Snakes for sure can make great pets but there are a few things you need to consider before choosing good types of snakes for of the most important is the size of the snake. If you’re a beginner, it is highly suggested that you consider buying a small snake so that’s it’s easy for you to take care of it and also enjoy the tiny creature.


All-time favorite Pet Snakes:

When a typical person envisions a pet snake, they probably imagine a ginormous Burmese python or reticulated python or even a long corn snake.

This can be a nightmare for people who are merely afraid of snakes. However, the truth of the matter is that not all snakes that are kept as pets are larger than life…

Snakes that stay small are an EXCELLENT starting point if you have a little bit of fear holding you back. They’re also a perfect middle ground if you live with a relative or roommate as they won’t be needing a whole lot of place and also will be easy to handle.

Summary: Snake petting these days is getting very popular & the perception of snakes is taking a positive turn. There are many small snakes that make a great pet. The corn snake is always at the top of the list. Small snakes need not much extensive care & handling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are many frequently asked questions whose answers will surely gonna make you an expert on pet snakes.

Low cost?

The price of the actual snake is highly variable, but you will typically spend less money on the animal’s enclosure, decorations, hides, substrate, the heating element(s), and food.

pet snake

Do they have Insignificant bite?

Anything with a mouth and teeth can bite, and while most of these snakes are generally docile, none of them are capable of inflicting a severe wound. The worst-case scenario is a little love bite!

Can they kill human?

These small snakes aren’t capable of constricting any human to death. Even with the most docile of giant snakes, a keeper also risks pulling a muscle while handling their 150-pound serpent, but that’s improbable with these little guys.

How much space do they need?

pet snake enclosure
These creatures are great for apartment dwellers as neither do they nor their enclosure take up a whole lot of space and will be easily fit into any ■■■■ of your room happily.

However, as with all things in life, there are positive & negative aspects…

***As such, make sure you considered these “cons” before deciding on a small snake:***

What kind of health concerns?

Husbandry issues with the enclosure’s temperature and humidity can affect a small snake more than it would a large one, and it can be more difficult to see symptoms like mucous or retained sheds. Their minuscule bodies are also prone to accidental injury. That’s why small species are not the best candidates for young children.

Can they escape?

Small snakes will escape from small openings. It is already challenging to find an escaped snake in your home. Imagine trying to find a snake that is small enough to fit into virtually any opening in your house. So, you will have to pay extra attention to its enclosure and make it as safe as proof and inescapable as possible.

Do they need specialized care?

Many species of small snakes can require unique care and diets. They all have different dietary requirements as well as different heating and cooling temperatures.


From this read, it is pretty much clear that there are many good types of snakes for pets in the small snake species that make good pets for not only beginners but also for experienced ones. Only the concern is good care in captivity. if you provide them with good enclosure, proper feed, adequate water supply, less handling these buddies will act like gentlemen.

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