Every snake pet owner will suggest you go with a small pet snake breed as a pet if you are new to snake petting. Indeed their proposition is of cent percent. Small snake fellows are worthy of keeping as a pet not only for adult owners but also for these mates that are safe for kids.

pet snake

Pet Snake Breed:

Now a million-dollar question! Out of thousands of breeds of the small snake which one going to be the best pick for you. Muddled! Let’s embark with me on the journey to learn different species of small pet snakes. I am pretty much sure this read will be a helping hand to decide which small snake to choose a pet.

Summary: Small Pet snakes are indeed the most loved pet snakes. As these tiny bodies are not only docile but also easy to handle & kept as a pet. They will die or start acting abnormally if you will not take proper care of them. So be careful regarding their feed & water supply.

5 Amazing Breeds :

There are numerous species that make an excellent pet. Snakes have a significant edge over other pets as they are fed only once in a week or 2 weeks. The small ones are docile & mild, easy to be handled & taken care of. The cost of captivating is not even heavy on pockets.
Here I will try to cover details of just 8 small snakes which are commonly used for petting.

Rosy Boa

rosy boa
The rosy boa comes from the family of the Boidae snake. These pretty little creatures rarely grow more than 3 feet. They are native to the American Southwest. Rosy Boa’s favorite time out is at dusk or night but you may seem them during the day in cooler areas. The mass of an adult is 450 g & have a life span of 15-20 years.

King Snake Species

king snake
The kingsnake or chain king snake is one of the attractive & colorful specie. They are wrapped in patterns of red black & yellow. These nonvenomous creatures are native to North America & Mexico. These beauties can live to a maximum of 20. 30 years in captivity.

Mexican milk snake

Mexican milk snake
Like other snakes these are carnivores but their feed variety is quite vast which includes mammals, birds & some reptiles too. Milksnakes can grow up to 30 inches.

They are short in length but large in width. In captivity, they can survive till 22 years & reach full maturity between 3-4 years of age.

Corn snake

The first & most favorite choice for a beginner is a corn snake. They belong to the rat snake specie and can grow up to 61-180 cm & have a weight of 900g. In captivity, their lifespan is of 10-15 years. Corn snake may bite you but not venomous. You may feel a slight pain if bitten.

Kenyan Sand Boa

kenyan sand boa
This species is closely related to the Rosa Boa snake & is found in the areas of eastern & northern Africa. When Boa’s body is hidden below the sand the head remains uncovered with the eyes & nostrils. These fellows are with heavy body & small eyes. The lifespan is of 15 years for this breed.

Summary: Small pets are the most favorite so far. As these buddies are ah=mazing snake pets. These are not only non-venomous but also less active. you shouldn’t worry about their feed as they require a meal once in a week or so.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Here are few commonly asked questions that will help you with a better understanding of small snakes.

Do snakes like to be held?

Snakes don’t like to be held for long, These fellows start feeling uncomfortable when you have a frequent physical connection with them.

Can a pet snake recognize its owner?

Snakes do not have the right intelligence to recognize their owners. So snake pet owners should be ready to face this fact as they will not be differentiated from other owners.

Why does my snake stare at me?

As compared to other pets snakes have poor eyesight, so yes it seems these buddies are staring. In reality, they are exhibiting a natural response to any encountered thing which is life-threatening.


As you are at the end of a read, I am pretty sure you must have decided by now which small pet snake breed to go with. Though all small snakes are great as pets few are the way better. So before deciding do have a proper study of these fellows’ nature & requirements.

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