Definition of Severity:

  1. Degree of harshness or sternness. Despite incurring a loss, a company may still generate positive annual profits depending on the severity of the loss..

  2. The fact or condition of being severe.

Synonyms of Severity

Spartan simplicity, Spartanism, Abruptness, Absolute zero, Absoluteness, Abusiveness, Accuracy, Acerbity, Acidity, Acidulousness, Acridity, Acrimony, Acuteness, Aggressiveness, Algidity, Aloofness, Animality, Asceticism, Asperity, Astringency, Atrocity, Attention to fact, Austerity, Authoritarianism, Baldness, Barbarity, Bareness, Bearishness, Beastliness, Bite, Bitingness, Bitterness, Bleakness, Bloodlust, Bluntness, Boorishness, Brashness, Briskness, Brusqueness, Brusquerie, Brutality, Burdensomeness, Candor, Care for truth, Causticity, Chill, Chilliness, Churlishness, Cold, Coldness, Common speech, Cool, Coolness, Coolth, Correctness, Crispness, Crudeness, Cruelty, Crustiness, Cryogenics, Cryology, Curtness, Cuttingness, Decrease in temperature, Delicacy, Demandingness, Despotism, Destructiveness, Directness, Discipline, Edge, Elementarity, Exactingness, Exactitude, Exactness, Exigency, Extremity, Faithfulness, Fastidiousness, Faultlessness, Ferociousness, Ferocity, Fidelity, Fierceness, Fineness, Flawlessness, Flintiness, Force, Frankness, Freezing point, Freshness, Frigidity, Frostiness, Fundamentality, Furiousness, Fury, Gelidity, Gravity, Grievousness, Grimness, Grip, Gruffness, Hardness, Harshness, Homespun, Homogeneity, Household words, Iciness, Impetuosity, Inclemency, Inexorability, Inexorableness, Inflexibility, Inhumanity, Inornateness, Integrity, Intense cold, Intensity, Keenness, Leanness, Literalism, Literality, Literalness, Low temperature, Malignity, Mathematical precision, Matter-of-factness, Meanness, Mercilessness, Meticulousness, Mindlessness, Modesty, Monasticism, Monism, Mordacity, Mordancy, Murderousness, Nastiness, Naturalness, Niceness, Nicety, Nip, Nippiness, Obduracy, Obdurateness, Oneness, Onerousness, Openness, Oppression, Oppressiveness, Painfulness, Perfection, Piquancy, Pitilessness, Plain English, Plain speaking, Plain speech, Plain style, Plain words, Plainness, Poignancy, Point, Preciseness, Precision, Primitiveness, Prosaicness, Prosiness, Pungency, Punishment, Punitiveness, Purity, Rawness, Refinement, Regimentation, Relentlessness, Restrainedness, Right, Rightness, Rigid discipline, Rigidity, Rigor, Rigorousness, Roughness, Ruggedness, Rustic style, Ruthlessness, Savagery, Seriousness, Sharp air, Sharpness, Shortness, Simpleness, Simplicity, Singleness, Soberness, Solemnity, Sourness, Spareness, Sparseness, Starkness, Sternness, Sting, Storminess, Straightforwardness, Strictness, Stridency, Stringency, Subtlety, Surliness, Tartness, Teeth, Tempestuousness, Terrorism, Textualism, The letter, Toughness, Trenchancy, Truculence, Tyranny, Unadorned style, Unadornedness, Unadulteration, Unaffectedness, Unelaborateness, Unfanciness, Unfussiness, Ungentleness, Uniformity, Unimaginativeness, Unity, Unmixedness, Unpoeticalness, Unsophistication, Vandalism, Vehemence, Venom, Vernacular, Viciousness, Violence, Virulence, Acuteness, Seriousness, Gravity, Graveness, Severeness, Grievousness, Extremity

How to use Severity in a sentence?

  1. When you make a mistake in the office you may get punished by the boss and the severity will depend on the seriousness of the mistake.
  2. The severity of ones punishment most likely reflects the extent of damage caused by ones actions; greater damage or harm as a result of an action would elicit a more harsh selection in punishment.
  3. The principal decided to lessen the severity of the punishment on the child after his parents thought it was too severe.
  4. Sentences should reflect the severity of the crime.

Meaning of Severity & Severity Definition