What are the best snakes to have as pets?. Small snakes can make great pets if cared for properly and can be an easy way to introduce you to reptile husbandry. Out of all reptiles available to buy as pets in the world, snakes seem to have the upper hand as the most popular pet of choice.
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Best Snake Species:

Different snake species can have different personality traits, some snakes are friendlier than others, some snakes have very specific dietary requirements. Regardless it’s important to start your reptile venture with an easy-going, beginner-friendly pet snake, it would be unfair on you and the snake to be thrown in at the deep end with a 20ft long Burmese python.

What Are the Best Pet Snakes for Beginners?

There are roughly 3,700 snake species in the world, so would-be snake owners have several options available to them. However, the vast majority of these species are difficult to care for and best left to experienced keepers.

Beginners should stick to those species that are docile, easy to feed, and remain relatively small. Additionally, beginners should only acquire pet snakes that were born and bred in captivity, as wild-caught snakes often present several challenges. Snakes are like no other animal like;

  • They eat strange foods, like frozen ■■■■ mice
  • They require very specific vivarium conditions
  • They interact with humans much differently than warm-and-fluffy pets do.

Although snakes are fascinating creatures, these differences in snake behavior and care compared to that of a cat or dog can leave many people wondering if snakes make good pets, but with the right care and background, knowledge snakes are easily looked after.

Summary: Small snakes are considered the best pet snakes to date. As these folks are not fussy eaters & easy to be handled & taken care of. With little care, you can have a great snake pet.


Let’s find out together what are the 3 main best small snakes to have as pets & what interesting features they possess.


corn snake

A corn snake is by far the most popular first-time snake buyer’s choice. Corn snakes are small, thin-bodied, and generally don’t get bigger than 5ft. They will feed regularly, meaning they are easy to fit into your lifestyle and a routine. Corn snakes make good beginner pets because they are docile and they rarely present feeding difficulties or costly health problems.


ball python

Now this one may sound scary at first; although pythons are constrictors, they are non-venomous snakes. Ball pythons are also the smallest of the sub-Saharan species making them one of the best snake breeds for beginners.

As a small constrictor, a human would not be considered prey in their eyes, you are too big even as a big meal, they will wrap themselves around your arm or wrist, but they can easily be removed, this is just how ball pythons like to sit comfortably.


sand boas

Sand boas are small boa constrictors who are much easier to maintain than some of their larger cousins are. Sand boas can be tame, and they are typically easy to feed, living off mice. To hunt, they pounce on the (■■■■) mice and bury it into the sand, twisting and turning as they constrict their prey. Some species are quite colorful and attractive, but they do spend most of their time buried beneath their substrate.

Summary: Corn Snake, Ball Python & Sand Boas make a great choice as best pet snakes. they are docile, easy-going, decent eaters & easy to take care of. Beginners love to captivate them because of their small size & bit friendly nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some frequently asked questions which might give you a deep insight into the topic.

What is the friendliest snake?

The corn snake is the friendliest snake so far as it is docile & submissive. They don’t react roughly to the owner. Its tolerance level is high as to other snakes.

Do pet snakes like to be petted?

They don’t at all enjoy being petted. So better avoid holding them for long. These buddies are not like other pet animals. They get disturbed & develop an uncomfortable feeling if you pet them.

Do snakes get lonely?

Snakes don’t feel lonely as these creatures are solitary animals like cats. In fact, these don’t like to caged with other animals.


If you are a beginner & not sure what best snakes to have as pets, then go with the Corn snake choice. Besides these Ball Python and Boas can be the second-best choice. Keep in mind the snakes are never friendly & does not have any bond with the owners like other pets. If you are an enthusiastic & adventurous caretaker only then you should go for snake petting. If you don’t take proper care of these buddies they die with a year or two in captivity.

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