Have you recently decided to adopt a snake or are you curious about the snake? Are you making plans to keep a snake as a pet? But not sure what are the best pet snakes for beginners? This guide is to help you discover the best snake for beginners, so Let’s get into it!

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Pet Snakes:

Pets can change your life, and selecting the right one for us is a big decision. Buying a pet is not an easy task and it’s a big responsibility. But owning a dangerous animal is a responsibility that requires a massive amount of education and planning.
In case you are considering bringing one into your home, there are lots of various species of a snake across the world, ranging hugely in size and length.

If you’re thinking about getting a pet snake, the obvious factor to mention is to make sure you get a species that isn’t poisonous and don’t forget their size, temperament, needs, habitat, and diet. Small snakes are unique to most animal pets. There is a range of snake species that are easy to handle and are docile and don’t require large amounts of area or space to live.

** Summary**: Selecting the right pet & especially a snake is a delicate process. If you have decided to go for a snake as a beginner, do look for the best & easy-going species. There are many small snakes that you choose from, but keep in mind all the above-mentioned points.

Things to be Considered Before Buying a Pet Snake:

Generally, there are some of the features that great snakes for beginners possess. But still, there are few points you need to consider before adopting a pet snake.
● Do you have kids at home?
● How much spare space do you have for your new fantastic pet?
● Beginners have to stick with those types of snakes that are easy to feed and handle.

They consume weird foods, like frozen dead mice. They engage with people in a different way than other pets. Snakes can live long-term if cared for properly. Some snakes grow up to 30 ft long. Make sure you’re prepared for this kind of commitment before bringing homes a new pet snake.

When selecting a snake, search for small size of about three to five ft in length. Avoid water snakes and any venomous species, those that aren’t poisonous. The best types of snakes are those that remain small, easy to control, and aren’t picky eaters. A snake that doesn’t eat mice don’t require much feeding, and a friendly snake won’t bite.

** Summary**: If you have kids at home or don’t have enough space to set a vivarium for the snake. You should think twice about going for snake petting. As a bigger better stick to the small snakes, always buy the baby ones that won’t grow too big & are easy to handle.

5 Snake Pets for First-Time owners:

Here I’d like to highlight some top snake species or beginner-friendly snakes that make them great pets for first-time snake owners and are easy and safe to care for. The listed snakes do not have strict requirements and are beginner-friendly, easy to care for. They have the best temperaments, the least amount of feeding issues, and healthiness, and are available in several colors. Consider these things before deciding to get one.

Corn Snakes:

Corn snakes are a great choice as a pet. They have been recognized to live approximately 5 to 10 years just like the average lifespan of a pet cat. They are non-venomous and are easy to find and pretty easy to care for. They are bred so often that they are born with dozens of different colorations and patterns which are making them very attractive snakes.

They are available in a huge variety of warm patterns and colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow. Their beautiful red and brown coloring is quite variable because of breeding. Sometimes they are known as Red Rat Snakes. They like to eat frozen and thawed rodents such as small birds.

They are local to the southeastern U.S. First-time beginners should buy because they are docile and stay relatively small. Usually, they are very comfortable and are amenable to being handled.

Due to their natural home variety, they are big fans of hiding which is why they require a habitat that is set up for that kind of behavior. They also like to check the boundaries of their enclosure and can push at the tank lid with their nose, which means they need a very secure habitat and beginners should be careful otherwise they can escape.

They are docile and timid, they don’t require a lot of attention or create a fuss. The best thing is that they are not poisonous which makes them a beginner-friendly snake.

Black Rat Snakes

They live about 10 to 30 years, and they prefer to eat frozen-thawed rodents. They are some of the most popular pet snakes. They are friendly and docile. Because of their behavior, they are sometimes mistaken for rattlesnakes, but they are not venomous or aggressive.

They are the most pet snake varieties. They have less strict temperature requirements which make them perfect for beginners. They are swimmers and climbers, that’s why they need habitats which are designed to keep them safely inside to deal with their escapist habits.

Gopher Snake

Almost all snake lovers have encountered this snake one time in life. They have all the great traits of good pet snakes. Its size is about 6 to 9 feet and lifespan is approximately 15 to 30 years.

They resemble rattlesnakes although they are not poisonous and harmless to humans. They are pale brown with a row of dark and thin dark blotches that run down their back and sides. They require 30-gallon enclosures and custom-built cages that are at least forty-eight inches long. They require low relative humidity.

They are also American’s favorite. They are famous and easy to find in North America. They are energetic and docile. They are affordable. They may not be special, but they are just right for beginners.

Rosy Boas

The “rosy” name comes from the pearl and coral color. They live about 20+ years and like to eat small mice/rats. These type of snakes is excellent for committed beginners. If given the proper medical and habitat care, they are long-lived.

The Rosy -boa is perhaps the most probable escape artist than all the snakes mentioned above. It is recommended to keep away from the use of wire as these materials could harm your snake because it tests the cage and tries to make its escape. They are amazing creatures that like to explore, but they may be not the easiest ones to care for. They require huge enclosures that are humid.

They are also expensive. These exotic and majestic snakes may not be great for beginners, but they are a must-have for any snake enthusiast.

Boa Constrictor

Its size is about 5.5 to 13 feet and lifespan is about 20 to 35 years. They have long lifespans and are considered as one of the largest snakes in the world. They can grow to be over 40 years. A person needs to be committed if he desires to keep it.
The most famous breed of the boa constrictor is the Colombian boa constrictor. They grow to a reasonable size, usually 5.5 feet.

Summary: The above mentioned small snakes are considered best for pet lovers. And Corn snake stands high in the list because of its docile & tolerable nature. These all snakes don’t grow much & easy to be fed. They don’t bite, in case if you are bitten , the bite will not be a pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the pet snakes for beginners.

What is the friendliest snake?

There are 5 best snakes that are considered a bit friendly. Of these Corn Snake is of most friendly nature.

Do pet snakes bite?

Generally, snakes don’t bite. But yes if these get disturbed, irritated & provoked, you might expect a rough behavior. And these tiny creatures do bite you but luckily these bites are non-venomous

How do you calm a snake down?

Provide them a proper habitat. feed them according to their size & need. Don’t provoke them for handling long. Move slowly in front of them as they get disturbed & feel it as threatening.

Conclusion :

Several small snakes species make the best pet snakes for beginners. In general, you have to try to stick with the above-mentioned species for your first pet snake. If you’re a first-time snake owner, take a deep breath. The adventure to pet snake owners is a thrilling one!

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