How far is Heaven from Earth?

How far is Heaven from Earth? Quraan confirms that Heaven is 3 billion light-years far from the Earth and is so far from the Earth that humans cannot see everything in it.

Distance Between Earth and Heaven:

How far is Heaven from Earth?

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a common religious cosmological or supernatural place from which beings such as gods, angels, spirits, saints, or venerated ancestors are descended, crowned, or occupied. According to the belief 1 of some religions, heavenly beings can fall to Earth or physical beings, and earthly beings can ascend to heaven afterlife or, in some cases, enter Heaven alive.

Heaven is described as "the highest, holiest place’, Paradise, unlike ■■■■ the Underworld or “low places”, and is accessible to the whole world or in terms of earthly creatures according to the various divine, beautiful, devotional, faith, or other attributes two good or good beliefs or just holy will. Some believe that there will be a heaven on Earth in the future.

Heaven in Islam and Christianity


Similar to Jewish traditions such as the Talmud, the Qur’an and Hadith have often mentioned the presence of the seven samāwāt, the plural of samāʾ, meaning ‘heaven, sky, the heavenly place,’ and the Hebrew shamāyim. Other verses in the Qur’an refer to the Samaawat. Sidrat al-Muntaha, the great paradoxical tree, signifies the end of the seventh Heaven and the complete end of God’s creations and divine knowledge.

One translation of the “heavens” is that all the stars and galaxies (including the Milky Way) are all part of the “first heaven” and “otherwise there is ix bigger world,” which has yet to be discovered by scientists.

According to Shi’ite sources, Ali listed seven holy names below:

  • Rafi’

  • Qayyum

  • Marum

  • Arfalun

  • Hay’oun

  • Arous

  • Ajman

And the right place after the death of the righteous is conceived in Islam as Jannah (Heaven). Concerning Eden or Paradise, the Quran says, "The image of the Garden promised to the righteous: Underneath it flows rivers; its fruit and its shade are eternal. That is the end of the righteous; all people are born innocent. Children go to Paradise when they die, no matter their parents’ religion.

Paradise is described primarily as a place where God fulfilled all desires when asked. Islamic texts describe immortality in Jannah as happiness without negative feelings. Those who dwell in Heaven have worn elaborate costumes, partake in elaborate feasts, and sit on couches adorned with gold or precious stones. Inhabitants will enjoy being with their parents, children, and spouses. In Islam, if the good deeds of someone outweigh one’s sins, one can enter Paradise. On the other hand, God sent him if a person’s sins are beyond his good deeds ■■■■. The better acts one does, the higher the level of one has been directed.


Traditionally, Christianity has taught that Heaven is God’s throne and the holy angels, although this on various levels is considered symbolic. Traditional Christianity is regarded as a state or state of existence of the supreme fulfillment of theosis in the incredible view of the Godhead. In most forms of Christianity, Heaven is understood as the abode of the redeemed ■■■■ in the afterlife, usually a short period before the resurrection and return of the saints to the New Earth.

The resurrected Jesus is said to have ascended to Heaven, where he sits at the right hand of God and will return to Earth at the Second Coming. After his resurrection, various persons have entered Heaven alive, including Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus himself. According to Roman Catholic tradition, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is also said to have been taken to Heaven and named the Queen of Heaven.

In the 2nd century AD, Irenaeus Lyons wrote, according to John 14, those who afterlife saw the Savior are in various mansions, some living in Heaven, some in Paradise and some in a city ".

How high are the heavens above the Earth?

It was logical to conclude it was a celestial sphere, such as the stars and the planets, to the ancient Greeks. Unfortunately, geocentricity did not prove to be a fundamental popular concept until 1500 years later. Roman and Byzantine ecclesiastical powers promoted the idea of outrageous bloodlust. But when the church finally adopted the geographical model, it weighed heavily on Isaiah 55, with many similar passages. By observing the night sky as a group of distinct objects floating in space, we began to see the face of their Creator. We faced issues that were difficult to understand. The church is now experiencing the greatness of God in a whole new way.

So now we were in 2014, and the questioning minds want to know: how high are the heavens above the Earth? Yes, if you go by the modern understanding of the heavens, which means the universe’s perfection five outside the Earth, it is almost 46 billion light-years high. The heavens are higher than the Earth and can no longer see everything, and light from the farthest reaches of space has been only 13.8 billion years on Earth.


How far is Heaven from Earth?

Therefore, the shape of the universe has been likened to the face of an expanding balloon. As the balloon ascends, each point in its front progresses more and more separately. Try it for yourself: take a balloon with a Sharpie, draw dots all over the balloon, and start blowing it. Measure the distances between the dots as the balloon grows.

:black_small_square: Summary:

Heaven is almost 46 billion light-years higher than the Earth.

Distance Between Heaven and Earth

God made the Earth and made the heavens enlarge. According to the physical distance, the sky is far away, and no one can say how many miles away these heavenly courts are. No balance or speculation can come close to the truth, for God’s Word has not revealed this to us. In our world, we know that distance affects many functions. With the advent of transportation technology, people may have to wait a few days for someone from a distant land to arrive for a meeting, a conference, or some other type of activity that requires his presence.

From the beginning, the distance was not a problem in reducing the access of Heaven to the world. Before the entrance of sin, the Lord often visited these holy people in Eden and had the joy of communicating with their Creator and enjoying His presence in the Garden. The inspired writings attest Himself and His angels often visited them to see them in their purity.

:black_small_square: Summary:

No one can say for sure what is the exact distance between Heaven and the Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are mentioned some frequently asked questions related to how far is Heaven from the Earth.

1. How great does it take a soul to get to Heaven?

According to belief, the soul’s journey to another world starts quickly after death, or three, four, five, or seven days, or forty days behind the end.

2. How far up in the sky is Heaven?

If you walk by the modern understanding of the “heavens,” which means the universe’s perfection outside the Earth, it is higher than 46 billion light-years, and the heavens are higher than the Earth and cannot see everything.

3. Is Heaven invisible?

Yes, we will be invisible to human eyes in Heaven, but we will be visible to each other. Where you go will depend entirely on the condition of the soul and how much sin remains for your soul at the time of your death.

4. How many heavens are there?

The seven heavens refer to Heaven’s seven levels or divisions in religious or mythological cosmology. This concept, also found in ancient Mesopotamian religions, can be found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; the same idea is found in other religions, such as Hinduism.

5. What is between the Earth and Heaven?

Between the Earth and the heavens is the doctrine of the ascension of Christ in the Anglo-Saxon books, which provides only a complete examination of how the theology of the ascension is transmitted, corrected, and taught to the Anglo-Saxon audience.

6. Will you go to Heaven with tattoos?

If you know what the Bible teaches about what makes a person to Heaven, having tattoos does not disqualify you from entering Heaven. The Bible strongly prohibits it, and it can also cause skin problems in the future. We will have a glorified, incorruptible body perfect without sin in Heaven.

7. Do you go to Heaven if you cuss?

The book of Romans repeatedly states that someone has no more vast number the sins, and the only thing a Christian has to do is go to Heaven. Cursing offends people, but not sin. Only the body sins and the body goes to ■■■■/pit/grave anyway.

8. Do you go to Heaven if you don’t believe in God?

Yes, you can. If you follow your conscience, God can save you. It does not matter what religion you belong to; it is straightforward whether you do your best to get your conscience.

9. When did God create Heaven and Earth?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. The Earth was formless and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. God’s Spirit moved upon the beginning of the water. God said, “Let there be light.”

10. Why did God create heavens?

The fact is that God created the heavens as a place where spirit creatures, which are subject to his divine authority, can worship and associate with him. Therefore, Heaven is not just a place where souls reside after death, and the Bible is as clear that Heaven exists for us now as it is for the souls in the hereafter.

:black_small_square: Conclusion

This article is about how far Heaven is from Earth? According to the Quraan, it is 3 billion light-years far from the Earth. This article has described the definitions of Heaven according to Islam and Christianity. Also, it explained the distance between Heaven and Earth.

How far is Heaven from Earth? From the Holy Book ok Muslims; Quran, we came to know that Heaven is 3 billion light-years away from Earth, and no one from this Earth could ever see Heaven before death.

It is not possible for a human being who lives on this planet Earth could have a glance at Heaven, which is far away from our world. No one could ever measure a distance from Earth as it is impossible to see it. Although we get to know from the Quran that Heaven exists and is very far from every one, no one could ever watch it being alive.

Concept of Heaven

To define Heaven, we can say that:

“The permanent location of God, where he stays forever with his angels and other spirits of his good and beloved persons who live with him after death”

Or, to quote it, we can say that;

"The Habitat of God and also a state of existence for his righteous people who obey him throughout their lives after they are gone."

Heaven is usually considered a place where people go from this Earth after they die. But not all of the people surrounding us will go to Heaven. The holy book of Muslims, also known as the Quran, claims that the ones who worship Allah and his prophets will get a chance to go to Heaven where they can live forever, and death will never come near them.

It is generally thought of as some life that comes after death. However, other than Muslims who genuinely believe their Allah and Heaven, people who are not Muslims often find the concept of Heaven as a lie or some of their hopes that they would also go to Heaven after they die.

But here lies scepticism that comes into the mind of every person who came to know the theory of Heaven. Not everyone who knows about Heaven and life after death believes it. They are often called a liar who tells them the meaning of Heaven because the true notion of Heaven is beyond the wisdom of the human mind.

The conceptualization of one God and his prophets and his Quran is difficult to understand for non-Muslims. Everyone is spiritually connected to his particular religion in which he was born and got taught. Undoubtedly, it is almost impossible for anyone to abandon their belief and convert to others, but everyone should search for the truth.

Concept of ■■■■

In many religions, ■■■■ it is generally considered where the deceased one goes after his death. It is the place that lies beneath the Earth. It came into place for the damned spirits.

In other terms, ■■■■ it is the place that is the underworld, which consists of deep pits or distant land of shadows and ghosts where all of the spirits of cursed people gather around. That is the world designed especially for the sinners who have committed a great crime in their life or for the people who constantly sin whenever they get a chance.

According to some scholars, sinners go ■■■■ soon after die and live there forever and will never get a chance to get out of there. They have to live there eternally in return for the crimes. That is going to be the penalty for sinners.

But the concept ■■■■ is much more diversified and vast. This is a place of punishment rather than merely of darkness and decomposition. Some say it is a place covered with Fire from top to bottom, and the souls of the cursed persons have to live there.


Heaven ■■■■ is the natural place for the one who believes, and after the stage of belief, the life of the proper believer changes. He tries to live according to the instructions so that he would go to Heaven after he dies and would be able to avoid it ■■■■.

Day of Judgement

Muslims believe that on a day determined by Allah, and known only by Allah, life on Earth will end, and Allah will destroy everything. On this day, all people who have ever lived will be resurrected and face Allah’s judgment. Muslims believe that they will remain in their graves to this day. It has several names like:

  • The day of Resurrection
  • The day of judgment
  • The last hour

According to the Quran, it is stated that everyone will earn the fruit of the deeds that they have done in their Earthly life. Therefore, those who have done good works will enter Janna or Paradise. Janna is a place described as a ‘garden of eternal happiness’ and a ‘home of peace’. Janna will be free from sickness, pain, and sorrow.

Those who have done worse than goodwill go to ■■■■ Jahannam. This is a place of physical and spiritual suffering. Muslims believe that Allah is forgiving, merciful, and kind, so not all evil deeds will be punished. Allah will forgive those who repent of their sins and those who have done well in their lives, for example, showing kindness to others.

There are, however, other sins that many Muslims believe are unforgivable. This includes the vice of shirk.

Heaven and ■■■■ according to Islam

Every Muslim has faith in Heaven ■■■■ because they are well guided about their religion through their Holy Book, Quran. They know that every deed done here will be questioned on the Day of Judgement.

Heaven in Holy Quran

Throughout our lives, we compete to believe in and serve Allah Almighty so that we can achieve Jannah in the future. We can only imagine what paradise will look like. Only Allah Almighty knows it, but He explains it in the Holy Quran.

Allah’s Pleasure

The great reward in Jannah is the joy and mercy of Allah Almighty. This great reward is for those who believe in Allah and work hard to please Allah (SWT). Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

“Have I given you good news of something better than that? For the righteous are the Gardens near to their Lord and the joy of Allah? Because in the sight of Allah they are His servants.”


The most critical or convincing description of paradise is a beautiful garden with lush greenery and flowing water. Allah (SWT) said in the Holy Quran:

“But give good news to those who believe and work righteousness, that part they will have in paradise is the gardens, beneath which rivers flow.”


In Jannah, gardens will reunite many families. This is because Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

“And whoever obeys God and the Messenger, those will be with those whom God has bestowed favor, on the prophets, the truth-bearers, the martyrs and the righteous. And those who are his friends are beautiful.”

Food and drink

The description of Heaven in the Quran includes unlimited food and drink without feelings of intoxication. In the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty has described these words:

“Eat and drink freely for what you have sent (good deeds) in the past.”

Eternal home

Heaven is an eternal place of Islamic life where believers will live forever in peace and happiness. The Holy Quran describes the eternal home in these words:

“As for those who have faith and work righteousness, they are friends of the garden. They will live on it forever.”

■■■■ in Holy Quran

Those who do evil and unbelievers will surely go to ■■■■. We should also know ■■■■ where people will go to ■■■■. Those who do not believe in Allah Almighty and the religion of Islam will surely go ■■■■ but also those who do not believe in Islam and Allah Almighty but do evil deeds will also be punished for their acts. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

"Our Lord! Certainly, the one who lets him go into the Fire disgraced him; and the evildoers will have no helper."

Acceptance of the authenticity of Jannah and Jahannam is one of the six fundamental beliefs of Islam. ■■■■ It is the place of sinners after death on Judgment Day. In the Holy Quran, “Jahannam” and “Al-Naar” are frequently mentioned. Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran these words:

“The blazing fire of God, which reaches to the hearts: is closed in over them in long columns.”

The Holy Quran also mentions who will go ■■■■. Indeed, atheists, especially when they die in that state, are hypocrites, idolaters, arrogant, those who treat religion as a hobby, break the covenant, ridicule the Messengers of Allah or the truth of the Day Judgment.

Also, murderers, those who abuse the inheritance, especially the orphans, who slander innocent women or claim divinity for themselves, will indeed have a place ■■■■.


In many places where ■■■■ it is talked about, the beauty and peace of Heaven are talked about to show the difference between them. Muslims are therefore obliged to pray five times a day and ask for forgiveness and protection from hellfire in each prayer from Allah Almighty.

Frequently asked questions:

Following are the questions often asked about that How far Heaven from Earth is ;

1. How can you get to Heaven?

There is a whole set of instructions in the Quran on how could anyone go to Jannah. It is simply by obeying Almighty Allah.

2. Has anyone ever seen Heaven in his life?

He might see any delusions in his dreams but not in real life. The one who will see Heaven will be after his death.

3. Is Heaven real?

There are many concepts regarding Heaven, but in the Quran, Allah has shown what ■■■■ will look like and who will be punished ■■■■.

4. What does ■■■■ it look like?

You can see the Quran if you are interested in ■■■■ Heaven. However, Muslims are told that ■■■■ it is the place that is fully covered with Fire.

5. Will everyone go ■■■■?

No, not everyone will go ■■■■. The ones who have followed the right path, which Allah and his prophets told, will never go ■■■■.


How far is Heaven from Earth? Heaven is a very sacred place and specially made for those who obeyed the Almighty Allah in their whole life and never sinned. But as human beings, everyone commits sins, but the good ones are those who search for forgiveness from their God after doing it. So Heaven ■■■■ is accurate, and everyone will have their fruit

How Far Is Heaven From Earth

The short answer is that Heaven is three billion light-years far from the earth.

Is the sky far from the world?

Daniel Fairy and the messenger angel said that he was 21 days old because of another angelic creature, and so the messenger angel had to ask the angel Michael to take off his gloves. Looking at the distance and the destination, can we tell where the sky is? It shows that angels have a purpose in going to Heaven, and it takes more time than things.


The angels sent prayers, and Michael was in Heaven during the ceremony.

An angel is sent to deliver the message, stops, and must return so that Michael can travel three times.

Three trips mean seven days in one direction.


If angels travel in SD light for seven days, it will keep the sky out of our solar system, won’t it?

Far and fast, does the angel travel in 7 days?

Can’t we see the target through binoculars?

It is a bit absurd to speculate about the place of paradise. Many things will open up for you when you leave this world.

Many pages here and now talk about the kingdom of Heaven. We do not know the mysteries of Heaven, not even the things in the scriptures. There are at least two types of heavens called stars and planets; they are all for us on this earth, and the sky is the kingdom. In that sense, the kingdom of Heaven is the domain of those who believe in Jesus Christ.

In 2 Corinthians 12: 2, Paul mentions that a person is taken to the third Heaven; whether he is in it or not, he does not know. So you can go to the third Heaven while living in y. I think I’ve read the seventh Heaven, but I can’t find the reference.

Distance between Heaven and the earth?

Deuteronomy 30: 4, Nehemiah 1: 9, Mark 12:27, and other scriptures speak of the extreme or distant part of Heaven, indicating that it is a vast expanse. Perhaps the angel not only wanted to teleport to earth but also to travel from one extreme place in the sky.

Did anyone else read the “Break the Glow” line and imagine that the messenger angel on Wing X was running towards the blockade, and the angel was asking Michael to take the fleet with him?

The mysteries of Heaven are no longer universal to us, even with the help of scriptures. There is talk of at least two types of heavens in the sky, determined that the stars and planets are all present in this world and in the atmosphere in which they are dominant. ۔ On many pages, the laws of the sky are explained here and now. In this experience, the kingdom of Heaven is the physical kingdom of those who believe in Jesus Christ. In 2 Corinthians 12: 2, Paul mentions a man who was taken prisoner in Heaven. 33 In the body or now, he does not know. Some people in Heaven want perfection even with the certainty that reigns in the body. Theoretically, I checked the seventh Heaven, but I can’t see the reference anymore. Deuteronomy 30: 4, Nehemiah 1 Million: 9, and Mark 12:27 and different scriptures speak of the extremes or extremes of Heaven, meaning that a utopia is a place with no end. Angels must be gentle enough to be carried to the very earth and be far from the lots of the sky.

On page 6 of Zhuan Falun on the Internet:

You know, there’s a booklet called Western Paradise Travel Journal. He went there one day and returned to the human world, where he spent a good six years. He was a meditating monk, and his soul went to the western sky and saw some scenes.

Fallon Gong is a unique Buddhist school that teaches ancient mental and spiritual exercises based on the universal principles of truth-empathy-tolerance. Fallon Gong consists of five powerful activities.

Fallen Gong, Tibetan, Buddhist, and other Christians were hacked. The most egregious human rights violation is the arrest of Fallon Gong practitioners.

Can you sign a petition to stop Fallon Gong practitioners from being hanged?

I can’t tell you how fast an angel can travel, but I’ll let you know to think about two things: angels in wheat are sometimes described as shooting stars, and The sky is called the north.

Isaiah chapter 14 verse 13 As I said, when I look at the northern star and all the constellations around it, is the sky possible here?

Haven’t you read about the important legacy of the Jews? And do you know what it has to do with the state? And when did you read the revelation? Earth will be paradise, it will be called the sea of ​​light, and with a city of 644 square miles, it will be so bright that you cannot see it unless you are sharp.

How Far Is Heaven From Earth

There are three heavens:

1. What can we see through science?

2. Where there was a war with Gabriel.

3. Where is the sky?

right side

I do not believe

Even with the Hubble Telescope

Use knowledge

The sky is less than an inch above the ground and more than a mile.

Heaven is a state of mind. You can find paradise on earth. It's not for everyone, they won't see / see if it's okay in front of them. You're right, it takes time to get there.

How Far Is Heaven From Earth

How far is the Earth away from Heaven?

Life After Death:-

It is a usual reality that every soul has to meet God after death, it’s either in the way of Jannah or ■■■■, which is based on the deeds of that person. If he is doing his best to follow the instructions and teachings of Islam then he will be entitled to Jannah, otherwise, he will be punished in the form of ■■■■ where nobody can ever give him relief, this above explanation is according to the declamation of Islam. It’s the utter reality that from where you have come, you have to be there at the end same is the case with the soul, it has to be there from where it was made or created.

Heaven according to religions:-

Heaven is described and interpreted as the land where you can meet your lost ones in the depth of death under the blanket of rust or soil, you get the chance to hug and cherish them. It is the same in all cultures belonging to different cultures, they believe in the true fact of death.

  • If we talk about Christianity, they believe in Jesus Christ, they have this belief that they will be able to meet their lost ones or ■■■■ ones under the restriction made by Jesus.
  • However, moving towards Hinduism, Heaven is taught using different parables and parameters about the body being converted into hot coal, clinker, soot, and amber after being burnt.
  • In Islam, every person who has the pure intention of following the teachings and reclamations of Islam is prohibited from any fowl place, known as ■■■■, and is entered into JANNAH.

Interval of Heaven from death:-

The interval of heaven is based on your deeds whether they are so favorable to meet the gifts and presents made for the believers of Islam or not. If someone merely removes the obstacle from the road so that it may not harm anyone, he will be honorable in eyes of God, however on the other hand if his intention is not pure, his good deeds even the prayer he offers will be given back to him and that will be of no use.


This question is in the thoughts of every toddler, adult, or old one what will happen after death. Heaven from the earth can only be calculated based on your intentions, your belief in Islam and the teachings being taught by our prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

How far is Heaven from Earth?

This is a very normal question raised in minds of every Muslim or any person who knows a little about Islam and its domains particularly, the perspective in minds is after death experience. As Muslims, we usually believe that a person following all the followings and instructions given to us by our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), is entitled to have heaven, comprising all the gifts and presents mentioned in Quran.

According to your deeds, you will be entitled to Jannah. There is no other way just to know about the agreements between being a Muslim and worshiping Allah (SWT).

Can we know the exact distance between Earth and Heaven?

No, the answer is absolute no. For the exact distance as in Physics, we use the unit of meters to calculate as it is a matter of your interaction with Allah (SWT). I am convinced that there are different cultures, different visions, different religions, and different ideologies but In Islam, we do have boundaries and limitations to have an idea about heaven. Single worship can lead us to Heaven and a small hurt to an animal, to an insect, against the ideology of Islam can lead us to the worst stage of ■■■■.

How you can feel Heaven on earth?

The answer is pretty simple and easy. It is just you and your connection with God that can set beauty and divine feels here on the earth just to follow the instructions given to you in QURAN.


I would like to conclude this with some raw facts:

  • Have the connection with ALLAH so strong, that you will feel the peace of Heaven on earth.
  • There is no distance as it is a matter of your belief in Islam and God that will take you to Heaven after death.