How Much is Botox

A very common question now a days is,how much is botox??. With the boom in cosmetics surgery,it’s world wide use and it’s miraculous advantage to look younger has made this question very common.

Normally the word botox is related with women for plumbing of lips, finishing fine lines, About the Lifestyle category eye life botox injections. But it’s equally helpful for men to treat migraine, fine lines of for head.
In other terms we can say that botox is single or group of injectionss filled with a specific medicine from bectarial resources to treat the inelasticity of facial muscles and give them strength.

Before two decades it’s only used by actors and people on media industry and by the elites. As women have tendency to spent more on cosmetics and beautifying products, so they somehow managed to do this for fresh young looks. As a study of 1930’s great depression shows that all industries collapsed in america except of cosmetics industries.
On the same line we can say that cost of botox is in excess of people now and it’s widely used by masses too.

Botox a drug from boutuline

A very positive thing about botox is that, it’s obtained naturally from bectarial resources or boutuline. So when they are injected in human body e don’t damage the skin rather they help to improve the skin quality. Since it is obtained from natural resources so have a least negative effect on the skin.

In which cases botox is necessary

A normal misconception is is that Botox is is always do for fashion but not in any case as it improves the muscles to be in the place. The working of Botox is in this rule that it inactivates the muscles of the face muscles don’t contract. So whenever to treat the fine lines if we use the botox process the medicine will contract the muscles without any side effects.

Not harmful at all if controlled

It is not the medicine that harms the face but if it is not performed by expert more or less units of it are consumed that would surely be a hazard. In spite of controlling muscles and recorrect their working it destroys the face shape , imbalance of organs and have a ugly look. In most of cases experts are not enough trained to perform this function correctly therefore a risk factors always remain present whenever you go.

Ailment treatment

As said above that it’s not all time the high fashion look that can be done by botox rather it’s treatment of many ailments such as if a person has severe headache or pain. By botox muscles can be contacted near the veins that supply blood circulation.

Moreover if the eyelids are naturally or due to an accident not in proper shape the botox process can make it right.

For the botox of fine lines a specific units are filled under the skin which gives equal look to your forehead.

Why need of botox in elder age???

Normally elders are more likely to do botox and that is their necessity too. Reason is that while giving expressions our laugh line, fine line or forehead lines may appear very quickly and gives us aged look. If these lines are cure you can look younger from your age. That’s why they are helpful in such a way too.

Duration of botox procedure

The most important question is what is durability of this process and the and is that it depands upon the medicine you are using a low cost medicine will last 3 to 4 months approximately. But in some surgery it last upto 3 years.

What happened when the botox limit is over???

It’s also a very important question that can be asked that where does the medicine go when it’s limit exceeds. The and is the medicine is a skin improving agent too, whenever the limit exceeds it absorbed by the tissues. And you’re ready for your next treatment.

Some necessary calculations

It seem to us a very complicated function. No doubt it is. But all the calculation are made before process the amount of units that will be inserted in body, it’s effects, need of muscles , after treatment looks etc.

But actual process is of few minutes and a least painful process because the 1cc syringe is used and units are decided. After a few minutes you are done.

Some bleeding may occur but it on the outer surface of skin so don’t worry at all if you’re in hands of experts. A little sore and bumps can be appear due to needle prick but it’s temporary and will be fine in couple of days.

Can chubby face be shaped with the help of botox??

Botox not only gives volume but with it’s help we can enhance our features such like jaw line, zigoma, cheek bone and collar bone. In this process some muscles of face are contracted and then filled with the help of botox according to our choice. Normal a heart shape like shape is given to face with well defined jaw line and exaggerated lips.

Some side effects of botox.

We discuss earlier that it has least side effect medicine it self is very natural like insulin but whenever the action is not performed by experts result are very ugly.

For example on the lifting of eye lids or eye brows when the correct amount of medicine is not inserted it will result in droped eyelids and brow line and will be really difficult to cop up.
If during botox the minor amount goes in to your eyes it will effect your eye sight too.

Locked jaw remedy by botox

Some people have q problem of lock jaw that can be controlled and corrected by this process and by physiotherapy their new habbits can be developed in opening and eating.

Over activated muscles of one eye…

Some people have naturally one eyebrow lifted more than other eye which impact and personality confidence may be lose for it’s cure botox is a very good option that inactivates the muscles of that eye which brow is higher.

The reason of lifting one eye brow more than other one is that the muscles of one eye is more activated.

Controlling excessive sweating by botox

Some people have a problem of excessive sweating which may cause very unwanted and awkward situations to form. To cure excessive sweating through botox some muscles are deactivated. As it’s effect last for more than four month so once again you can perform the action of botox.

Difference between botox and filler

Along with botox fillers are also getting popular.fillers are somehow same as botox but botox medicines are in permenent but the fillers are according to your wish the time of botox and fillers are same.

Cost of botox

It varies in different countries and depands upon the medicine ,it’s durability,it’s quality,the units used however for lip botox $52 to $60 according to an average.

Mostly 10$ per unit cost of medicine,along with the price of medicine the expert fee,the hospital cost,and other elements charges are also added.
All positive effects of botox with compared to it’s price is economical in one way.It means for cure of ailments and pain relief you can use it to get rid of those ailments.but for beauty purpose it needs a lot of money and time too.For some month you can use this regularly but so much surgeries can take away your actual features and natural looking beauty.


Botox have very positive effect if in experts assistance you performed.but 3 to 4 months durability is very less as compared to price
spending around 250$ every time a difficult task.per unit price of botox injections are 10$ .everytime it’s not possible to spend more.therefore it’s an expensive procedure because it’s repeated.some people cause allergies so make sure about allergies test.