Definition of Habitat:

  1. Sum of all environmental conditions at a particular place.

  2. Localized surroundings to which an organism, species, or community is specially adapted and which provides for its all or nearly all needs. A habitat comprises of physical factors such as light, moisture, and temperature and of biological factors such as presence of food and predators. In contrast it ranges from a cliff top to the ocean floor, and in size from under a stone to an entire continent such as the Arctic.

Synonyms of Habitat

Abode, Alentours, Ambience, Ambit, Bailiwick, Borderlands, Circle, Circuit, Circumambiencies, Circumjacencies, Circumstances, Compass, Context, Domain, Element, Entourage, Environing circumstances, Environment, Environs, Gestalt, Haunt, Home, Locale, Locality, Milieu, Native environment, Neighborhood, Outposts, Outskirts, Perimeter, Periphery, Precincts, Purlieus, Range, Realm, Site, Situation, Stamping ground, Suburbs, Surroundings, Terrain, Territory, Total environment, Vicinage, Vicinity

Meaning of Habitat & Habitat Definition