Indeed small snakes are considered the best small snakes for pets. Still, one common mistake that most beginners make is buying a snake that is too much for them to handle. Not only do some snakes get very large, but some are also quite dangerous. Good pet snakes are those who are small snakes, easy to feed, remain a reasonable size, and need quite little maintenance.

small pet snake


The following are some of the best small snakes: Let together study their special features;

Western Hognose:


Their life expectancy is about 8-10 years. They also like to eat frozen and thawed rodents. They make good small house snakes because they only reach about three feet. They don’t mind crawling around the people and stay small as pet snakes go, which may be an attractive feature for some novices that’s why they also are one of the best pet snakes to deal with. They are best recognized for the exceptional facial characteristic that is the upturned nose that gives the impression of
a hog!

Summary: They are an amazing choice for pets only if the young snakes are brought to the home and often treated properly.

Ball Pythons

ball python
Ball pythons can live about 20 – 30 years. They can also be the best pet snakes to deal with in case you get them younger. They are great small snakes as pets and fantastic pets for kids and beginners. They generally attain five ft at maturity.

They like to eat mice and rats. They are known for their tendency to stop eating for periods of time, especially the winter, as well as Autumn that’s why they should be carefully monitored.
Whenever they sense threatened, they curl into a ball shape and that’s where his name comes from, Ball Pythons.

They are shy but friendly. They need a few good hiding spots in their enclosures, as well as warm and cool spots to help them regulate their temperature.

Summary: If you’re really ready to take on a long-term pet commitment, then buy it because they can live for more than 40 years.

Milk and King Snakes:

The two popular snake types are so similar and comparable that they are typically lumped together into “milk and king snakes.” Their lifespan is approximately 10-20+ years. The feed of small snake is frozen and thawed rodents. If you are looking for something a little different then go for it! They are a great fit for families. Truly, they are for everyone.

They are some of the unique animals on Earth. Many snakes can be easily handled, and their requirements for care are enough for beginners to manage easily. They live relatively small.

Summary: They are very popular snakes to keep as pets because of their small size and shiny, stunning coloration. They are known for their vibrant red, yellow, and black or white striping.

Garter Snakes:

garter snakes

Their life expectancy is about 5-10 years. They prefer to eat pinkie mice and small feeder fish. If you are looking for a small, friendly snake that’s a great choice for novices.
They are small snakes and active, lively, and energetic during the day. They are very alert.

They love water and can be handled as long as they are conditioned with everyday handling from a young age.

Summary: They are very adorable and are available in a huge array of colors and patterns. They love swimming. There are very few snakes better suitable for beginners than Garter Snakes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some best frequently asked questions about snake buddies.

Do garter snakes need a heat lamp?

The basking area for a garter snake is a 90-95 degree for digesting a meal. So this heat can be provided through a lamp under the tank.

Can you milk a snake?

Snake milking is indeed a dangerous job. It is not an easy process, it is done by stretching the latex over the jars& then snakes bite the jar.

Why snakes are not good pets?

Snakes are not considered good pets despite less care & Handel. In captivity, if not kept well most of the pet snakes die within 2 years. , These don’t feel any bond with the owner. Cant have the intellectual capacity to recognize the caretaker.


Small snakes are considered the best choice for beginners. These buddies make a good pet as they don’t grow too big to handle. In the list of best small snakes for pets, corn snake & boas are at the top. These are not fussy eaters, react rationally. Only the big chunk of the cost you incur is the initial set up of the tank. Later on, the small pet snake is not heavy on your pockets.

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Best Pet Snakes


The type of Snakes which stay small in size are best snakes for pet. They are easier to feed and handle as compare to other bulky snakes. As small snakes does not live in big apartments also their care is easy to inexperienced person also. The urinate and ■■■■■■■■ of small snakes can also be easily clean up. Problem generates when snakes ■■■■■ grow into large as people don’t much know about which species are small and will stays small. People even don’t know that which species of snakes are venomous.

A list of best small snakes is appended below.

• Beginner Friendly Pet Snakes That Stay Small Forever
• Easy to Care for Pet Snakes for Beginners

Ringneck Snake
Ringneck Snakes are slightly venomous but having nonaggressive nature. In many countries they are first pet snake due to their size. You can easily recognize them. These are longer and fatter than Barbdos threadsnake and Bimini Blind snakes. And they do not look like earthworm. Their head and tail is different. They grow up to 25-38cm. their weight is about 1.4g. Their temperature on hot side must be 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be easily maintained by hanging a low watt basking light. They eat earthworms and small insets. They can bite humans as they have rear tooth which may cause allergic reactions. Ringneck females lay about 2 to 10 eggs, which may take 45 to 60 days for hatching. Their age limit is about 10 years.

Smooth Green Snake
As by name they are green in colour. Provide them clean and fresh water always to maintain humidity level. Its life span is about 6 years. Its length is about 36 to 51cm commonly fund in Nearctic region areas but also found in other areas. Smooth green snake is also nonvenomous. Its belly is yellow or white. Smooth green snake changes it coloration when becomes adult. Smooth green snakes are active in summer as compare to winter. They don’t bite commonly and they are not venomous. They eat insects like harvestmen, moths and ants. Their reproduction season is spring or summer and incubation period can be between 4 to 23 days. Their babies are totally independent by birth as female leaves the nest after laying eggs. They are also good pet due to their size making house for them is easy and they do not eat rodents so feeding them is also easy. Their size is about 20-26 in as an adult.

Scarlet Kingsnake
They are very beautiful. They are shy and love to live in high temperature on hot side. They eat other species also. Scarlet Kingsnakes are nonvenomous. They commonly found in North Carolina and Georgia. They love to eat reptiles and rodents. They also like to eat eggs. You must be expert of them, in case you have make mind to keep them as a pet because they are very moody in eating sometimes, they don’t eat if they are given the food that’s not their favorite . Their habits may be differ from one another scarlet kingsnake. They are very shy. Their length is between 16 to 20in when they are adult. The female give birth to about 2-9 eggs. They can live up to 15years.

Anthill Python
It is the smallest Python of Python family but same in body. Its size is about 19.5in in adult age. Anthill Python eats lizards and small mammals happily like mice. You should be very careful with handling them as if they get a chance they may escape. Their lifespan is about 15 to 20 years. They can live in a temperature on hot side of 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit. They are found in Western Australia and Africa. They are even such smaller that other python family snakes children are larger. Female Anthill python lay 2 to 6 eggs per clutch. Their head shape is triangular. There must be fresh water available in aquarium for their comfort . They are nonaggressive by nature and not venomous but if they bite then you will not feel much pain due their small size.

Western Hognose
It can also be a best pet due to its beauty there is an interesting pattern of its back with dots. Western Hognose Snakes has unique nose as by name, with the help of their nose they makes holes in ground and hide themselves there. They are also smallest species of snake. Their lifespan is about 10 to 15 years. They easily live in temperature on hot side must be between 20-32C. In adult age and their expected length reach about 2 to 2.5ft. Western Hognose snakes are slightly venomous.

Garter Snake Garter
Snake is venomous but it is not such dangerous. There are many species of Garter Snake different in color, size and pattern. But according to my point of view coaster garter snake is best due to its color deep red with black spots. Cleaning is recommended on daily bases on you are keep such snake. They eat mice in wild. There feed increase with their size. There must be bowl of water in aquarium as the take bath to cool down. Their size is round about 45 to 50cm when they become adult but some Garter snakes species grow up to 137in.

Barbdos Threadsnake
It is the smallest than all other species of snake. It’s found in Caribbean. It looks like a worm having thin body. Its average length is about 10cm only. Their weight goes up to 0.6g. It is not venomous.

Bimini Blind Snake
Bimini Blind snake is just like Barbdos threadsnake. It also looks like a worm having shiny body. Its average length is about 5-10cm. These creatures are as small that you may consider them worms. They don’t have segmented bodies. They have same size just like crawler worm. Bimini Blind snake have different colors. They are not faster in movement. They eat small invertebrates. Bimini Blind Snake is not venomous.

Rosy Boa
Rosy Boa is venomous but it is not dangerous. They need light to maintain their body warm. Make sure that the humidity should not be very high in aquarium as it may cause problem for this purpose don’t provide water in large dish. You can easily buy it from reptile stores. It gains length up to 4 feet when adult. Their lifespan can be about 30 years. They eat reptile food. Temperature on hot areas must be between 85 to 90 degrees.