Definition of Reward:

  1. Privileged systems: programs to support and reinforce desired behavior, for example b. Wages that increase workers' productivity.

  2. Something is given in recognition of service, effort or success.

  3. Financing: The concept that returns or investment performance is proportional to risk. Therefore, when the risk of loss is high, investors demand higher returns.

  4. Donate in recognition of your services, efforts or accomplishments.

Synonyms of Reward

Wergild, Dissolution, Make something worth someones while, Quittance, Lure, Amends, Reprisal, Academy Award, Prepay, Shades of death, Pay, Advantage, Sweetener, Punishment, Salvage, Ending, Ebb of life, Inducement, Hand of death, Last muster, Satisfaction, Quit, Nobel Prize, Summons of death, Making an end, Quietus, Biological death, Premium, Pay off, Sweetening, Bribe, Percentage, Crossing the bar, Annihilation, Give a bounty to, Make restitution, Prize, Honour, Plum, Going, Dividend, Payment, Whet, Indemnity, Stimulation, Death, What is due, Sweepstakes, Exit, Pay on, Reparation, Honour, Invitation, Get satisfaction, Award, Pay, Premium, Smart money, Death knell, Compensate, Somatic death, Guerdon, Dying, Price, Encouragement, Tender, Recompense, Revenge, Remunerate, Decease, Pay by installments, Benefit, Make requital, Give an award to, Repay, Honor, Recompense, Compensation, Bane, Prize, Eternal rest, Grave, End, Winnings, Make retribution, Provocation, Consideration, Pay back, Finger of death, Incitement, Rest, Incentive, Passing away, Remunerate, Interest, First prize, Return, Stimulative, Requite, Demise, Leaving life, End of life, Extinction, Departure, Jackpot, Last rest, Deserts, Fee, Salary, Requite, Recognize, Decoration, Plus, Bonus, Expiration, Going off, Debt of nature, Requitement, Purse, Honorarium, Blood money, Award, Recompense, Loss of life, Decorate, Release, Curtains, Consolation prize, Jaws of death, Tip, Passing, Solatium, Restitution, Just deserts, Give a present to, Profit, Doom, Satisfy, Last debt, Second prize, Indemnification, Render, Perishing, Oscar, Favor, Meed, Tribute, Knell, Requital, Profit, Remit, Sentence of death, Passing over, Bait, Clinical death, Atonement, Damages, Comeuppance, Carrot, Parting, Redress, Persuasive, Indemnify, Final summons, Sleep, Booby prize, Fillip, Cessation of life, Extinguishment, Stimulus, Make amends, Last roundup, Prize money, Last sleep, Retribution, Shadow of death, What is merited, Remuneration, Desert

How to use Reward in a sentence?

  1. You can offer rewards to your loyal customers so that they keep coming back.
  2. The engineer supervising the work gets a bonus.
  3. Holidays are a reward for 40 years.
  4. If you want to make an investment, you should look at the history of the company to make sure that you are being financially rewarded for the amount invested.
  5. I received a gift of over 000 5,000 to the man who found my dog ​​and returned it as soon as possible.

Meaning of Reward & Reward Definition

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