How to play strip poker

What is Strip Poker?

How to play poker? Strip poker is a variation of the conventional poker game where players at a table remove clothing item when they lose rounds. It is also regarded as a poker party game and any variant of poker game can be adapted into a strip format. However, it is essential to mention that the game is often played with simple variations that have a few betting rounds, such as five-card draw.

When it comes to gender, the game of strip poker is not restricted. It can be played by single-sex players or mixed-sex player. It is usually designed to add more fun to the gaming and increase the excitement in the atmosphere as players remove their clothing item. For some players, the game is intended to increase the sexual atmosphere at a table, even though the game in itself is seen as a non-sexual game. Strip poker follows many other adult or adolescent games at parties where other activities other than removing of cloths and playing of cards can be involved, such as ‘Truth or Dare.’

It is also important to mention that the game can also be played by a single person through the online platform. There are many TV shows that have been adapted based on this game.

So, are you interested in playing but doesn’t know what it entails? Or what the rules involved are? Here we share with you everything you need to know and how you can have so much fun playing the game.

Important Point on Strip Poker

Before we go ahead, let’s establish a fact. Any variant of poker game can be used for strip poker. However, it is recommended that the game should be simple and with fewer betting rounds. In addition to the 5-Card Draw, Texas Hold’em game can also be used and these are even the most popular. Usually, the rules are more flexible than the other standard poker games. Even at this, it is still very helpful to have some easy and simple guidelines before the commencement of the game.

To ensure fairness, the number of clothing items that can be removed may be fixed per person. For instance, if players at a table decide to keep the game for longer hours, they might decide that five items is the practical amount of clothing to be removed for each game. Additionally, what counts for clothing and what doesn’t should be agreed on from the on-set. For example, underwear and socks count as clothing items but ideally, glasses and jewelry shouldn’t.

How to Play Strip Poker?

Generally, there are three ways of playing the game. These include quick, slow, and medium paced strip poker. Let’s look at this in detail.

Quick Strip Poker

If you are playing the quick strip poker version, each of the players at the table would show their best five-card poker hand at the end of each gaming hand. The player that has the best hand is not required to take off any of his clothing items. However, every other player at the table has to take off one item of clothing. The game continues hence with all players revealing their hands at the end of each hand and every player, with the exception of the winner takes off a piece of clothing. The first player to get fully naked is termed the loser at the game. Essentially, this is the most common method of playing.


This version of strip poker is played like the standard poker with chips. However, players are allowed to bet a clothing item if they want to continue a hand. This version can take a while, especially if you are playing with good poker pros who know how they can drag chips off the other players. It might take a long while before any player gets remotely naked at this variant of the game.

Medium Paced

Here, only the player that has the worst hand at the end of a hand takes off a clothing item. Unlike the Quick method where only the winner doesn’t take off a clothing item, in Medium Paced Strip Poker, only the player with the worst hand takes off a piece of clothing. One thing that the slow and medium paced has in common is that the first player to end up naked is the loser of the game.

Truth and Dare Method

In this variant of the game, players can make up for their lost chips by combining clothing items and Truth and Dare to salvage the situation.

How does this works?

At the end of a hand, the winner decides the specific Truth or Dares action that the losers have to act on in order to avoid removing a clothing item. For those that have bet on clothes, they can decide on the specific clothing item to take off. This mainly depends on the value of the hand in question. Now, it is important to mention that when an item of clothing has been taken off, it cannot be put on again by the player. If the player ends up completely naked, the only way they can keep playing at the table is to choose Truth or Dares.

In case you don’t understand what the Truth or Dare game is all about, let’s quickly do a recap. If one of the players chooses ‘Truth’, they are required to answer a question truthfully. Well, this sounds simpler than it really is because the questions are sometimes embarrassing or quite intimate. If the player chooses ‘Dare’, they will be required to act on a challenge thrown by the winner. It is crucial that players ensure that the challenges are not too risky or plain stupid.