How long a corn snake lives as a pet? The survival depends on how well these buddies have been kept in captivity. If the conditions are good corn snakes can live more than Avg life. But unfortunately, research shows most of the captivated corn snakes die within a year or two.

corn snake

Corn Snake:

If we talk about nonvenomous snakes, the corn snake is one of them. It is a native of southeastern and central United States. It is named after its body shape as it belly looks like a kernel of Indian corn.

Corn snake’s favorite food is corn hence it is often found near the cornfields. It is a very easy choice to go with if you want to keep a snake as a pet. These snakes are very amenable, passive, and easy to tame.

Life Span of Corn Snake?

The main concern of the corn pet holder is “How long does corn snake live as a pet?”

The average life of a corn snake is 10- 15 years but yes they may live up to 20 years. And this average life is quite enough to keep a snake as a pet. In the wild, they live hardly 6-8 years.

Keeping a corn snake healthy:

Following are the checks to see whether your fellow corn snake is in good health;

  • A healthy corn snake has crystal clear & sparkling eyes.
  • They frequently tweak their tongue.
  • Corn snakes do not have rough derma, in fact, its skin is silky smooth & without blisters.

The life span of a corn snake does depend on how much you take care of their diet & handling.

The primary diet of the corn snake is rat/mice relative to its size. But occasionally chicken can be fed as a treat. The size and age of your corn pet would determine what should be the size of the prey. So be careful & watchful while choosing a feed for your corn snake pet. A healthy & well-balanced diet means a longer life for your corn snake pet.

Handling of a corn snake is another factor of keeping them healthy & in good kilter. You can hold them around 10- 15 minutes, this the safe handling. If you hold them longer the core temperature will drop too low. So be heedful while handling. Handling has a good impact as it helps in keeping them stay calm n tame.

How do I know if my corn snake is dying?

If you are new to keeping a corn snake as a pet, then be vigilant. If your snake isn’t well, it will show a lethargic daily routine. The movement will be very limited & off routine activities. If you observe such signs, do visit the vet at as earliest.
Here don’t forget to keep in mind that it is normal for corn snakes to hide, so you should be enough trained & observant to judge the difference.

Summary: Proper handling, feeding, hygienic concerns, the supply of water, air & light are few important points that you need to keep in mind. If you balance these factors out, your fellow pet will definitely be in good health condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are few frequently asked questions about the small snakes.

How can you tell how old a corn snake is?

corn snake

By measuring the corn snake size you can easily ascertain its age. The environment & care are the factors that do have a significant effect on the length & weight of a corn snake.

How big do corn snakes get?

If we talk about mass/weight, its 900 g (adult)

The length of an adult corn snake is 61-180 cm.

The corn snake’s maximum length is 6 feet so they don’t grow too big, even many don’t hit this length. Even they don’t get that thick thus stay light weights throughout their lives.

At what age does a corn snake stop growing?

They don’t stop growing but yes their growth does slow down as the corn snake hits adulthood. They reach adulthood in 2-4 years.


Corn Snakes like other snake pets may have health issues if not properly taken care of. They are relatively hardy. This is because they’re pretty easy to care for and don’t have as finicky of a husbandry setup as other reptiles. If you see any abnormal routine of your pet snake, better rush to Vet.

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