Definition of Book:

  1. US Postal service definition: Bound publication having 24 or more pages, at least 22 of which are printed and contain primary reading material, with advertising limited only to book announcements.

  2. Reserve (accommodations, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance.

  3. UNESCO definition: Bound non-periodical publication having 49 or more pages.

  4. Make an official record of the name and other personal details of (a criminal suspect or offender).

  5. A bound set of blank sheets for writing or keeping records in.

  6. A set of tickets, stamps, matches, checks, samples of cloth, etc., bound together.

  7. Leave suddenly.

  8. A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

Synonyms of Book

Reserve, Make a reservation for, Arrange in advance, Prearrange, Arrange for, Order, Notepad, Notebook, Pad, Memo pad, Exercise book, Binder, Holy Writ, Scripture, Spenserian stanza, Accuse, Airing, Allege, Ante, Antistrophe, Arraign, Article, Back matter, Balance, Balance the books, Bandying, Bespeak, Bet, Bill, Booklet, Brief, Bring accusation, Bring charges, Bring to book, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Brochure, Bruiting, Bruiting about, Budget, Burden, Calendar, Canto, Capitalize, Carry, Carry over, Carve, Cast up accounts, Catalog, Chalk, Chalk up, Chapter, Charge, Charge off, Check in, Chorus, Chronicle, Chunk, Circulation, Cite, Clause, Close out, Close the books, Codex, Column, Compendium, Complain, Continuity, Couplet, Credit, Cue, Cut, Debit, Denounce, Denunciate, Diffusion, Display, Dissemination, Distich, Docket, Earmark, Employ, Engage, Engrave, Enlist, Enroll, Enscroll, Enter, Enumerate, Envoi, Epode, Evulgation, Fascicle, Fasten on, Fasten upon, File, Fill out, Finger, Folder, Folio, Front matter, Gathering, Grave, Handbook, Hang something on, Hazard, Heptastich, Hexastich, Hire, Impanel, Impeach, Imply, Impute, Incise, Index, Indict, Inform against, Inform on, Inscribe, Insert, Insinuate, Installment, Inventory, Issuance, Issue, Itemize, Jot down, Journalize, Keep books, Keep score, Laws, Lay charges, Leaflet, Libretto, Line, Line up, Lines, List, Livraison, Lodge a complaint, Lodge a plaint, Log, Lyrics, Magazine, Make a memorandum, Make a note, Make an entry, Make out, Manual, Mark down, Matriculate, Measure, Minute, Monograph, Monostich, Note, Note down, Novel, Number, Octastich, Octave, Octet, Order, Ottava rima, Page, Pamphlet, Paperback, Paragraph, Parlay, Part, Passage, Pentastich, Periodical, Phrase, Pigeonhole, Pin on, Place upon record, Play, Playbook, Poll, Post, Post up, Preengage, Prefer charges, Press charges, Printing, Program, Promulgation, Propagation, Publication, Publishing, Put down, Put in writing, Put on paper, Put on report, Put on tape, Quatrain, Record, Recruit, Reduce to writing, Refrain, Register, Regulations, Report, Reproach, Reserve, Retain, Rhyme royal, Scenario, Scene plot, Schedule, Score, Script, Scroll, Section, Sentence, Septet, Serial, Sestet, Set down, Sextet, Sheet, Shooting script, Shot, Side, Sign on, Sign up, Sign up for, Signature, Slate, Soft-cover, Spread, Spreading, Spreading abroad, Stake, Stanza, Stave, Strain, Strike a balance, Strophe, Syllable, Tabulate, Take down, Take into employment, Take on, Take to task, Tally, Tape, Tape-record, Task, Taunt with, Tax, Telecasting, Tercet, Terza rima, Tetrastich, Text, Textbook, Ticket, Tome, Tract, Treatise, Triplet, Tristich, Twit, Ventilation, Verse, Videotape, Volume, Wager, Words, Work, Write, Write down, Write in, Write out, Write up, Volume, Tome, Work, Printed work, Publication, Title, Opus, Treatise

How to use Book in a sentence?

  1. A pattern book.
  2. The cop booked me and took me down to the station.
  3. A book of selected poems.
  4. I have booked a table at the Swan.
  5. An accounts book.

Meaning of Book & Book Definition