Are corn snakes good pet? Yes, Indeed! If you are thinking of having a snake as a pet but confused which one to go with, undoubtedly your choice should be a corn snake.



Let’s dive into the realm of corn snakes & learn more about it before you make the right choice.
As a beginner, this is the best option you can tick. As the corn snakes are not only vibrant in colors but also very docile in nature. They can be easily tamed & grow good enough to be handled easily.

Corn snakes make excellent choices as pet snakes as they are generally docile, relatively easy to care for, and do not get very large therefore they make a great choice for beginner snake owners. They are native to the south-eastern United States, are mostly land-dwelling, and are active mainly at night or dusk and dawn.

Corn Snake Pet Names:

Female snake beauties names are;

  • Bubble
  • Rose
  • Sapphire
  • Pinky

Male macho snake names;

  • Fluffy
  • Jafaar
  • Bruce
  • Bush
  • Ace
    corn snake feed

Corn Snake Favourite Food:

Are mice the only feed for pet corn snakes? Don’t they like eating any other animal?
They do enjoy frog, lizard, birds, bird’s eggs, chick (few slices) & rodents. Fresh and clean water is vital for good health.
Quail eggs can be a good treat for your snake once in a few weeks.

Summary: Corn snakes make an ah-mazing pet. You have come to a point in your life where you’ve got realized that keeping a reptile as a pet isn’t only more helpful, but is really pleasant to keep such a docile, tame, adoring, and cleverly animal as a family pet.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The following queries are the most common ones that any beginner can probe.

Are corn snakes friendly?

For not only adults but also for children corn snakes can be a friendly pet. These are very meek, mild & compliant, don’t react that much.

Are corn snakes expensive to keep?

In the beginning, it is expensive as a lot of amounts is required to have a set up (enclosure/tank). But later on, the keeping expenses are not that heavy on your pockets. Once the vivarium is set, the corn snake only wants one meal a week & a good quantity of freshwater.

Do snakes feel love?

No. They don’t get attached & feel any fondness or closeness to you. So it would be not wise at all to expect a loveable/pleasing behavior from these creatures.

How long do corn snakes live as pets?

10- 15 years is the average span of life of corn snake. Well isn’t it enough good to keep a snake as a pet. ?

Do corn snake bites hurt?

No, they don’t bite even though they are agitated. In case you are a victim, relax, baby snake bite is not felt like the size of their teeth is so small & compact. But yes you may feel a little sudden rush of the pain of the adult pet corn snake’s bite. So there is no fear of being killed by a corn snake.


This read must have cleared your doubt about “are corn snakes good pet?”.Corn snakes are the best choice for beginners because of their easy handling & cost-effectiveness. These are easy to keep and handle and are widely available. These fellows are not aggressive at all & show the highest tolerance level too.

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What are Corn Snakes?

Corn snakes are the American Species of rat snakes that capture and subdue its prey by compressing. Corn snakes resembled to Copperhead and lacks its own venom and often killed mistakenly. Are corn snakes good pet? Corn snakes are good pets because they are humble towards pet nature and are harmless. Corn snakes are found throughout the areas of South eastern and Central United states.

corn snake

What is Scientific classification of Corn Snakes?

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Reptilia
Order : Squamata
Suborder : Serpentes
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Pantherophis
Species: Pantherophis guttatus

As we know, Scientific name for Corn Snakes is Pantherophis guttatus, the life span of an adult corn snake is 6 - 8 years in wild life habitat.

The length of an adult Corn Snake is almost 61 - 180 cm. This length of a corn snake is found in wild life and not in other habitats.
Mass of an adult and particular corn snake is about 900g .

Are Corn snakes good pet?

A healthy corn snake is alert to your presence, shining eyes and yanking it7s tongue regularly, which is a perfect pet. Corn snakes are good pets. Corn snakes are submissive and are easily domesticated. Corn snakes are probing and they bite very rarely. They are active and proved good pets for adults and as well as children.

Corn snakes as pet

Can a corn snake kill you?

As we know, corn snakes are humble because of their pet habitat. They are well mannered and they cannot kill you. Corn snake is harmless because it is a pet snake and it also lacks venom.

When a corn snake bites you, its not harmful. Its just like a cat scratch because corn snakes don’t have big fangs. So, corn snakes are not able to kill you.

Why are corn snakes called corn snakes?

The corn snakes are called as corn snakes because of their color and marked patterns. Corn snakes have patterns resembling to Indian Corn or Kernel maize. These corn snakes have different and variety of color patterns in form of checked patterns. They have also variation with their age and range of area. That’s why these snakes are called Corn snakes.

Can snakes recognize their owners?

As according to animal science, Corn snakes first learn the recognizing factor to their owner. When their owner holds them and they play in the hands of owner, they learn acts and gestures and are able to attract towards owner.

On the other hand, if you are new to a corn snake and have not played with him yet, it might shows strange attitude towards new people. Because corn snake are mindless and are cold-blooded animals. They need to learn your behavior. They will love you back.

loving nature of corn snakes

How often should I hold my corn snake?

Normal time to hold corn snake do not exceed 1 hour. Because these snake do not need any touching and caring actions for their mental health and survival. handling once a day is much better and it gives your snake a well disciplined life and loving behavior towards you.

Do corn snakes bite hurt?

Corn snake bite rarely. They are good pets and that’s why they are harmless. Small or child corn snake bite does not causes pain because they have small teeth and if they bite, you will not know about hurt.

On the other hand, if adult corn snake bites you then it may cause some bleed but the bite is not harmful. You will only feel ■■■■■ needle pain and nothing more than that.

What is the life expectancy of a corn snake?

Corn snakes are popular as pets. They sign positive for pet habitat. The average life span of a corn snake is around 10 to 15 years. If you are petting a corn snake, then firstly know about its age and food because you have to care them for long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corn snakes are good pets because they are harmless and they are not able to kill you because of their humble nature. People ask several questions before making pet snakes which are;

Are corn snakes aggressive?

As we know, corn snakes are known for their humble nature and good pet habitat. They are usually not aggressive. Sometimes, young corn snakes are aggressive and defensive due to young nervous system and their is difficulty in taming them. Otherwise corn snakes are gentle.

Why does my corn snake strike at me?

Corn snakes are humble in nature but if a corn snake strikes towards you, then there are 2 reasons for them;

  1. If you handle a corn snake for first time, Then it may strike you for its safety and defense.

  2. if you are offering food to a corn snake, then it will strike you if hungry to get food from you.

These are the two reasons that why corn snakes strike you.

Is a male or female corn snake better?

Both type of corn snake are better and no one is aggressive except some situations. Corn snakes are good pets but when you will keep two male corn snake in a cage, they will surely fight for their dominance on one another and they will become aggressive. On the other hand, female corn snake are aggressive when they have laid eggs to protect their eggs.


Are corn snakes good pet? So, we know that corn snake are humble towards their owner and they are perfect for pet habitat. People who want to pet snake have a good opportunity to pet corn snake because they are harmless and their are also poison less. That’s why corn snake are good pets.

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