What is the best snake for a pet? Snakes come in so many variations, colors, and sizes. They are incredibly powerful but dangerous. Some are harmless too which is why you want in your home as a pet. Before getting a pet snake, keep in mind that all snakes are carnivorous, cold-blooded & require heat. Learn about their longevity, law, and locations before buying.
pet snake

Best Snake As a Pet:

Let’s dig out some information about small snakes & then find what is the best & suitable to adopt as a pet.

Smooth Green Snake:

milk snake
They are native to North America and are very skinny. They require a small enclosure of about 10-gallon vivarium and like to eat insects. They are more a display animal than a companion. They are unique and hardly available. They come in small sizes. They may live for approximately 15 years.

Milk & King Snake:

They are known as an ideal, “beginner” snake and require lower habitat temperatures than many snakes. They may also take some time to settle down to a new home, and it can take numerous handling sessions before they begin to grow familiar with being held.
milk snake

The snakes may wiggle and try to get free in the beginning, however will become more docile with time. It must be noted that these snakes have been known to prey on other snakes so that they have to be housed individually. Kingsnakes and California kingsnakes are some great small pet snakes because they stop growing around four feet long.

But they aren’t docile and end up skittish when treated too much. Milk snakes are gorgeous snakes with their beautiful colors. They are hungry little reptiles who like to often eat, and they only reach approximately four feet at adulthood.

Ball Pythons:

ball python
They may appear intimidating. They are really highly docile. They have different rounded features, great availability, and comparatively minimal care requirements. It is one of America’s favorite pet snakes. They also are non-venomous and if a bite occurs accidentally, it reduces the chance of serious injury.

Male species typically become about two to three feet long, while the significantly larger female can have lengths of up to five feet. They are available in a stunning variety of coloration and patterns, so, it’s easy to find a gorgeous and unique one. They are now available in many fascinating colors and patterns as a result of selective breeding.

Western Hognose :

western hognose
These snakes can now be observed in a multitude of colors and patterns due to selective breeding. Their brown, white, and beige colors help them to mix with their habitat in the wild. The only thing which may not be perfect for beginners is that they were known to hiss and strike unexpectedly. They are possibly higher snakes for handlers.

Rosy Boas:

Rosy Boas are calm and slow-moving. They can accidentally bite due to feeding response. They need low humidity and a warm side in their enclosure to digest their food. They have such a strong prey drive which is why their most common health problem is obesity.
rosy boa
These attractive boas often live for over 30 years. They require about 20-gallon to 29-gallon aquarium. They are native to the desert regions of the Western United States.

** Summary**: Small snakes make the best pets. Among this breed, corn snake is considered the best choice so far. you can choose any of the small snakes, but make sure you know & have researched well how to take proper care of these buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few questions that might fascinate you.

What is the best snake to have as a pet for beginners?

You can go blindly with Corn Snake. It is the best snake pet for beginners so far as per research. These beauties are very friendly, easy to be handled & don’t hurt at all.

Do snakes like to be held?

Pet snakes ain’t like other pets that are like to be petted. If you hold them for long these buddies will be upset & will start reacting bit weird.

How do you tell if a snake is comfortable with you?

The following signs can tell you if your snake is comfortable with you.

  • unhurried movement.
  • Flattened body posture
  • A calm snake will flick its tongue into the air
  • It will interact with the walls

How often should you bathe your snake?

Yes, snakes do like baths once or twice a week. If they are shedding then soaking can help them shed retained skin.


We hope the above read must have answered your question “what is the best snake for a pet?”. Small snakes are an all-time favorite for the snake pet lovers. The reason is not the cost but the handling & easy take care of. So if you want to adopt a snake as a pet you can blindly go with any of the small snakes, Corn snake, though, to date is considered the most favorite small snake. As this buddy is a pure decent chap.

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