Luckilywhere to get pet snakes is no more hassle job. you can get a snake anywhere that sells reptiles. Since there are a large market and demand for snakes they are easily found and very easily kept. You can find snakes at a local pet shop (one that sells reptiles), a corporate pet shop (such as Petco), reptile conventions and expositions, private sales, and on-line breeding companies.

Where to get Pet Snakes?

The following are the sources from where you can adopt the pet snake.

Pet Stores

There are several places you can buy a snake. Most people buy snakes at the local pet shops in the area. Most pet shops, whether they are a small or a large corporation, will carry, distribute, and sell snakes. Buying your snake in a pet store can be rewarding because you will be able to hold, handle, and inspect the snake prior to your purchase.

Along with the pros of buying in a pet shop, there are cons as well. If you decide to purchase your corn snake from a pet shop, the owner (or employees) will most likely not know the gender or the genetics of the snake (so if you plan to breed in the future, buying your snake from a pet shop may not be the best option for you).

The Internet

One of the most convenient places to purchase a snake is on the Internet. Finding a snake on the Internet is fast and extremely easy. If you decide to purchase a snake online, you will most likely be exposed to an extremely high amount of options when it comes to coloring and morphs of different snakes, and this can become overwhelming.

Buying a snake on-line is convenient because many on-line vendors are the producers and breeders of these snakes and offer a wide range of information on these creatures before a purchase is made. It is also most likely that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for at the price you are willing to spend.

Conventions and Expositions

The most fun and exciting place to buy a snake is at a reptile expo (or convention). Reptile expos are where a large number of different vendors from all over the country get together in one space to sell all different kinds of species of reptiles and supplies.

Reptile expos are not only fun and exciting but they give you an opportunity to hold, handle, and inquire about the snake before purchasing. An added bonus to expos is that the people who you will speak to about the snake you are about to purchase is the breeder of that particular animal, so they will know the gender, the specific morph, and the genetics of the snake as well as answer any specific questions you may have about the snake.

If you decide to purchase your snake at an expo make sure to get the breeder’s contact information (business card) so that in the future they will be able to answer any questions, provide tips and advice, and just in case the animal becomes ill or dies within the first few days of owning your new snake.

Summary Once you have decided to buy a pet snake, now the job is to find the best source, As per research physical stores are the best so far while some online stores is paving the good repute these days.

Some Questions to Ask Prior to Purchasing Your Snake

Before you decide to buy an animal, there are several questions you should ask the seller (whether you are buying from a pet store, online, or at an expo).

  • How long has this snake been in the store?
  • How old is this snake?
  • Has this snake eaten yet (if it is a baby)?
  • Are you aware of any health issues that may affect this snake?
  • Does this snake of a history of being hostile?
  • What is the temperament of this snake?
  • What should I be feeding this snake?
  • How often should I be feeding this snake?
  • Do you know the gender of this snake?
  • Do you know the genetics of this snake?
  • Do you have the supplies I need for this snake?
  • What kind of supplies do I need for this snake?
  • How big of an enclosure should I buy?
  • Do you have any health guarantees or warranties?
  • How should I transport this animal?
  • How long should I wait before handling this animal?

Some questions to Internet purchases are as follows:

  • How long has this website been in operation?
  • Does this website have a written warranty?
  • Did you produce this snake (did the owner of the website personally breed this snake)? If not, who did?
  • Has this snake eaten yet?
  • How often has this snake been fed and what has it been fed?
  • Do you guarantee the correct gender?
  • What is the gender?
  • How do you ship your reptiles?
  • What are the specifics needed to know prior to shipping a live reptile?
  • When the creature arrives, what should I do?
  • How long should I wait before handling this animal?


Pet snakes can be purchased from different sources. You have to make sure the pet store you have chosen holds a great repute & they have the proper license. Before buying the pet snake do in-depth research about the species & handling. In the nutshell, if you keep in mind the above-mentioned point you will never regret your choice.

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