” Sometimes, you have to trust your ear or make your best guess.

General rule

Add er/est to words with one syllable and more/most (or less/least) to words with two or more syllables for comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs. But there are exceptions to every rule, and this one has the most.

Bonnie Trenga discussed on Grammar Girl whether to add er/est or more/most to construct comparative and superlative versions of an adjective. She devised a rule for anyone who violated the rule:

You can add the suffixes “-er” and “-est” to two-syllable adjectives ending in “-y,” “-ow,” or “-le” (2). Consider them to be y-ow-le howl-ey to remember this. Y-ow-le. Or, better still, consider them to be jowlier and louder than all other things. It will help you remember that adjectives finish with “-y,” “-ow,” and “-le” and should be followed by “-er” or “-est.”

However, the response remains “dumb,” which does not seem correct. I like the phrase “stupidest.”

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about “Is stupider a word?” We discussed a few of them below:

1. When did stupider become a word?

The word “stupider” has been used for hundreds of years and is a good one. People also often say “more stupid” to mean the same thing.

2. Is “stupider” the correct word?

When we say “in good standing,” we mean “stupid” or “the stupidest.” There are several (sometimes contradictory) rules for comparative and superlative adjectives, but stupider and stupidest are not limited in this way.

3. What is the dumbest word you can say in English?

This word means “beauty.” No other English term comes close to sounding as bad as that one. Speaking the word out loud is hard and doesn’t get you anywhere. Your mouth will look like it does after you’ve tasted a strawberry with mold on the bottom.

4. Is it grammatically correct to say “stupidest”?

The word “stupidest” has nothing to do with proper grammar. Also, there is some truth to “the most stupid.” Generally, adjectives with two syllables end with -end, like happy, and end with -est, while other adjectives don’t use a suffix.

5. How Can I Use the Word Stupider in a Sentence?

I thought the movie would be bad, but it was even worse than I thought. My sister thought I wasn’t as smart as she was because she did better in school. Even if it seems stupid, you should at least think about it.

6. Is stupider a word oxford dictionary?

However, most dictionaries disagree, citing stupider as the correct comparative form of the adjective stupid. Stupider is grammatically accurate, is a legitimate term, and has been used for at least 200 years.

7. Does The Dictionary Have YEET?

Yet it is slang for “to throw” in a variety of contexts. A water bottle was just thrown into the crowd. He gets up early, so his mother never has to wake him up. To move quickly or with force: My cat needed to get out of there as fast as she could.

8. What are good words to use in Scrabble?

OK can now be used as an answer in Scrabble. Merriam-Webster says 300 new words, like the two-letter word, have been added to their official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary. Scrabble’s list of words for players now includes macaron, facepalm, emojis, puggle, and ew.

9. Is Google a word in English?

Gary Price says that the Oxford English Dictionary now lists “Google” as a verb. Some dictionaries already have “Google” as a verb, but the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is thought to be the most accurate English dictionary.

10. What is the word that is the shortest?

A is the shortest word. Some people might wonder about the word “I,” which only has one letter. When it comes to sound, an is shorter than I because it only has one vowel, while I have two. In English, both words are made up of one letter, and in most fonts, the letter I am the thinnest.

11. Why do people insult each other?

So, an insult can be seen as an attempt to lower the social status of the person who gets it and raise the social status of the person who gives it. If that reasoning is right, we can assume that insults are often caused by anger over problems with status.

12. What makes your IQ go down?

Doing nothing harms your brain. More than anything, doing stupid things and avoiding learning opportunities hurt your IQ. Most of the things people think lower IQ, like watching TV, playing video games, and relying too much on technology, fall into this category.

13. Is There a Word for “The Worst”?

People who do bad things are not called “villains.” A major mistake is to place a bet in the wrong way. The correct form is Bad, Worse, and Worst (depending on the degree and advancement). Instead of “Baddest,” you should use “Worst.”

14. How Can “Stupidest” Be Used in a Sentence?

We often argue about stupid little things. Your leaving is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. The thing that made Bates in “The Naturalist on the Amazons” so stupid was that it could get away from them quickly.

15. How do you know if someone is stupid?

When you say someone or something is stupid, you suggest they lack sound judgment or intelligence and are completely unreasonable.


If you want to say which of two stupid things is dumber, you use the comparative form of the stupidity stupid. Most of the time, comparative and superlative adjectives are easy to understand. When you want to make a comparison, add the word “er” to the end of the original adjective. One form of comparative form that can be used is “stupider.”

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Is stupidest a word at all?

“stupider” and “stupiest” are real words people use. There are many (sometimes contradictory) rules about how to use comparative and superlative adjectives. However, there is no rule against the words stupider and stupidest, which have been used for a long time.

What is the dumbest word in the English language?

  1. Duck Face.

  2. We miss out on things because we’re afraid of missing out (FOM).

  3. I’m taking a selfie.

  4. The act of sending sexually explicit photos.

  5. I’m going to Twerk.

Etymology Of Stupider

The root word stupid, which can be used as an adjective or noun, is derived from the Latin verb “stupere”, which means to be numb or surprised, and is related to stupor. The “stupidus” was the professional fall guy in the theatrical mimes in Roman culture.

In 1541, the words “stupid” and “stupidity” were introduced into English. Since then, stupidity has been used as a derogatory term for misdeeds, whether intentional or unintentional, caused by a lack of mental capacity, alongside the terms “fool,” “idiot,” “dumb,” and others.