Definition of Statistic:

  1. A fact or piece of data from a study of a large quantity of numerical data.

  2. Single quantity contained in or computed from a set of data. Unlike a parameter (a characteristic of a population) a statistic is a characteristic or measure of a sample. See also statistics.

Synonyms of Statistic

Statistic, Number, Integer, Quantity, Amount, Level, Total, Sum

How to use Statistic in a sentence?

  1. Statistic ians can use a statistic to determine much data and predictions about many different subjects such as the weather and stocks.
  2. The statistics show that the crime rate has increased.
  3. When you are trying to decide how to proceed in your business the use of a statistic may give you the right ideas.
  4. Some products can be viewed like a statistic to get a good mathematical idea of what sort of profit they can bring.

Meaning of Statistic & Statistic Definition