Definition of Invoice:

  1. A list of goods or services provided, with indications of receivables and receipts.

  2. Non-negotiable trading tool issued by the seller to the buyer. It identifies the trade share and inventory, describes and measures the goods sold, shows the date and means of delivery, prices and discounts (if any) and the terms of delivery and payment.

    In some cases (especially if signed by the seller or sales agent), the invoice acts as a formal request for payment and becomes a process of ownership upon full payment. Types of invoices include commercial invoices, consular receipts, customs invoices and pharma invoices. It is also called a sales contract.

  3. Send invoice (to someone).

  4. The company simply sends a monthly report as an invoice for open transactions. In this case, it is important to state on the statement that no further receipts will be sent. In the past, invoices were recorded on paper, usually more than one copy, so buyers and sellers had transaction records for their records. Computer-generated receipts are very common these days. If necessary, they can be printed on paper, or emailed to the parties involved in the transaction. Electronic records also make it easier to find and classify specific transactions or data.

  5. An invoice is a business document that details and records transactions between buyers and sellers. If goods or services are purchased on credit, the invoice usually contains information about the terms of the transaction and the available payment methods. Invoice types can include invoices, cell invoices, direct debits, or cell invoices.

Synonyms of Invoice

Bill, Score, Statement of charges, Menu, Debit, Charge, Bill, Statement, Call in, Send an invoice to, Itemization, Check, Tally, Call, Reckoning, Demand payment, Dun, Books, Bill of fare, Bill, Send a statement, Account, Carte, Send an bill to, Reckoning, Bill of lading, Account, Ledger, Bill of account, Tab, Manifest, Statement, Itemized bill

How to use Invoice in a sentence?

  1. An invoice is a business document that details and records transactions between buyers and sellers.
  2. This master file automatically generates important documents such as trade invoices, packing lists, exchange receipts, and recipient certificates in just a few minutes.
  3. Billing is an integral part of internal accounting controls and reviews. Invoice expenses must be approved by the competent administration.
  4. L to make sure. Be sure to read all the accounts you receive.
  5. If this is a problem, bill me for the trip and I will receive the full amount of my expenses.
  6. I had to send the invoice the next day because the manager really needed it immediately and fired me if I didn't send it.
  7. You should try to write an invoice if there is any major problem in maintaining it properly.
  8. Receipt from stationery is consumer receipt.
  9. Access can be made on paper, but electronic invoicing is becoming more common.
  10. Invoices generally define payment terms, unit costs, shipping, handling and other terms specified during the transaction.

Meaning of Invoice & Invoice Definition