If you are a beginner & looking for a pet snake in the reptile husbandry, then go for the small snakes to keep as a pet. These buddies are not venomous, are easy to be cared for, docile, and can be tamed with little effort.

small snake

Small Pet Snakes:

Small snakes are considered the best choice for beginners. These buddies make a good pet as they don’t grow too big to handle. These are not fussy eaters, react rationally. Only the big chunk of the cost you incur is the initial set up of the tank. Later on, the small pet snake is not heavy on your pockets. If you provide them with the nearest to the best captive condition, they may live longer than expected. Study shows in most cases rough handling & improper care is the cause of early death of pet snakes.

Summary Small snakes do indeed make good pets if they are kept well. These buddies are very docile & tolerable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are few frequently asked questions that you must know.

Are small snakes dangerous?

Small snakes are not dangerous & will not bite you unless & until they feel threatened. So it is safe & rational to leave them alone.

Is the bite painful?

The bite of a baby snake is not painful at all. It is like a needle piercing feeling. But yes the feel of an adult snake bite is much more.


For first-time snake buyers, small snakes to keep as a pet is a good choice. As they don’t grow bigger, have a thin body, and rarely have any issues related to health. Only you need to invest a bit bigger chunk of the amount in setting up their tank otherwise it’s very cost-effective to keep them as pet buddies.

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