Is corn snake a good pet? Yes, corn snakes make an ah-mazing pet. You have come to a point in your life where you’ve got realized that keeping a reptile as a pet isn’t only more helpful, but is really pleasant to keep such a docile, tame, adoring, and cleverly animal as a family pet. You have got at long last chosen to take the plunge on obtaining a reptile and are choosing to be indeed braver by the craving to buy your first pet snake, but you’re uncertain on what to purchase since you’re as it were a fledgling.

corn snake


In case you’re an apprentice (or indeed a master) and looking to form your home feel entire and by acquiring a pet reptile. You ought to truly consider obtaining a pet corn snake, for they make the idealized pets for any individual and family. All snakes are different. Some pet snakes are very temperamental while others are very tame, docile, and tolerant of human handling. Some snakes are more high maintenance while others are very easily maintained.

corn snake

If you are a beginner, you never want to buy a snake that you cannot take care of. If you desire to be a snake owner, you must start small, and you must be able to choose a healthy animal that you will be able to house, feed, and care for the life span of the animal.

A corn snake is the best first snake any person can buy. These snakes are one of the most common captive-bred snakes and are also one of the most docile. These snakes can be found in many different morphs (color patterns).

Now that you have agreed in buying a corn snake, there is a lot you must now consider before purchasing your new pet. Corn snakes are widely bred in captivity and come in a large variety of sizes and morphs and you will be exposed to many different vendors. You must know how to find a healthy corn snake, that is aesthetically pleasing to you and your family, and you must be willing to care for this awesome creature for years to come.

Summary: Corn snakes are the best choice for beginners because of their easy handling & cost-effectiveness. These are easy to keep and handle and are widely available. These fellows are not aggressive at all & show the highest tolerance level too.

Points to Keep in mind Prior to Purchasing Your Corn Snake:

Before you decide to buy an animal, there are several questions you should ask the seller (whether you are buying from a pet store, online, or at an expo).

Some questions to ask prior to purchasing your corn snake are as follows:

  • How long has this snake been in the store?
  • How old is this snakee?
  • Has this snake eaten yet (if it is a baby)?
  • Are you aware of any health issues that may affect this snake?
  • Does this snake of a history of being hostile?
  • What is the temperament of this snake?
  • What should I be feeding this corn snake?
  • How often should I be feeding corn snake?
  • Do you know the gender of this snake?
  • Do you know the genetics of this snake?
  • Do you have the supplies I need for this snake?
  • What kind of supplies do I need for this snake?
  • How big of an enclosure should I buy?
  • Do you have any health guarantees or warranties?
  • How should I transport this animal?
  • How long should I wait before handling this animal?

Are Corn Snake the Best Choice for a First Pet Snake?

corn snake
Corn snakes are so tame, docile, cute, intelligent, and lovable creatures. You will be able to handle this snake as much as you’d like. You will be able to easily care for this snake. Corn snakes rarely bite (if ever) and are very tolerant of handling and very tolerant to small children.

It is highly suggested and recommend that you buy a corn snake for your first (second or third) pet snake

Summary: Before adopting Corn snakes, do the proper research & follow the above checklist. The more you will study abt these buddies, the more it is easy to take care of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are a few most frequently asked queries regarding corn snake. This read will surely help you better understand the nature of Corn snakes.

Are corn snakes dangerous pets?

These buddies are not dangerous to humans as their bite is not that venomous & painful. You feel a sharp needle ■■■■■ or swelling if bitten. But yes like other snake species it does carry Salmonella which can be deadly for humans.

How long does a corn snake live for as a pet?

The average life of a pet corn snake is 10 years, If proper care is provided it can live up to 15 years.

Do snakes like belly rubs?

No, these fellows don’t like this act. As holding for long & petting can put them at unease. So better not todo belly rub. Corn Snakes do not show any attachment & affection to their owners.


Corn snakes are without a doubt stands loud in the list of pet snakes. So this question is corn snake a good pet totally holds no ground. These beauties are very docile in nature & easy to handle. Not only the beginners but the experienced pet owners do want corn snake in their collection. As they don’t grow much bigger so taking care of is pretty easy & cost-effective. They are non-venomous so even safe for kids.

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