Definition of Search:

  1. To find an area identified by an auditor that needs to be reviewed for quality and accuracy.

  2. An act of searching for someone or something.

  3. Try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly.

Synonyms of Search

Hunt, Look, Explore, Forage, Fish about, Fish around, Look high and low, Cast about, Cast around, Cast round, Ferret, Ferret about, Ferret around, Root about, Root around, Rummage about, Rummage around, Analysis, Angle for, Ask for, Beat, Beat about for, Beat the bushes, Burrow, Cast about, Chase, Check, Chivy, Comb, Delve, Delve for, Delve into, Dig, Dig for, Dig into, Dog, Domiciliary visit, Dragnet, Enquiry, Examination, Examine, Exploration, Explore, Fan, Fathom, Fish for, Follow, Follow up, Forage, Frisk, Give chase, Go after, Go gunning for, Go into, Go through, Grub, Gun for, Hollo after, Hound, House-search, Hunt, Hunt for, Hunt up, Hunting, Indagate, Inquire of, Inquiry, Inspect, Inspection, Investigate, Look, Look around, Look at, Look for, Look into, Look over, Look round, Look through, Look up, Make after, Nose around, Peer into, Perquisition, Perusal, Plumb, Poke, Poke around, Poke into, Posse, Probe, Prosecute, Prowl after, Pry, Pry into, Pursual, Pursuance, Pursue, Pursuing, Pursuit, Quest, Quest after, Raise the hunt, Rake, Ransack, Ransacking, Research, Researching, Root, Rummage, Run after, Run down, Scan, Scour, Scouring, Scout out, Scrimmage, Scrutinize, Scrutiny, Search for, Search into, Search party, Search through, Search warrant, Search-and-destroy operation, Searching, See to, Seek, Seek for, Seek out, Seeking, Shake down, Sift, Sifting, Skirmish, Smell around, Sound, Stalk, Stalking, Still hunt, Still-hunt, Study, Take out after, Try to find, Turning over, Hunt, Look, Exploration, Scout, Probe, Dig, Digging, Forage, Foraging, Scavenge, Scavenging, Ferreting, Ferreting about, Ferreting around, Rummage, Rummaging about, Rummaging around, Rooting about, Rooting around, Rifling, Scouring, Quest, Pursuit of, Seeking after

How to use Search in a sentence?

  1. I searched among the rocks, but there was nothing.
  2. The police carried out a thorough search of the premises.

Meaning of Search & Search Definition

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Search means,

  • Meaning of Search: Investigate a person's home or other building or property or person or vehicle to find contraband, illegal or stolen property or obtain evidence of wrongdoing for criminal proceedings.

Meanings of Search

  1. Search carefully and carefully or try to find something.

  2. Looking for something or other.

Sentences of Search

  1. Police conducted a thorough search of the scene.

Synonyms of Search

exploration , scrutiny , shakedown , perquisition , legwork , inspection , fishing expedition , pursual , investigation , pursuing , frisking , pursuance , chase , going-over , inquest , research , wild-goose chase , examination , witch hunt , inquiry


What is Search?

  • Search means, Investigate the use of any person or other building or property, or any person or vehicle for the purpose of finding evidence of illegal, unlawful or stolen property, or misconduct in any work.

Meanings of Search

  1. Try to find something or search carefully and thoroughly.

  2. The process of finding something or something.

Synonyms of Search

on the lookout for, in quest of, on the track of, chasing after, in pursuit of, searching for, ferret (around), looking for, ferret (about), questing after, hunting for, ferreting (about), ferreting (around)