Definition of Scenario:

  1. A written outline of a movie, novel, or stage work giving details of the plot and individual scenes.

  2. Internally consistent verbal picture of a phenomenon, sequence of events, or situation, based on certain assumptions and factors (variables) chosen by its creator. Scenarios are used in estimating the probable effects of one or more variables, and are an integral part of situation analysis and long-range planning. The name comes from a script used in film/television industry that contains all the details on the appearance of characters, scenes, and the sequence of episodes.

Synonyms of Scenario

Plot, Outline, Storyline, Framework, Structure, Scheme, Plan, Layout, Book, Continuity, Cue, Design, Framework, Game plan, Layout, Libretto, Lines, Outline, Playbook, Plot, Precis, Project, Projection, Proposal, Proposition, Prospectus, Resume, Routine, Scene plot, Schema, Score, Script, Shooting script, Side, Structure, Synopsis, Text

How to use Scenario in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes everything will go wrong with your business at once and if you are in that scenario you must keep a cool head.
  2. In the new scenario two actors will have to pretend to be engaged to each other and having an argument, even though they are not involved with each other.
  3. Imagine the scenarios for four short stories.
  4. The boss called all his employees into a company meeting because he wanted to discuss a scenario that may cause them to lose their jobs.

Meaning of Scenario & Scenario Definition

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