What is the pet corn snake favorite food?. Well, the answer is none other than mice/rats as it is the most darling food for pet corn snakes.

Corn Snake Favourite Food:

Now the question pops up is the feeding quantity is the same for every corn snake. The answer is big no. What do you feed a pet corn snake depend upon the size/ length of it? Pinky mice are given to the baby corn snakes while the soft & fuzzy rats are the feed of adult corn snakes.

Corn snakes like other pet snakes will eat pre-killed nourishment, which makes it more helpful for you as long as you don’t mind a baggie full of ■■■■ mice in your cooler. Pre-killed nourishment can moreover keep your pet secure from chomps and scratches.

If you are squeamish about feeding rodents to your snake, even though they are now commercially available already ■■■■ and frozen, and all you must do is thaw and offer them to the snake.

Summary: The feed of the corn pet snakes differs on the basis of the size & age But there is no other opinion about their most loved food, the rodents & mice. Try not to give them frozen meat as it will disturb their digestion system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can you feed corn snakes other than mice?

Well, are mice the only feed for pet corn snakes? Don’t they like eating any other animal?

They do enjoy frog, lizard, birds, bird’s eggs, chick (few slices) & rodents. Fresh and clean water is vital for good health.
Quail eggs can be a good treat for your snake once in a few weeks.

Can you feed wild mice to pet snakes?

If you don’t feed wild mice to pet corn snake, it will be good for their health. As wild mice carry bacteria so it is well sensible not to go with this option.

What food should not be served to pet corn snakes?

  • Don’t give frozen mice as it will upset your pet corn’s stomach.
  • Avoid giving insects like cricket & bug.
  • Fish is not even a preferred food
  • As corn snakes are carnivores, they don’t have any interest in bread.
  • Don’t offer cooked chicken too.
  • They don’t eat hotdogs, fruit & cat food.
  • Live prey should not be fed at any cost.

Should I Feed My corn snake in its cage?

It’s not a good idea to feed a corn snake in its cage or enclosure. Because once you will condition his feeding with cage, he will only expect a portion of food in that particular place.

Can I feed my snake two days in a row?

It wouldn’t be recommended on regular basis but you can feed your pet corn snake two days in a row. For a healthy pet, do give it time to digest & consume the energy it got from food.


Pet corn snake favorite food is rodent & mice . These snakes are very easy to feed and rarely refuse a meal.The easiest way to gauge what size mouse is needed is by comparing the girth of the mouse to the girth of your snake’s belly. The mouse should be about the same size around, or a touch larger.

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