Definition of Reward:

  1. Incentive plans: Scheme to support and reinforce desirable behavior, such as wage rate that increases with the productivity of the worker.

  2. A thing given in recognition of ones service, effort, or achievement.

  3. Financing: Concept that return or yield from an investment is proportional to risk. Thus, investors will demand a greater reward where the risk of loss is greater.

  4. Make a gift of something to (someone) in recognition of their services, efforts, or achievements.

Synonyms of Reward

Recompense, Prize, Prize money, Winnings, Purse, Award, Honour, Decoration, Profit, Advantage, Benefit, Bonus, Plus, Premium, Academy Award, Nobel Prize, Oscar, Amends, Annihilation, Atonement, Award, Bait, Bane, Biological death, Blood money, Booby prize, Bribe, Carrot, Cessation of life, Clinical death, Comeuppance, Compensate, Compensation, Consideration, Consolation prize, Crossing the bar, Curtains, Damages, Death, Death knell, Debt of nature, Decease, Demise, Departure, Desert, Deserts, Dissolution, Dividend, Doom, Dying, Ebb of life, Encouragement, End, End of life, Ending, Eternal rest, Exit, Expiration, Extinction, Extinguishment, Favor, Fee, Fillip, Final summons, Finger of death, First prize, Get satisfaction, Going, Going off, Grave, Guerdon, Hand of death, Honor, Honorarium, Incentive, Incitement, Indemnification, Indemnify, Indemnity, Inducement, Interest, Invitation, Jackpot, Jaws of death, Just deserts, Knell, Last debt, Last muster, Last rest, Last roundup, Last sleep, Leaving life, Loss of life, Lure, Make amends, Make requital, Make restitution, Make retribution, Making an end, Meed, Parting, Passing, Passing away, Passing over, Pay, Pay back, Pay by installments, Pay off, Pay on, Payment, Percentage, Perishing, Persuasive, Plum, Premium, Prepay, Price, Prize, Profit, Provocation, Punishment, Quietus, Quit, Quittance, Recompense, Redress, Release, Remit, Remunerate, Remuneration, Render, Reparation, Repay, Reprisal, Requital, Requite, Requitement, Rest, Restitution, Retribution, Return, Revenge, Salary, Salvage, Satisfaction, Satisfy, Second prize, Sentence of death, Shades of death, Shadow of death, Sleep, Smart money, Solatium, Somatic death, Stimulation, Stimulative, Stimulus, Summons of death, Sweepstakes, Sweetener, Sweetening, Tender, Tribute, Wergild, What is due, What is merited, Whet, Recompense, Pay, Remunerate, Give a bounty to, Give a present to, Make something worth someones while, Tip, Honour, Decorate, Give an award to, Recognize, Requite

How to use Reward in a sentence?

  1. You may want to offer some sort o reward to your loyal customers so that you keep them always coming back.
  2. The engineer who supervised the work was rewarded with a bonus.
  3. The holiday was a reward for 40 years service with the company.
  4. When looking to make an investment, it is best to look over the companys history to make sure you will get a financial reward for the money you have invested.
  5. I made the reward over 5000 dollars for the person who found my dog and returned him to me as soon as possible.

Meaning of Reward & Reward Definition