Snake as a pet has turned out to be very famous in recent years. They surely are one of the cheapest and simplest reptiles to own. Reptiles are captivating pets, but they actually aren’t for everyone. But the million-dollar question is what are the best snakes to have as pets.
best snakes


Snakes are one of the most famous pets. Visit any reptile shop, and you will see the bulk of legless animals available there. Snakes can be amazing pets. They are colorful, thrilling, and exciting. The best thing is, they don’t require a lot of attention. With normal handling; most of them can be pretty tame as pets. However, snakes are manifestly not the proper pets for everyone.

They have specific necessities, and needs, and only be given to people having a strong commitment and people who know how to fulfill their needs. Pet snakes are a super alternative to cats or dogs or any other animals as they do not require much of our attention. They need to be fed every two weeks. You can leave them alone for long time, and they will be perfectly fine. For example, you can leave for 1 week and feed simply before you go, all that would be required is daily water and that’s it. Snakes can live as much as forty years like Ball Python.

**Summary **: These days the misconception about these bodies is a bit clear. Small snakes are an all-time favorite for the pet owners. You can choose any of the snakes from a small breed to captivate. Make sure the captivity conditions should be good enough to enjoy their new homes.

Best Pet Snakes:

The following are the top best snakes to have as pets, lets take a road trip with us & find the amazing features of these buddies.

Corn Snakes

corn snake

Corn snakes are a great choice as a pet. They are bred so often that they are born with dozens of different colorations and patterns which are making them very attractive snakes. They are available in a huge variety of warm patterns and colors like red, orange, brown, and yellow. They are also known as Red Rat Snakes.

They need a very secure habitat and beginners should be careful otherwise they can escape. They are not poisonous which makes them a beginner-friendly snake.

Milk and King snakes

milk snake

They are some great small pet snakes because they stop growing around four feet long. The two popular snake types are so similar and comparable that they are typically lumped together into “Milk and king snakes.” Their lifespan is approximately 10-20 years.

They are known as an ideal, “Beginner” snake is because they require lower habitat temperatures than many snakes. The snakes may wiggle and try to get free in the beginning, however will become more docile with time. These snakes have been known to prey on other snakes so that they have to be housed individually.

Ball Pythons

Ball Python
They are great small snakes as pets for kids and beginners. They like to eat mice and rats. They are known for their tendency to stop eating for periods of time, especially the winter, as well as Autumn.
They are non-venomous and if a bite occurs accidentally, it reduces the chance of serious injury. They are available in a stunning variety of colorations and patterns. If you are really ready to take on a long-term pet commitment, then buy it because they can live for more than 40 years.

Summary Either you are newbies or an experienced chap, you will love to have corn, ball python & milk snake as a pet. These buddies are of good nature, don’t get irritates easily, show great tolerance to longer holding. They are not venomous & eat less. In a nutshell, if you are an enthusiast pet lover, don’t miss having these beauties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are few frequently asked questions that surely will give you more detailed information about this topic.

Are Snakes high maintenance?

Not at all. These buddies require low maintenance. Once their vivarium is properly set, then a meal according to the size & species & access to freshwater is the main thing needed.

Can a snake love you?

Snakes don’t feel affection for their owners as these fellows don’t have the intellectual capacity to feel human emotions. The only two emotions that snakes feel are fear & aggression.

Can snake learn their name?

Snakes can hear a different range of sounds depending upon the environment. Owners claim that snakes recognize their names being called.

Do snakes cry?

Snakes don’t cry as the spectacles are attached to skin & tears don’t flow from their eyelids as compared to mammals.


The corn snake, Milk & king Snake & Ball Python are the best snakes to have as pets. These three buddies are considered best amongst the small corn snakes. They are easy to handle & taken care of. They ain’t expensive at all, only in the beginning you need to invest a bit larger chunk in setting the enclosure.

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